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Whether you still have an inner child or a real, flesh-and-blood child, we can always find time to play. Whether we are at home or somewhere outside, playing is not an impediment, and what better way to do it than with the incomparable Nerf darts. Are you ready to test your aim?

Do you have a Nerf dart thrower and want more ammunition for your game? Would you like to try different types of darts during your games? Do you have children, nephews, nieces or cousins who don't know what darts to ask Santa for?


  • Nerf darts are throwable toys made of foam that children can use for multiple activities. They are very helpful for those who fear for children's safety as the foam construction reduces the force of impact. They are also great for group activities or with friends.
  • You can find two types of darts, traditional darts and Nerf darts, it is important to differentiate between the two as they are used by adults in a casual or professional way and the others are used by children and teenagers for recreational purposes. Also traditional darts are much more dangerous than Nerf darts.
  • There are several criteria that help people to know which model of Nerf darts is the best for them to have. Among these are the number of darts included per pack, the type of tip and the type of tip and colour available. All this will help you make the best possible purchase.

The Best Nerf Darts: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Now we will move on to the section where we will explain both the main features and advantages as well as the places to buy and the price at which Nerf darts are available. This information is very relevant so that you know in detail what a Nerf dart is and what to expect when purchasing one.

Fames eleifend interdum est ultricies ut elementum convallis consequat. (Photo: Marek Szandurski / Site:123rf)

What are Nerf darts and what are their advantages?

Nerf darts are a toy product that can be thrown at a target or surface. They are a friendlier variation of traditional darts but with the difference that the tip is not sharp but round and has a soft material as it is mostly used by children and teenagers.

The main advantage of Nerf darts is that they offer the possibility to play darts in a friendlier way. Especially with children in mind, who can be rough when playing. Nerf darts being made of soft material like foam are perfect to avoid major accidents.

They also offer the possibility to play anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Indoors you can play throwing them at a target and outdoors you can play shooting with your friends, especially if you have the Nerf shooter or launcher. The game possibilities are endless.

  • They are a safe choice to play with
  • Easy to occupy indoors or outdoors
  • Aiming practice
  • They are easily misplaced
  • They can be dangerous to throw in the face

Traditional darts vs Nerf darts - what to look out for?

Before we continue with Nerf darts you need to know that there are two types of darts in general and it is very important that when you go to buy your own darts or give one to a child you are aware of this difference. On the one hand there are Nerf darts made of foam and on the other hand there are traditional darts.

Nerf darts. These darts are recommended for children and teenagers. We know that in this age group they often do not measure the strength or dimensions of some actions, so by having completely safe darts, parents will be reassured. These darts are made with foam and soft materials.

Traditional darts. For heaven's sake, don't confuse these darts with Nerf darts as this type of dart is dangerous. Traditional darts have sharp points that stick into boards and are extremely dangerous, they can cause serious and in some cases fatal injuries. Keep out of reach of children.

Nerf darts Traditional darts
Type of tip Round with plastic and foam materials Affiliated with materials such as metal or steel
Use Children's parties, games with children in general Casual or professional
Danger Low Extremely high

How much do Nerf darts cost?

Nerf darts are a relatively inexpensive and accessible product. The price may vary depending on the type of tip and the number of darts in each pack but in general they remain at the same standardised price. Generally cheap Nerf darts range from 90 MXN to 100 MXN.

On the other hand, the higher priced Nerf darts are the ones with the highest number of darts in their package and these can cost up to 400 MXN. But if you want to think in averages, you can easily find a standard package for 200 MXN, which is quite affordable considering the price of the toys.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of Nerf darts.

Finally we will address the factors and criteria you need to consider before buying your Nerf darts. Here we recommend you take out your notebook and pen as the information presented can make the difference between being satisfied or not with your purchase. Ready? Let's get to it.

  • Number of darts per pack
  • Tip type
  • Colour of darts

Number of darts per pack

The number of darts in each pack is the most important factor to consider before making your purchase. Think about your needs if you have a large place to play then the more darts the better but if you don't want to pick up too many darts then a smaller pack will suit you.

Pack of 100 darts. For lovers of continuous play and backs that can take anything, this pack is perfect. With 100 darts it is more than enough to play multiple games without the need to pick up darts often. However, at the end of the game, consider that you will have to pick up the same amount of darts...

Pack with 30 darts. Excellent for small or confined spaces where you don't want to mess around with so many darts. If you buy this pack, then you will have more control over how many darts were used in the game and even distribute them more easily than the 100 pack.

Tip type

The type of tip is extremely important especially as it will stipulate the style of play you will have. There are two main types, firstly there are the Nerf darts with a round tip which is the more traditional one and on the other hand there are the Nerf darts with a suction tip. Each has a different function, so let's get to know them.

Round tip. This tip has a game purpose in the form of war or throwing between people. The round tip bounces on impact but allows you to feel where on the body it was projected. It is usually made of soft plastic but more solid than the base of the dart to give it balance and control during the trajectory of the throw.

Suction tip. On the other side is the suction tip which is perfect for solo or precision play. This tip has a plastic coating that can be stuck to various surfaces. But it is most commonly used for target shooting as it can be held in place on the surface to keep track of the throws.

Dart colour

Finally there is the colour of the darts and this is important to be considered as a purchasing criterion due to the ease of misplacement of this product. Think of it this way, if playing outside blue darts can easily be lost from sight against the sky on a clear day but it can also be the difference between the A team and the B team.

Blue colour. Blue coloured darts are very easy to miss if you are playing outside and the sky is clear. It is very easy to shoot and lose sight of the dart, so it is recommended to use this colour indoors or on days when the sky is not so blue.

Red colour. Red darts can be used outdoors without any problem as neither the grass nor the sky will make you lose sight of them. Also, if the other team has blue darts, this colour will serve as a differentiator during the games.

So now you know, the next time you want to buy some Nerf darts, remember what you learned in this review. We say goodbye before inviting you to read our other posts. Enjoy your purchase and see you next time!

(Featured image photo: Olena Yakobchuk / 123rf)