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This time we will talk about natural hair extensions, a very practical alternative to create new and varied looks immediately. Do you want to know more? Here we will tell you about it! Hair extensions are strands or curtains of hair of different colours, lengths and textures, which are placed on our hair to change its appearance quickly.

Although there are synthetic variants, the ideal is to always choose natural hair extensions, as they are more resistant, versatile and beautiful. In the market you can find different varieties of natural hair extensions of different qualities and prices, generally linked to the condition of the hair and its length, among other aspects. Stay and discover much more about this wonderful product!

The most important things to know

  • Natural hair extensions are strands of hair that are applied to give more volume to our own hair, or to extend its length, change its colour, give it a different texture, etc. They are a perfect option for drastic and immediate style changes.
  • There are different ways of applying natural hair extensions, among which clips, invisible strands, keratin and hair "curtains" stand out. These methods differ from each other mainly in terms of how long they last.
  • When choosing natural hair extensions, it is very important that you take into account certain factors, such as the different application methods, the different lengths, the quality of the hair, and the colours that are right for you, among other things.

The Best Natural Hair Extensions: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about natural hair extensions

The main purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with information about the product you are interested in buying. That's why we will tell you about the most important features of natural hair extensions, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Natural hair extensions are very versatile, as they allow us to create different and varied looks. (Photo: shevdinov /

What are natural hair extensions and what are their advantages?

Natural hair extensions are strands of hair that are applied to the hair to extend its length, give it more volume, modify its texture or colour, etc. There are different variants of extensions adapted to each type of hair, personal style and specific need.

Hair extensions can be attached in different ways, which influence their duration and appearance. There are different qualities of hair that determine their cost; but it is recommended that you always choose natural and virgin hair, as it is much healthier, more resistant and beautiful.

Natural hair extensions are an excellent alternative to modify your look immediately and change it as many times as you want, without acquiring an artificial or stiff appearance. They are also easy to maintain and you can forget about split ends and annoying frizz.

  • They give an immediate change of look
  • They are easy to maintain
  • There are different colours, lengths, textures, etc.
  • They adapt to different styles
  • They can damage our hair
  • Sometimes they cause allergy or irritation
  • Some types of extensions take hours to put in place
  • They are expensive

Clip-in, curtain, invisible thread or keratin hair extensions - what should you look out for?

Natural hair extensions can be applied in different ways. In the following, we will detail the most common and most commonly used application methods so that you can compare them and choose the one that is right for you.

Clip-in natural hair extensions. As the name suggests, these extensions are applied by means of clips or bobby pins attached to the back of the strand of hair. They are quick and easy to attach, but you have to take them out and put them in every day, which can be a bit tedious.

Natural curtain hair extensions. This application system, which is one of the most commonly used, consists of a curtain of boiled hair on top, which is sewn to the hair using a very fine weave. They are very versatile, but are more noticeable than the other methods.

Invisible thread hair extensions. These extensions are like a hairpiece that allows you to increase the length or volume of your hair. They are very easy to attach, like a headband, and intermingle with your own hair for a more natural look.

Natural hair extensions with keratin. This system uses separate strands of hair with a U-shaped keratin tab, which is attached with heat to your own hair, about 2 cm from the root. The result is very natural, but extensions should always be applied by a professional.

With clip Curtain Invisible thread Keratin
Temporary or permanent Temporary Permanent Temporary Permanent 
Duration Indefinite, you have to take them out and put them in daily 2 to 3 months, depending on the growth of our hair They are long-lasting, you have to take them out and put them in daily 2 to 3 months, depending on the growth of our hair
System of adhesion Clips, hairpins Very fine threads that are sewn to the hair Diadem-shaped threads Keratin that is fixed to the hair with heat
How long the application lasts Short time Prolonged Short time Prolonged

Natural hair extensions are very practical and easy to maintain. (Photo: Pavel Rusak /

Buying criteria

In this last section we will discuss the buying criteria that will help you select the most suitable natural hair extensions for you, depending on your particular style and interests. Discover all the variations and uses of this fantastic product!

Other ways of application

In addition to the methods we have detailed in the table of variables, there are other ways to apply natural hair extensions that may be of interest to you. Below, we'll mention their main characteristics for you to consider.

Adhesive natural hair extensions. This technique is one of the most innovative, and consists of strands of hair that have a product on top that adheres and integrates naturally to your own hair. They last approximately 3 months (depending on the growth of your hair).

They are ideal for women who don't have the time or desire to take out and put in hair extensions on a daily basis. It is important that you look for a professional place to have them applied, otherwise you run the risk of them not looking good or, even worse, damaging your hair.

Natural hair extensions with rings. This is a technique in which the extensions are placed cold, without glue, using aluminium rings or silicone clips, and are attached to your own hair without damaging it. It is a very durable method, although somewhat uncomfortable the first few days.

This system is also highly recommended for women who do not want to put in and take out hair extensions every day. Although it can be a bit uncomfortable for the first 2 or 3 days, your hair is not at risk, unlike heat treatments or glues.


There are different lengths of natural hair extensions to suit different tastes and interests. Below we will discuss what the standard lengths are and how you should calculate the right length depending on your style, height and hair type.

Between 30 and 35 cm. This is the ideal length if your hair is short and you want to add a little more volume. Many women have very fine or thinning hair, so this option is perfect for covering areas with less hair and giving more body in a natural way.

Between 40 and 45 cm. If you have never had natural hair extensions and want to innovate, without increasing the length of your hair too much or making too radical a change in your look, this alternative is the most suitable, as you will see the difference without drastically changing your appearance.

Between 50 and 60 cm. This length is one of the most used, especially by women who want to achieve a completely different style immediately. They look really good on, but you should know that the change will be radical.

A fundamental aspect that you must take into account is that the measurements will vary according to your height. For your reference, if you are less than 1.60 m tall, you should subtract 5 cm for every 10 cm of the mentioned lengths, and if you are taller, you should add 5 cm for every 10 cm of these measurements.

On the other hand, the texture of your hair will also influence when calculating the length of the natural hair extension, because if it is wavy you will have to add 5 cm, and if it is curly you will have to add 10 cm. If your hair is straight the measurements will be the same, always depending on your height.

When choosing the length of your natural hair extensions you should also take into account your height and hair type. (Photo: AliaksandrBarouski/

Hair quality

On the market you can find hair extensions of different qualities, which basically depend on the type of hair they are made of. Below, we will detail the particularities of each of them so that you know their main differences.

Natural hair. Natural hair is clearly the best, but you must take into account that there are different qualities, which have to do with the type of hair and its care. These characteristics determine the cost of hair extensions.

Remy AAA hair. It is the best quality hair (that's why it is AAA grade), and therefore the most expensive on the market, as its texture is soft and it can be dyed, ironed, bleached, etc., due to its resistance. In addition, it can be laid with any of the application methods.

AA grade hair. These extensions are composed of medium quality hair. Although it is quite resistant, it is best not to use it on a daily basis so that it does not get damaged in the short term. However, it is a good option for not spending so much money.

Grade A hair. Although this hair is totally human, its quality is low due to its lesser care and subjection to chemical processes (dyeing, straightening, etc.) that weakened its hair fibre. For this reason, it is one of the cheapest hair extensions on the market.

Yaki hair. These hair extensions are made with a mixture of human hair and cow hair, so they are not totally natural and their quality and price are lower than the other varieties. In addition, their texture is coarser and rougher.


One of the most complicated aspects when choosing natural hair extensions is the colour, as it is often difficult to find the most similar tone to our hair pigmentation. Here are some tips to help you solve this problem:

Don't compare the colour with your roots. When choosing the colour of your hair extensions always choose a shade that matches the part of your hair that goes from the centre to the ends. Don't consider the colour of your roots, as they tend to be a different shade than the rest of your hair, especially if you have grey hair and dye your hair.

Combine two colours. Most women have various shades of hair due to colouring, highlighting, bleaching, etc. Therefore, a good alternative is to combine two different colours of hair extensions to give your hair a much more natural look.

Stand in natural light. When comparing your hair colour with hair extensions, always try to stand near sunlight, as artificial light can significantly alter your natural hair colour.

Dye natural hair extensions. One of the great advantages of natural hair extensions (of good quality) is that they allow you to dye, bleach, lighten, etc., as you do with your own hair. It is advisable to have this work done by a professional.

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