Last updated: August 18, 2021

Building an army, controlling the terrain and overcoming obstacles are some of the activities that Nerf allows you to develop. One of the competitive games using plastic weapons with foam projectiles. Don't miss this edition of ReviewBox with useful information that will put you to the test on the battlefield. Playing with launchers has positive implications on the life of the participants. For example: it sharpens tactical skills, teaches teamwork, improves discipline and, of course, is synonymous with safe fun. The best thing is that it is suitable for people of all ages. Do you want to buy Nerf guns? Today you will find out which ones are the most popular on the internet. What's more, we will also share with you important details about this dynamic that both young and old are talking about. Learn what it is, how it influences the game and who enjoys playing with it.


  • Nerf is a toy brand owned by Hasbro and is notable for the devices it manufactures. The term also applies to a safe battle game, where units are used that do not harm people because they are reloaded with foam ammunition.
  • Distinguish between the Rival or Zombie Strike series. But who knows, you might like both and want to include them in your personalised Nerf collection for hours of continuous play with your friends, children and colleagues.
  • Ammunition, accessories, barrel type, power source and reloading are the purchasing factors you should consider before taking the ideal one home. Remember that each is important when making a final decision.

Best Nerf: Our Picks

Buying guide

We provide you with exclusive content about Nerf. The information in our buying guide is of great interest to Nerf fans. So keep an eye out for the essential details that will be of great use when purchasing the launchers and accessories for each one.

Water spray gun. Photo:(Silverstream8/Pixabay)

What is Nerf and what are its advantages?

Nerf is a toy brand created by the Parker Brothers company and today owned by Hasbro. It is also a game where two or more people compete against each other, with plastic launchers, foam ammunition and other products in the line that do not cause harm to babies or older adults. However, the company's most prominent features are the projectile firing guns, balls, discs, water and darts. To practice Nerf, you just have to choose the weapon you feel most comfortable with. Also, have accessories that facilitate your performance and that of the whole team in the field. For example, you'll want to get plenty of ammunition, waistcoats to store spare parts, identification flags and protective eyewear. This is enough to start a battle where the most strategic will win. Are you ready to give it a try? Gather all the information you need to make the right decision.

  • Lightweight weapons
  • Plastic waistcoats with pockets
  • Variable ammunition
  • Improve your tactical skills
  • Recommended for adults and children
  • Lenses can fog up
  • Powerful weapons for the little ones
  • Designed mainly for children
  • Some are expensive
  • Plastic tends to break

Nerf launchers Rival or Zombie Strike - what should you pay attention to?

You are probably waiting to know which are the most recommended Nerf variables. This time we have selected two products with which you will have hours of continuous fun. Read on and see which one is right for you, but be warned: both are great choices. Rival. These are precision Nerf launchers that fire between seven and one hundred rubber projectiles at a speed of 30 metres per second. Fantastic, isn't it? With them you can live the action to the fullest by taking on your rivals on the battlefield, thanks to their fully motorised operation. Plus, they come in different shades so you can choose your team colour, red, blue or white. Rival offers a game mode between combatants that tests their imagination, especially suggested for teenagers from the age of 14. With these high-powered and precise guns you will feel the adrenaline at another level. Zombie Strike. According to the manufacturer, these are new combat weapons to fight against zombies, because they are getting stronger and stronger. Zombie Strike is a line of shotguns with telescopic sights, a burst selector, tactical light and a launcher in the stock, designed to shoot harmless foam rubber darts. Stop the zombie invasion with any of the long Nerf units. One shot is all it takes to kill the undead. The game mode is up to you, but don't forget to have the series of your choice on hand to stop the horde trying to devour all your friends and fellow players.

Rival Zombie Strike
Colour Red, blue or white Orange and green
Projectiles Round Darts
Telescopic sight No Yes
Stock launcher No Yes
Age +14 years +8 years

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate different Nerf equipment

In order for you to get your Nerf products with as few doubts as possible, we have compiled a list of the most important purchasing criteria. You may not be an expert in this area, which is why we want to share with you the factors you should consider when making your choice.

  • Ammunition
  • Accessories
  • Barrel
  • Power Source
  • Reloading


Each gun was designed to work with a specific type of ammunition. Before choosing one over the other, evaluate your tastes as well as the game mode agreed with your partners. Fun is guaranteed with each of these elements, so pay attention. Darts. They are pointed and made of foam rubber, so as not to hurt the participants in the game. Most Nerf guns use this ammunition, so you will find them easily. You'll know you've got it right because some models contain a special glue that sticks to your opponent's body. Discs: Do you like to take advantage of your surroundings during missions? Then discs are for you, as they can bounce off walls and still reach the goal, which extends your range of action. Take into consideration that this series loses speed and accuracy if the target is at a noticeable distance. Projectiles. Its round design is reminiscent of bullets used in other games such as Paintball or Airsoft. It is the cartridge used in the Rival line, a Nerf series designed for confrontations between several teams. Your best option if you want to have fun in a competitive environment, where the adrenaline flows to the maximum. Water: What better way to have fun with the little ones during the summer holidays? Shoot a generous jet of water in the garden, pool or beach. There are launchers for every age range, so everyone at home will have a great time. Some even connect to a hose. Arrows. Unlike the previous ones, they require a special device in the form of a bow or crossbow, similar to those used by man since ancient times. Do you want to live a different adventure where you feel like a hunter? Test your aim and skill with this unique weaponry.


For a complete experience, the trigger alone is not enough. If you are a hobbyist and will be playing frequently, you will need a whole range of accessories to enhance your performance during the game. To choose them, check your budget as well as the level of expertise you want to achieve. Ammunition. The ammunition you usually carry is not enough to achieve victory. Extend your margin of error and the possibility of shooting for a longer period of time by purchasing spares. Make sure the ones you select are compatible with the shape of your weapon. Hip holster. Specially designed to carry your short gun in the style of a gunslinger in the old west. Fit it and never let it leave your side as you stealthily glide across the battlefield. What to look out for? The ability to draw quickly and naturally, to shoot fast. Safety mask. It protects your face not only from enemy projectiles, but also from any unforeseen events on the field of play. Remember that these teams shoot at an average speed of 30 metres per second, so it's a good idea to take care of yourself. Choose one that fits your face and provides comfort. Plastic goggles. Because you're playing with large and small projectiles travelling at high speed, your eyes need to be protected from any possible impact. Investing in your eye safety will never be an unnecessary expense. Glasses can protect your vision from an unexpected fall or collision during competition. Tactical waistcoat. If you want to play in a competitive environment, then you will need this accessory. This is because it is designed so that you can carry tools to deal with any situation. Choose one in your size in which you can order and have at hand everything you need on missions.


Weapons come in varying lengths, designed for different game situations - will you be fighting at short or long distances? Of course, some dimensions are better than others for certain ages. Choose the one that suits you or your child. Short. The basic format, not exceeding 6 cm in length. It can be handled perfectly with one hand and does not need to be rested on the shoulder. Ideal for young children who are just starting their Nerf adventures, or for short distance, almost body-to-body encounters. Medium. Measuring 6 to 10 cm long, it is designed to project at close and longer distances. The best part? People of any age can handle them. Plus, it's perfect for you because it includes an extra brace to hold it with two hands for better aim and stability when shooting. Long. It is part of accurate equipment with barrels longer than 10 cm. Preferably for those over 14 years of age, due to its size and intensity of fire. If you are already a fan of this activity and practice it frequently, consider investing in a specialised launcher with a longer range, which is suitable for encounters.

Play Nerf with your friends. Photo: (Hans/Pixabay)

Power source

For the equipment to work, it needs power. You will find different alternatives for each model on the market. Keep in mind that this factor will affect its cost, as well as its possible performance. Choose the one that suits your budget and the level of gaming you want to do. Batteries. Certain lines have the ability to shoot more projectiles per second and with more power. To do this, they need the special electrical power provided by batteries. Do you compete in competitions? Then think about investing in a rechargeable item that will serve you on different occasions. No batteries. The standard series do not require special batteries. They use an effective compressed air mechanism that ejects the ammunition at a considerable speed. This format is ideal if you are on a budget, play occasionally or want to give your child their first Nerf.


To shoot you need ammunition. Reloading is an aspect that cannot be neglected during battle, because you will be exposed to your opponents. Think strategically and choose the system according to your competitive demands. Manual. The classic format, where you manually insert darts into the equipment's drum. Perfect for amateurs who use their Nerf devices occasionally, during conventions and recreation, accompanied by a few people. Automatic - want to battle without stopping? Then invest in a launcher with an automatic system that reloads the drum while you shoot bullets. Nothing will stand in your way until you achieve victory. (Featured image photo: AMPStudios/Pixabay)