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Netatmo is a French company that deals with the development of innovative smart home devices. They stand out for the variety of their products and the simple design. In addition to smart weather stations, Netatmo also produces surveillance cameras, indoor air sensors or smart thermostats.

The Netatmo weather stations are characterised by their easy handling and high technical quality. With our big Netatmo weather station test 2021 we want to help you find the perfect device for you. We have taken a look at the weather stations from Netatmo and have picked out the most important facts for you.


  • The smart weather stations from Netatmo are characterised by their numerous functions and their simple design.
  • All data recorded in real time is stored and further processed in the corresponding Netatmo app.
  • You can easily expand the Netatmo smart weather station with a smart anemometer, a smart rain gauge or another indoor module. All modules are easily compatible with each other.

The Best Netatmo Weather Station: Our Choices

Buying and rating criteria for Netatmo weather stations

If you are looking for a suitable Netatmo weather station for you, you will come across a lot of information. In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the different models of Mitsubishi air conditioners. The criteria you can use to compare Netatmo weather stations include:


All Netatmo modules, i.e. indoor and outdoor modules, rain gauge and wind gauge, are compatible with each other. The base station can also be expanded with additional indoor modules, so you have an overview of the air quality in all your living spaces.

The maximum range between the individual modules is 100m. However, this range is reduced by factors such as house walls or other objects. The base stations are connected to the WLAN so that the data is regularly transmitted to the corresponding app.

Measurable data

With a weather station from Netatmo, you can collect and evaluate a variety of data. For one thing, the indoor module measures the temperature, humidity, air quality and CO2 content in the air and detects fluctuations. In addition, this module also measures the volume in your household.

The outdoor module also measures the outdoor temperature, air quality and humidity. All the collected data is displayed in the Netatmo app with an additional weather forecast. You can display this data as graphics or in clear tables.

Size and material

The Netatmo weather stations have an indoor and an outdoor module. These two stations are visually very similar. They are made of a high-quality aluminium housing and have a simple design. But a simple design does not mean less performance at the same time.

The two modules are slightly smaller than conventional weather stations and therefore find their place almost everywhere. With a height of 11 cm and a diameter of 13 cm, as well as its simple design, this weather station integrates perfectly into your room atmosphere.


All Netatmo weather devices are compatible with each other

Unlike conventional weather stations, Netatmo weather stations have several features. Firstly, there are expansion options for your Netatmo weather station to extend your readings and make them more accurate. For this purpose, there is a rain gauge, an anemometer or additional indoor modules.

There is also a special app for the Netatmo weather stations, which not only shows you the current weather values. This app also notifies you when the CO2 content in your living space exceeds a limit value. However, there is not only an app for your smartphone or tablet. There is also a programme for the computer with which you can clearly evaluate your data and set up your devices.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Netatmo weather station

What makes Netatmo weather stations different from other manufacturers?

The Netatmo weather station is the smart version of conventional weather stations. The indoor and outdoor module precisely measures and processes temperatures, humidity, air quality and CO2 content of the air.

Indoor module

The indoor module has different functions than the outdoor module of the Netatmo weather station.

  • The room temperature is measured regularly by the indoor module.
  • The humidity and the CO2 content of the air in the rooms are regularly recorded and evaluated. The app reminds you when it is time to ventilate.
  • The air quality is also constantly checked by the module, so that you receive a message via the app if a characteristic value has been exceeded.
  • The volume meter measures the volume in your living spaces and evaluates it.

Netatmo Wetterstation-1

With their simple design, the Netatmo indoor modules fit in with any interior
(Image source: Appleros).

Outdoor module

The outdoor module extends the functions of the indoor module so that you have an overview of all indoor and outdoor values.

  • The outdoor temperature and weather are recorded by the outdoor module in real time.
  • Humidity and air quality are recorded regularly and displayed in the app. This gives you a comprehensive overview, even if you are not at home.
  • The air pressure is regularly measured and recorded by the outdoor module.

What extensions are available from Netatmo weather stations?

Smart rain gauge

The smart rain gauge of the Netatmo weather station extends the base station of the Netatmo range. It connects to the base station and thus expands the recorded values by measuring rain. This allows you to easily call up the precipitation that has fallen or even rain forecasts.

The rain gauge shows you the current amount of rain in real time, as well as the sum of the daily rainfall. You will also receive a notification on your smartphone when rain starts. The recorded data also gives you a quick overview of the history of your rain measurement.

Smart anemometer

The smart anemometer is an additional extension to your Netatmo base station. This anemometer easily connects to your Netatmo base weather station. This way you have the possibility to expand and perfect your weather measurement. Through the automatic connection with the app, you can view all the data in real time.

Netatmo Wetterstation-2

With the smart wind meter from Netatmo you can follow all data in real time
(Image source: Verasovich).

The smart wind sensor from Netatmo measures the wind speed in real time using modern ultrasound technology. If the wind speed is high, you will receive a warning on your smartphone through the app. As with the other Netatmo models, you can view and save the history of your wind measurement.

Additional indoor modules

By expanding your Netatmo indoor modules with additional indoor modules, you have the option of connecting and controlling up to three. This allows you to monitor the air quality and temperature in your living room, bedroom or children's room in real time.

In addition, the weather station can also be used as a kind of baby monitor by measuring the noise level. Another indoor module is also useful in the kitchen. Through the smart room air sensor, discrepancies in the kitchen are detected and the app tells you how to fix the problem.

How much do Netatmo weather stations cost?

Depending on whether you want to buy the basic package of the Natatmo weather station or also the extensions, the price for the individual modules can vary. In the following table, we show you the prices for the basic package and the extensions.
Netatmo Weather Module Price
Smart Weather Station 169,99 €
Smart Wind Meter 99,99 €
Smart Rain Meter 69,99 €
Additional Indoor Module 69,99 €

What alternatives are there to Netatmo weather stations?

There are also smart alternatives to the Netatmo weather station. The Eve Degree weather station is an alternative to the Netatmo smart weather station. This weather station has a small square design and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to temperature, it also measures humidity and air pressure.

However, this weather station is only compatible with Apple devices.

The wireless range is 400m

Another alternative is the weather station from Homematic IP. The device is made entirely of metal and does not look like a conventional smart weather station at first glance.

However, this weather station also has an app with which it measures the amount of rain and the wind speed in addition to the temperature and humidity.

What is the warranty on Netatmo weather stations?

Netatmo provides a 2-year warranty for a defective or faulty device. This warranty period starts from the time you bought your device. However, this warranty only applies if you purchase the device from Netatmo directly or from a Netatmo authorised dealer.

For wearing parts, such as batteries, the warranty period is 6 months. However, Netatmo has the right to consider an exchange or repair at its own discretion. However, you should check again whether your purchased product is covered by this warranty or excluded from it.

"Depending on the warranty case, there are of course different conditions. You should read Mitsubishi's warranty conditions carefully before submitting a warranty claim.

What are the functions of Netatmo weather stations?

The Netatmo smart weather station has many features that will impress you if you are interested in the weather. With the smart weather station, you can not only track the outdoor temperatures, but also the climate in your living spaces.

The app that comes with it allows you to have all the data at a glance. With the possible extensions of a smart rain gauge or a smart wind gauge, you have the possibility to take your weather measurement to a new level. Through the extensions, it is also possible for the app to make weather forecasts. It also informs you when the air quality changes, when precipitation starts or sends you a warning when the wind strength is too high.

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Clear display in the Netatmo app
  • Price-intensive

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