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Welcome to Monederosmart, the site that will help guide you through your shopping. This time we have decided to bring you a super popular product in the kitchen, responsible for delicious recipes and very useful for making both sophisticated and simple dishes, that's right, we are talking about mustard.

Do you cook often and would like to give your food a special touch? Are you a fan of making dressings? Or maybe you just love to eat hot dogs and hamburgers. Whatever your reason, if you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to know all about mustard so join us!


  • Mustard is one of the most famous condiments for cooking. It is an extremely versatile product that can be combined in many dishes, from gourmet to staple foods. Examples of dishes are hamburgers, hot dogs, Chips, salads, mustard chicken or meat in mustard sauce.
  • There are two types of mustard you will come across, organic and conventional mustard. Each is processed differently and has different ingredients. For example, organic mustard has no gluten or lactose.
  • It is important to take into account some factors when making your purchase, such as the size of the container, the shape of the mouth and the taste of the mustard. This can make the difference between being satisfied with your purchase or not.

The Best Mustards: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about mustard

We want to provide you with important information regarding mustard, from the most important questions to the different types you can find. This is so that you are well informed about the product and when you go to buy it, you know exactly what to expect. So stick with us.

You only need a little mustard to enjoy the tastiest hot dogs. (Photo: David Pereiras Villagrá/

How to combine mustard?

Mustard is one of the most versatile condiments in the kitchen and its flavour is so particular (sometimes strong) that it gives another dimension to the food. First of all, the most well-known way to combine mustard is with American dishes such as hot dogs, hamburgers, nuggets and French fries.

Mustard is used in basic dishes, as well as on meats and salads

But mustard is also used to season other less basic dishes such as salads, chicken or even meat. How does this work? From coating meats and poultry to mixing it into salad dressings. Some dishes you could make are steak with mustard, chicken in mustard sauce, salad with mustard dressing and many more.

Organic or conventional mustard - what to look out for?

When you go shopping you will see that there are two types of mustard, organic and conventional. This is important because each has a different way of being prepared and therefore has a different taste. Although conventional mustard is the one with the greatest presence, we cannot deny the popularity of organic mustard.

Organic mustard. It is a variant more consumed by vegan users or those who do not want to buy classic mustards. It is called organic because no processed ingredients or preservatives are used in its production. It usually contains malt sugar, glucose syrup and is free of gluten and lactose.

Conventional mustard. Conventional mustard is also free of fat and cholesterol and is one of the healthiest products you can eat. The difference with organic mustard is that it has produced ingredients and preservatives so that it has a longer shelf life.

Organic mustard Conventional mustard
Main ingredients Mustard seed, malt sugar, glucose syrup, white wine, water Water, vinegar, mustard flour, mustard husk, salt, curcumin and praprika extract
Presentation Glass jar Glass and plastic jar
Use Gourmet dishes Traditional and gourmet dishes

What are the properties of mustard?

As previously mentioned, mustard is a very healthy product thanks to the fact that it has no fat, however, it also contains several properties that will help our body. First of all, mustard has a lot of vitamins and minerals, for example vitamin A, potassium, iron and sodium.

In addition, the mustard seed itself is a natural laxative. On the other hand, it helps to regulate constipation and has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is no coincidence that it is used as a home remedy for certain ailments. Besides tasting delicious, it is also very good for your health. There is no reason not to buy it.

Did you know that mustard is believed to have been first cultivated in India around 3000 BC and then brought to Britain by the Romans, who used it as a condiment?

What are the uses of mustard?

Can mustard be used for things other than cooking? The answer is yes. It is such a versatile product that you don't just have to eat it to get its benefits. For example, mustard is very popular for hair treatments, leaving hair shiny after application. Who would have thought?

However, it is also used for the skin. Many face masks are made with mustard to deep cleanse the face and leave it soft and smooth, taking advantage of all its properties. What's more, if you wanted to, you could make your own mustard mask.

Buying criteria

Finally, we are going to present you with some criteria and factors that will help you decide which mustard model is the best for you to buy. This is very important because it is often the difference between being satisfied or not with your purchase. So take out pen and paper and write down everything that is relevant.

Type of mustard

Finally, among mustards there are several flavours that are worth knowing. You will not only find classic mustard but also sweet mustard, honey mustard, Dijon mustard and others. Depending on the mustard flavour you choose, you will be able to combine it with an endless number of foods, so let's take a look at them one by one.

Dijon. It is a mustard of French origin that has quite a strong flavour. It is made from black mustard seeds, white wine vinegar and spices. It is excellent for preparing gourmet dishes as it will bring out the flavour of chicken or meat but it is also widely used for combinations with vinaigrettes.

Sweet. Unlike Dijon mustard, this type of mustard is, as the name implies, sweeter. There is a great variety but most of them are prepared with honey, which gives it that mild flavour and a more viscous consistency. It is the champion for salads and for people who are not very fond of strong flavours.

Traditional. Finally, the flavour we've all eaten at one time or another, traditional mustard is the most commonly used for all kinds of dishes. This mustard is generally strong in flavour but does not reach the level of Dijon mustard. Its consistency is more solid than sweet mustard, which makes it excellent for combining with any other ingredient

So now you know, next time you want to buy a mustard, remember what you learned in this review so you don't miss anything. We are happy to help you with your purchase. We invite you to keep reading and see you next time!

Package size

The size of the package is the first factor to consider before making your purchase. This is directly related to how much you want and how much you can consume in a period of time. You will almost always see three pack sizes, small (150g to 250g), medium (350g to 500g) and large (700g to 5kg). But what do we recommend each one for?

150 g to 250 g. The smaller sizes are perfect for people who live alone or who use mustard to season something specific. As with all foods it is important that they are consumed in time, so if you don't plan to use the mustard much, don't buy very large containers because it will spoil sooner or later.

350 g to 500 g. The perfect size for families of three to six members. These sizes are designed for regular use of mustard either as a dressing or to accompany your hot dogs, potatoes or hamburgers. Regular use will make it last about a month, so keep that in mind.

700 g to 5 kg. That's right, you read that right, there are containers of up to 5 kilos, the amazing thing is that they run out. How is this possible? Well, the larger containers are mainly used in restaurants where large quantities of many ingredients are needed. So if you plan to start a business, this is the perfect size.

Mustard is also widely used in salads to bring out their flavour. (Photo: Elena Veselova/

Mouth shape

Another very important factor is the shape of the mouth of the container, i.e. where the mustard will be poured. There are two shapes, firstly the traditional wide-mouthed shape the size of the container itself and secondly the pressurised nozzle that seals the air inlet. Each has a different way of serving.

Wide mouth. The size of the container and with a screw-on lid to reveal the contents. This mouth makes it very easy to scoop out the mustard with a knife or spoon and then spread it on a sandwich bun, hamburger or hot dog. The larger the container, the more you can use up to a shovel. Extremely functional.

Spout. There are also containers with a pressurised spout. These are very practical as you don't have to use a knife or spoon to extract the mustard, you just have to press the container to release it a little. If you are in a hurry and want to prepare something quickly, this mouth shape will help you to speed up your dishes.

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