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Are you used to riding motorbikes, either for work or for fun? Then one way to make your commutes safer and more fun is to count on a good intercom for motorbike!

The intercom for motorbike allows you to talk to people near you, either on the back or in other vehicles, use GPS, listen to music, answer your phone without using your hands and much more.

It's a long list of advantages. Interested? We'll talk in the next few lines about how to choose the ideal model for your needs, as well as explain exactly how this device works. After all, safety and pleasure are important for those who live on a motorbike!


  • The intercom for motorbike, also called helmet intercom, is a very useful device for motorcyclists. It allows communication between people in different vehicles, essential for group travel.
  • Another advantage is the possibility of connection to the mobile phone, thus allowing the use of GPS, an indispensable tool in the modern world.
  • The intercom must be used with caution: don't let it take your attention away from what's happening on the track!

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Now that you already know excellent motorcycle intercom models, let's talk more about the device. You will know when to use it, what its benefits are, how to choose the ideal one for your needs and much more!

Imagem mostra um grupo de motoqueiros viajando pelos alpes.

The intercom for motorbike is important for group travel. (Source: Anna Om / 123rf)

What is a motorcycle intercom and what is it for?

Travelling by motorbike is a solitary activity. Because of the extreme noise, talking to a possible passenger becomes almost impossible. The same goes for colleagues in other vehicles. The mobile phone is also not available to listen to music or receive calls. The motorcycle intercom solves these issues: with a speaker that is attached to the helmet, it can communicate with other similar devices.

Thus, you can talk with those on the back or with your fellow passengers. As it works via Bluetooth, even if you travel alone, you can connect the intercom to your mobile phone. This way, you'll be able to listen to your favourite music on the way, chat or even use the GPS, very important on certain routes.

This is an electronic device that makes life much easier for motorcyclists. It is small, it does not interfere in the motorbike driving, and all the functions are at the touch of a button.

Did you know? Many people believe that the use of intercoms for motorbikes is illegal. However, in the Brazilian traffic code there is no mention of it.

As it is not an item that prevents the driver to hear external sounds, it is totally allowed. There are no reports of people being fined or suffering any kind of problem with law enforcement officers for using a motorbike intercom

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a helmet intercom?

The clearest advantage of the motorbike intercom is to make it possible for people to communicate with each other on a trip. Whether in the same vehicle or not, both everyday conversations and fundamental issues can be discussed. As the range usually exceeds 1 km, it is possible that the person at the head of a squad warns other bikers about possible dangers, for example. The journey becomes safer.

However, nothing should be done to excess. The intercom must not distract the drivers' attention. Talking too much can be problematic in this sense. The possibility of connecting to a mobile phone is also a good idea: using GPS on a motorbike is fantastic, but it's bad, for example, if you change songs too much and take your eyes off what's happening on the road ahead.

Therefore, you must pay attention to what the limits of use are. In the table below, we tell you more about these advantages and disadvantages:

  • Allows communication between people who ride motorbikes
  • Allows connection with mobile phone to listen to music or use GPS during a trip
  • Very long-lasting battery, usually with capacity above 8 hours
  • Very simple to use device
  • Can divert the driver's attention by excessive talking and by touching the device
  • Range usually limited, not exceeding 2 km
  • Can suffer interference from tall buildings or bad weather conditions

How does a motorbike intercom work?

For use to be possible, each person on the trip must have their own intercom. Before the start, they must all be synchronized and paired from the bluetooth system. The device must be attached to the helmet and is composed of a part with some buttons and another part with the system for speaking and listening. These parts are connected by a small wire. From there, each time you press the button, you will access a different connection.

Each of the devices works on a different frequency, so group conversations are not possible, only with a specific device. The ideal is that the coupling in the helmet does not prevent you from hearing external noises such as horns and engine noises. Otherwise, your driving will be very impaired. The part with the buttons will probably be on the external side of the helmet, within easy reach of your hands. That's it! Now you can quickly switch between connections, be it with your own mobile phone, be it with someone on your back or on other motorbikes!

The installation of the device is usually quite simple, with no need for tools such as a drill, glue or any other factor that would hinder its use on other occasions. Although there are differences between models, it's usually enough to fix it securely. Don't use intercoms in open helmets! There will still be a lot of inconvenience with external noises and communication will be impaired.

How much does it cost?

Because it is a product that does not have extreme variations between models, the helmet intercom does not present big price differences. Only some issues, such as the amount of connections allowed and the brand, generate a small range of values. It is possible to find cheap intercoms costing around £ 50. It is worth remembering that it will be necessary to buy a device for each member of the trip.

Buying Criteria: Factors to Compare Motorcycle Intercoms

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of a motorbike intercom, it's time to talk about some issues that can be crucial when choosing your model:

We'll explain below how each one fits different needs:

Maximum amount of connections

Do you want a helmet intercom to talk to the person on your back, to connect to your mobile phone or because you are used to travelling in large groups? These situations require different capacities of simultaneously connected devices!

If you are not in the habit of travelling in a group, there is no need for a large number of connections. You can choose a cheaper model that supports only two or four. But the larger the group travelling together, the more you need to increase this number!

Imagem de mulher com intercomunicador para moto.

If you do not usually travel in large groups, you do not need an intercom with many connections. (Source: Wolfgang Steiner / 123RF)

Signal range

Similarly, if you just want to talk to those riding on your back or use your mobile phone, there is not much difference in the maximum range requirement. This only applies for trips in large groups.

There are intercom models that reach up to 500 meters, others that can reach a few kilometres. The second case is recommended only for those who make excursions in large groups, since the conversation becomes easier between members.

Resistance and durability

The durability of the intercom should be taken into account when buying. After all, it is not such a cheap device and you want it to be with you for long years. Choose reliable brands which offer a good warranty.

About resistance, we can talk about waterproof models, which resist weather conditions, small impacts and eventual unforeseen events. If you often travel in unfavourable conditions, it's a good idea to choose a more complete intercom.

Imagem mostra um grupo de motociclistas andando em uma estrada.

For those who travel in large groups, it is important to have an intercom that has a good range and is very resistant. (Source: steelfish / Pixabay)

Battery Autonomy

How long do you usually spend on the road? Are your trips short or long? Most intercoms feature batteries capable of supporting for several hours, but still, there is variation in the number.

It could be that a six-hour battery life might not be enough for you. Or that trips are made to deserted places, with difficulties for recharging. In this case, the greater the number of hours of operation without the need to recharge, the better!

(Image source: Wolfgang Steiner / 123rf)