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Many people spend their working day in front of a computer screen. If they don't look at the computer screen, they look at the mobile phone screen in their free time. As a result, more and more people get pain and tension in the neck area. To relieve this pain, a neck roll can be used in many ways.

Different neck rolls are more suitable for different people. They vary between in support strength, material, size and designs. To buy the best bolster for your needs, we have looked at different offers below.


  • Neck bolster pillows differ mainly in hardness, material, cover, filling and size, so that everyone can find the right roll.
  • Neck bolster pillows help against neck pain and tension because they relieve the cervical spine. Here the individual support strength is important.
  • Hard plastic neck rolls, also called fascia rolls, are ideal for exercises against tension. In addition to the fascia roller, you can also use fascia balls.

The Best Neck Bolster Pillow: Our Picks

Buying Criteria for Neck Bolster Pillows

Before buying a bolster, there are some criteria you should consider. To make your purchase easier, we have listed the six most important criteria:

To help you make the best decision, we explain the criteria for you here:

Supporting force

The support of a bolster is very important. The support should be relatively high. This means that the bolster must be hard. Otherwise it cannot support the neck!

If you don't like it so hard, it's best to take a model where you can remove the filling and vary it to suit your needs.


For the bolster to be able to provide the support it needs, it must have the right dimensions. If it is too high, it can curl the spine. This will lead to more pain.

The height should therefore be 12-15 cm. You can adjust this according to your own wishes. Make sure that the bolster is able to support your spine!

Cover and filling material

As listed above, a bolster can be filled with different materials. Depending on whether you have an allergy, want to warm up your bolster or do exercises against pain and tension, different fillings are suitable.

The cover material should be removable and breathable. Removable covers can be easily washed. If you choose a bolster without a cover, you can also use your own cover.

Machine washable and tumble dryable

Like normal bed linen, you should wash your bolster regularly. You should pay attention to the temperature at which the bolster should be washed. This varies from supplier to supplier, as some can only be washed at 40°!

Some bolsters are not suitable for the dryer. You should therefore pay close attention to what the manufacturer says about the product.

Suitable for allergies

Various bolsters are suitable for people who are allergic to house dust. This depends on the filling. If you have an allergy to house dust mites, you must observe certain criteria.

The best filling is therefore made of synthetic fibres. These do not provide a breeding ground for dust mites. At the same time, the cover should be washable at 60°.

Shopping Guide

Here we answer frequently asked questions about bolsters that you have probably already asked yourself before buying.

Who is a neck bolster pillow suitable for?

A bolster is suitable for people who often wake up in the morning with neck and back pain or tension. Among other things, they offer an alternative to a pillow and also relieve the spine.


Neck rolls can relieve pain and tension in the neck area. (Image source: Ava Sol/ Unsplash)

Therefore, bolsters are best suited for back sleepers. If you are a side sleeper, the bolster can be placed between your legs, relieving pressure on the upper back.

What types of bolsters are there?

Bolsters can have different colours, designs and dimensions. The classic version measures 15 x 40 cm. The filling material and the cover can also differ.

Bolsters are most often used for sleeping, although there are also models for loft beds that can be attached to the edge of the bed.
However, bolsters exist not only for the bed, but also for sofas, armchairs, cars and even the bathtub. Bolsters are also made for babies and children and are sold in different patterns and animal shapes.

What does a neck bolster pillow cost?

The cost of a bolster differs according to various criteria. Brand, design, dimensions, filling, cover material and workmanship all play a role in determining the price. Depending on your needs and wishes for the bolster, the price will also vary. For little money you can already get a bolster, but at the same time the higher price ranges also have their more sustainable advantages.

How does a neck bolster pillow help against pain and tension?

Bolsters support your neck and spine, which can help with pain and tension. The bolster stabilises your neck and relieves pressure on your spine, which comes from its round shape.

In addition to bolsters, there are also fascia rolls and balls for the neck.

A fascia roller is a hard foam roller used by medical facilities. With these tools you can roll out tension in the neck area. To do this, you need to use the right exercises and the workout that is right for you. It is best to get a medium-sized fascia roller for the cervical area and a small fascia roller for the side area.


There are many reasons why you should get a neck bolster pillow. They are great for back sleepers and stabilise the cervical spine in this position. They also help against neck pain and tension. Fascia rollers, which are made of hard plastic, can be used to perform exercises that relieve tension.

When buying, you can also differentiate between many criteria. Depending on what you need, you can choose between design, support, size and material. The purchase decision should therefore be adapted to your specific needs.

Image source: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / 123rf