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Every motorbike lover is always looking to keep their bikes in the right condition, as well as keeping them safe, especially when they are not in use. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about motorbike locks.

Despite the wide range of models of motorbike locks, you always need to consider which one provides the best security for your vehicle, especially when you don't have it in sight. In addition, you need to consider for a moment what has to be included in this attachment so that your vehicle can't be taken away.

There are both disc brakes and hinged motorbike locks, so each one provides your bike with very different features and security. Therefore, in this article we will tell you about their meaning, relevant purchasing factors, where to get them and even their value. We hope you find this information useful.

The most important

  • A motorbike lock is a security tool to keep your vehicle safe; they are extremely strong and highly durable. They can be made in different materials, shapes and sizes to suit any style of motorbike.
  • This type of motorbike security accessory can be disc brake hinged, giving you peace of mind that this type of attachment will not damage the parts to which the lock is attached. Also, they will be difficult to remove unless they have the key.
  • What you need to consider before buying your motorbike lock are: type of opening, locking mechanism and alarm. Searching for this security tool with these criteria in mind will result in you getting the right one for you.

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Buying Guide: What you need to know about motorbike locks

Before making any purchase, it is advisable to know and analyze the product objectively to find the one that has the best functionality and performance according to your needs. So throughout this section, we'll take a closer look at motorbike locks.

The disc engine lock is extremely strong. (Supot Phanna/

What is a motorbike lock, and what are its advantages?

A motorbike lock is a component that provides security and aims to protect your vehicle at all times, they are highly resistant and very durable. You can find them made in different materials, dimensions and sizes, so there is the right one for each motorbike model.

In addition to providing any motorbike with the necessary safety, they are also made to take care of the important parts where these accessories are attached. Another of their qualities is that they do not require maintenance in order to work properly and some models have a lifetime guarantee.

  • They keep the bike secure
  • There are key or combination locks
  • They are easy to assemble and disassemble
  • They are maintenance free.
  • Some models are expensive
  • Their distribution is limited
  • If you forget the key or combination, you cannot use them.

Disc brake or articulated motorbike locks?

Once you have decided to buy a motorbike lock, you first have to assess your options in order to get the right model. For this reason, we will briefly mention the models that are currently available on the market, in order to clarify each of them for you.

Disc brake motorbike lock. This is a device that, as its name suggests, is anchored to the motorbike brake, thus immobilizing it, i.e., the rims cannot rotate. Most of them are opened by means of stainless-steel keys.

You can find this accessory with a programmable alarm. Just keep in mind that if you do not remove the lock, you can cause serious damage to your motorbike. They are extremely resistant and with an anti-corrosion treatment.

Articulated motorbike lock. There are several options in this segment, they can be cable, chain or handlebar locks. The first option is very light and practical, as they are made of high resistance steel, the second is made of cemented steel, being heavy and difficult to break. The latter are for scooters and are anchored to the handlebars.

You can find them from 50 cm to 1.5 meters, adapting to practically any motorbike. They can be opened with stainless steel or combination keys, a very useful option for those who don't like to carry keys of any kind.

Disc brake Articulated.
Type of opening Keys Keys / combination.
Fastening Press-fit Fastenings of any type.
Damage Irreparable to rims and nearby components Scratches and dents from cables and chains.
Alarm Yes, configurable No.

Purchasing Criteria

When you are interested in purchasing a motorbike lock, you should not only consider the models available, but also the really important factors that will make your decision a successful one. Thinking at all times about safeguarding your motorbike from attempted theft.

Type of opening

For security accessories such as padlocks and specifically for motorbike locks, there are 2 types of opening that are the most commonly used. Therefore, we explain each one below, so that you can take them into consideration.

With keys. It is the most used nowadays, it has a lock and you only need to carry the key with you at all times to open and close the lock. We recommend this type of lock if you easily forget passwords or combinations.

Combination. With this mechanism, you do not need additional objects such as keys, but you need to program the lock, usually with 4 or 6 digits. We recommend this type of opening if you are one of those who do not like to carry any type of key or consider them impractical.

The articulated engine lock can be a chain lock, it is very heavy and sometimes very impractical. (franz12/

Locking mechanism

The lock you choose will depend on the motorbike you have or are about to buy. There are currently two locking mechanisms used on this type of padlock, which we will explain in detail in the following lines.

Pressure lock. As the name suggests, this type of mechanism is used to hold a part of the motorbike by means of pressure, mostly on the disc brakes, to immobilize it. We recommend this method if you have sport, road or motocross bikes.

Tie-down. This type of mechanism immobilizes your motorbike by means of joints between components. Generally, it is done by means of cables or chains, tying rims with handlebars or with axles. We recommend this mechanism if you have scooters, city scooters or street trackers.


Considering purchasing a motorbike lock that comes with an integrated alarm can provide a greater sense of security. On the one hand, the lock will prevent anyone from taking your bike, and on the other hand, the alarm will let you know if your bike is at risk. There are 2 types of alarms available today:

Traditional. This device is activated when the lock is closed. This type of alarm is audible and is usually between 100 and 120 decibels; enough sound to be heard 200 meters away. We recommend this type of alarm if your journeys are short and in the city.

Bluetooth. This alarm is much more sophisticated, as you need to program it on your Smartphone. It works by means of notifications via applications on your mobile phone or messages. We recommend this alarm via Bluetooth if you are constantly travelling out of town.

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