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Do you want to enjoy your favourite music, a series or a film? All you need is an MP4 player to do so. Today you are in luck, because in this opportunity we will show you all about this product, as well as, we will show you which are the 7 models that are on the market.

Although we now watch series, films and listen to music on our mobile phones or tablets, the MP4 player is still in fashion and has come to repair the defects of its predecessor, the MP3 player. There are many brands and models, making it difficult to choose just one, which is why we will help you choose the perfect one for you. You can take advantage of our buying guide where you have detailed information, product variants, disadvantages and advantages, criteria and even user reviews.


  • MP4 is the name given to a media player, which is more advanced than its predecessor MP3. With this electronic device you can play music and videos in different formats. As well as read eBooks, listen to the radio or browse images from the gallery.
  • If you think there is only one type of MP4, you have lived your whole life deceived, because there are 2. The first is the MP4 Flash, the most compact, battery operated, has no more than 8 GB of storage, but is cheaper. And the Hard Disk MP4 with more functions, lithium battery and up to 250 GB of storage.
  • To get the best electronic MP4 you need to have the ideal buying criteria and that is achieved by paying attention to the product's storage, the size of the screen, the power source it uses and the extra features such as FM radio, Bluetooth connection and more. These factors will guarantee you an exceptional purchase.

The Best MP4: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Our buying guide section will show you all the details you need to know about the MP4, so that when you go to buy your next product no one can fool you. We won't lie to you, we won't tell you all the great things about this product, we're honest.

Relax on your day off listening to your favourite songs on an MP4. (Photo: Antonio Guillem / 123RF)

What is an MP4 and what are its advantages?

When we talk about MP4 we are not referring to the audiovisual format, but rather to a multimedia player that has the capacity to read and play different audio, video, image and even e-book files. If you want a device that is exclusively for listening to music and will last for a long time, you are looking for an MP4. The predecessor to this electronic device was the MP3, which also allowed you to listen to certain audio formats. As technology progressed, new functions were added and old ones improved. All this resulted in what we know today as the MP4, a player with greater capabilities. Generally, the most commonly accepted formats for MP4 audio are MP3, WMA. When it comes to video, they usually accept MTV, AMV and MP4. For images, the most common are JPG, GIF and BMP. While for reading documents or books, TXT and in some cases e-Books are preferred.

  • Allows you to listen to music, watch videos and read books
  • Battery life is long
  • Comes with GBs of storage and expandability
  • Cheaper than a smartphone or tablet
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Screen is of limited size and quality
  • Cannot connect to any streaming service
  • Interface looks old-fashioned

MP4 Hard Disk or Flash - What should you pay attention to?

If you are on the holy quest for an MP4 and didn't know that there are two variants of this device, you should get to know them before you make your long-awaited purchase. The difference between these types is in the way they are stored.

Hard Disk. Hard disk MP4s are probably the most widely available on the market, as they have managed to displace the flash ones. These have internal storage of at least 4 GB, which allows them to store a large number of files. In addition, they are usually expandable up to 250 GB and have a rechargeable lithium battery.

Flash. These MP4s are in the form of a pen drive, are much smaller and have very limited memory, from 256 MB to 8 GB. These devices do not usually have expandable capacity and are battery operated, their advantage is their unbeatable price.

Hard Disk Flash
Supported audio/video formats MP3, AMV, AVI, WMA MP3
Storage From 4 GB up to 250 GB 250 MB up to 8 GB
Price Minimum 190 MXN Minimum 150 MXN

One way to release stress is by listening to our favourite songs. (Photo: Dinis Tolipov / 123RF)

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different MP4 models

Imagine being faced with a huge shelf full of MP4s and a tight budget. How do you choose the one that will really make you happy? How do you know which one meets all your needs? In order to buy a top-notch device you need to have the right buying criteria and that is achieved by following the factors below.

  • Storage
  • Screen
  • Power supply
  • Extra features


This is undoubtedly one of the most important factors of all, if not the most important. If we want to have as many files and songs as possible on our MP4, we need a product that offers good storage. But more storage means more weight.

8 GB or less. If our musical taste is not that broad and we enjoy listening to a few songs or watching a limited amount of videos, 8 GB or even less is a perfect amount of storage. If you are a person who likes a few songs and will only use this product for jogging or for a short time, we recommend that you buy a device with this storage capacity. Flash MP4s would be a great option for you and save you some money.

12 GB to 32 GB. Using the MP4 as a total entertainment device is not a bad idea, but if you want to have a lot of fun watching a lot of movies, storing your entire virtual library or your music, it is best to get an MP4 hard drive that can go from 12 to 32 GB without any problems. Are you a die-hard music fan? We recommend that you buy an MP4 Hard Drive with this storage capacity, as you will be able to store over 1000 tracks and a few movies for your enjoyment.

64 GB or more - the MP4 master! Why use a Tablet or Smartphone? If I have my trusty MP4. I don't think any human has the capacity to know as many songs as can fit on a 64GB+ device. If you are one of those people who are professionally involved in music, mixing or are the one who throws the party, we recommend that you buy a Hard Drive MP4 with this amount of storage.


Although for many people the screen may not be important because their main purpose is to listen to music, sometimes a bigger screen can save or entertain you for a while. Besides, we all love to be able to read the title of the music or get to see the interface of the MP4 device.

Small. A screen on an MP4 is considered small when it is smaller than 1.5 inches. Usually this type of screen is found on flash MP4s or some hard disk MP4s, where the main purpose is not to watch something. A popular example would be MP4s for exercise or for carrying around.

Medium. Medium sized MP4 screens are those that seek to provide a different and more interactive experience for the user. They usually measure between 1.6 and 1.8 inches. On them you can watch videos, read ebooks and have a better command of the interface.

Large. Screens larger than 1.9 inches are a rarity in MP4s, but they do exist and you can get a lot of use out of them. If you want an MP4 for watching movies, music videos or karaoke, we recommend getting a hard drive with a screen this big.

Screen quality: There are two types of technologies that MP4 screens use, LCL and TFT. However, the quality of an MP4 screen is like looking for water in the desert, because they are still very poor. However, if you want some visual quality, we recommend buying an MP4 HDD with a TFT screen.

Power supply

The way in which the MP4 is powered is another element you should think about when purchasing it, not all MP4s are charged in the same way and thank goodness! The power supply you buy should match the function or the way you will be using your device.

Lithium Battery. The latest and most reliable, this is the power source used by Hard Disk MP4s and is the one that gives over 8 hours of constant use. To recharge, simply plug it into a power socket, usually from a USB port. In the long run they are much more durable than batteries.

Batteries. Batteries are still used in devices like these in their Flash variant. Just put in one or two AAA batteries and your MP4 will work for a long time, until it dies and you have to replace it, unless you buy rechargeable batteries and at that end you'd be better off with a lithium battery.

Extra features

An MP4 doesn't just play audio and video, it also has a few extra features that can increase both the monetary value and the usage value. If you want to have that extra on your device, then think carefully about which ones you would like to add and which ones seem like a waste of money.

FM radio - who doesn't like to hear new or trendy music? Not only that, with the FM Radio function you can tune in to your favourite radio shows, current news and even your favourite team's match. And all from your little MP4 Hard Disk Drive.

EBook Reader. A hardcore reader doesn't judge where or how he reads, he just wants to do it. If you've watched enough series or listened to enough songs, it's time for the passionate reader to take advantage of his device and give more than a glance at his books. MP4s can usually read documents in TXT and eBook format.

Image Browser: Ah, how hard it is to miss the girlfriend or the family! How nice it would be to open my MP4 and be able to see one of the pictures we took at that party or on the last trip we took. Don't dream, with Hard Disk Drive MP4s it is possible to save and explore the images in JPG and GIF format that we want.

Bluetooth connection. You don't want to get tangled up in wires while you do your exercise routine, you're tired of headphones winding up in your pocket. With Bluetooth connection you can link your MP4 with headphones or get the party started by connecting to your home stereo.

Clock / Stopwatch - anyone know the time? Wait a minute and I'll see it on my MP4. OK, it sounds weird, but it's totally possible and not only that, this device provides us with a stopwatch to keep everything on time.

(Featured image photo: Mike Foster / Pixabay)