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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil. Today we are going to talk about the motorbike cover, an indispensable accessory if you want to keep your motorbike preserved for longer. The cover protects the mechanical, electrical and structural parts of the motorbike from the harmful effects of the sun's rays, humidity, rain, wind, sea air and dust. Even with so many benefits, this accessory is inexpensive. Interested? Then keep reading this article, because we're going to talk about the different models of motorbike cover, the features you'll find in this piece and how to choose the ideal one for your bike.

The most important facts

  • The motorbike cover protects the vehicle against the sun's rays, humidity, rain, sea air, dust, soot and animal urine.
  • With the cover, the entire motorbike will be protected: mechanical, electrical, plastic and rubber parts, tyres, seat, bodywork and paint.
  • The motorbike cover can be simple or thermal. You can find models in up to five sizes in black or silver.

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The Best Motorcycle Cover: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Taking good care of your motorbike goes beyond performing preventive vehicle maintenance. You must protect your vehicle daily, especially from the harmful effects of the weather. These bad weather conditions can damage the motorbike as a whole, reducing the useful life of the equipment. To avoid wear and tear, you should invest in a motorbike cover. To find out more about this accessory, read this Buying Guide.

 Imagem de um homem em uma motocicleta

Invest in a motorbike cover to protect your motorbike. (Source: Pexels/ Pixabay)

What is a motorbike cover for?

The motorbike cover serves to protect the vehicle from harmful climatic agents such as rain, wind, humidity, sea fog, hail and ultraviolet rays. If you protect yourself with a helmet and other accessories, the motorbike also needs care. The accessory also protects the bike from scratches caused by other vehicles sharing the same garage. Thicker models also protect the motorbike from light impacts.

The motorbike cover protects the entire vehicle: mechanical parts, electro-electronic components, bodywork, paintwork and even the tyres.

You can find models with or without lining (protects against scratches on the bodywork). The cover may come with an elastic band or eyelets to fit a padlock, so that the cover does not come loose from the bike or get stolen.

  • Protects the motorbike against rain, wind, UV rays, dust and dirt
  • Keeps the mechanical, electro-electronic parts, bodywork and painting preserved for longer
  • It is a relatively cheap piece
  • Keeps the vehicle discreet
  • If the motorbike is wet, you must dry it with a cloth before putting the cover on
  • If it is a simple cover, you must wait until the motorbike cools down before putting the cover on
  • It is not common to use the motorbike cover on the street
  • You must wash the cover regularly

From which harmful agents the motorbike will be protected if you buy a cover?

For those who live in coastal cities, the use of a motorbike cover is essential, because the vehicle is exposed to the sea fog, a mist formed by drops of sea water and salt, which subjects the motorbike to the iron oxidation process (rust).

 Imagem de uma mulher pilotando uma moto

If you live on the coast, you should buy a heat and humidity resistant cover. (Source: Bruce Mars / Pexels)

The humidity from the rain can generate damage to the motorbike's electro-electronic components, compromising the vehicle's operation. The hail contributes to damaging the paintwork, leaving the vehicle opaque. To protect the motorbike from humidity, buy a waterproof cover. If you have a pet, invest in a waterproof cover, because if the animal urinates on the motorbike, the most that can happen is that the cover will smell, but the vehicle is protected against corrosion caused by the uric acid present in the urine. The sun's rays may damage your motorbike's paintwork, leaving it opaque. The sun can also cause the seat, rubber components and plastic parts to dry out. To protect your bike, buy a cover with UV protection.

 Imagem de uma motocicleta

UV rays make the motorbike dull, dry out the seat and rubber parts. (Source: Stitch Dias / Pexels)

How to use the motorbike cover correctly?

First of all, it is important that the motorbike is clean, to avoid possible scratches on the paintwork when you put the cover on or take it off. The vehicle also needs to be dry. If you have been rained on, or even washed your bike, dry it well and only then put the cover on. If you cover the wet bike, you run the risk of staining the vehicle's paintwork.

Did you know that the motorbike cover can extend the useful life of the vehicle? The fact that it protects the motorbike from all weather conditions means that its components are preserved

Another important precaution is to wait until the motorbike cools down before covering it. This measure is essential if the cover is simple, as the piece may melt in the heat. If your cover is thermal, you can skip this step. However, covering the motorbike while it is still hot can lead to the formation of humidity inside the motorbike after it cools down, which can damage the vehicle.

What are the different models of motorbike cover?

The simple cover is an entry model, made of plastic (PVC or polyethylene), without lining and available in three sizes. This model can be permeable or waterproof and have UV protection. The thermal cover can be placed on the bike while still warm, as it has a lining with thermo-resistant capabilities. This model is made of a more robust material (nappa, canvas or leather), so it has an even greater durability.

Simple cover Thermal cover
Differential Presents an excellent cost-benefit Can be placed on the bike with the bodywork, engine and exhaust still warm
Material Polyethylene or PVC Nappa, canvas or leather lining and felt or flannel lining
Is it waterproof?
Does it have lining?
Price Cheaper More expensive

Which cover to choose according to my garage?

If your garage does not have a cover, it is better to buy a waterproof cover, with protection against ultraviolet rays and lining. These features make the product more expensive. If your garage is covered, you may buy a cover with permeable fabric. This model is usually more malleable and, for this reason, it damages less the motorbike's paintwork. If you park the motorbike in a condominium garage or public car park, buy a cover with padlock eyelets; this feature inhibits theft and keeps the vehicle discreet.

 Imagem de motos estacionadas

When choosing a motorbike cover, analyse the place where you park your vehicle. (Source:MaxxGirr/ Pixabay)

Buying Criteria: How to compare motorbike seat cover models

Choosing a motorbike cover involves assessing some features that change from one model to another. This analysis is essential to buy a quality product that meets your needs.

We will explain each of the items throughout this section.


The motorbike cover can be found in up to five sizes. Each brand has its reference measurements and this information can easily be found on the back of the product packaging. To help you get an idea of the size of the cover you should choose for your motorbike, we have created a table with the approximate dimensions of each model, which varies according to the manufacturer.

Height Length
Size P 1.42 m 2.34 m
Size M 1.48 m 2.39 m
Size G 1.36 m 2.47 m
Size GG 1.52 m 2.48 m
Size GGG 1.64 m 2.82 m

Some brands have more specific measurements, so when buying a cover to cover your motorbike, check the measurement table used by the manufacturer.


The motorbike cover may come with or without lining. The main function of the lining is to avoid scratches on the motorbike's bodywork, especially when you put the cover on or take it off. Generally, the lining is made of felt, a non-woven fabric (TNT) produced by joining fabric fibres in a process called calendering. Felt can be made from natural or synthetic fibres.


When buying a cover to cover your motorbike, give preference to models with the following features:

  • Waterproof
  • Protection against UV rays (UVA and UVB)
  • With elastic, to attach the cover to the bike
  • With eyelets to attach padlock
  • With bag to keep the cover when it is not in use
  • With protection against flames
  • With thermal protection
  • With ventilation system


Imagem de uma moto coberta por uma capa

The motorbike cover can be black or silver. (Source: Sylvain Robin/ 123RF)

The motorbike cover can be black or silver. Although it seems like a purely aesthetic choice, you should know that black absorbs sunlight and silver reflects the sun's rays, acting as a mirror in the face of the sun's rays. (Featured Image Source: Mykeyruna/ 123RF)