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You thought that few people buy newspaper stands because reading magazines and periodicals is more likely to be done on the internet and few people buy a newspaper. You're right that people's reading habits are undergoing a big change, but there are still many people who prefer to pick up a newspaper rather than an electronic device.

Since the newspapers and magazines are not lying around on the table, the elegant and modern magazine racks offer a good way to put them in order. The different materials colour, styles offer a wide choice for the buyer to find the right newspaper collector.


  • The magazine rack is not only suitable for storing magazines, journals and small books, but depending on the product, it can also be considered home decoration and have various holding functions.
  • Thanks to the slim shape and the light weight, the newspaper racks fit in all kinds of places and can be a useful item in different living areas or customer areas.
  • You can make a newspaper rack yourself from different materials. In this article we show you how to make a modern magazine rack from 4 coat hangers.

The Best Newspaper Rack: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for magazine racks

It is important for us to familiarise you with the topic of newspaper racks by means of listed criteria. For this reason, we have compiled a list of buying criteria for you. On the basis of the listed criteria, you can decide which aspects seem most important to you when buying. The decisive purchase criteria for your right choice include:


The dimensions of a newspaper rack are as important as any other item that has a specific function. For this reason, you need to consider where you want to place it before buying. In most cases, manufacturers aim for a narrow shape of the magazine rack so that it is suitable for small corners and niches.

The load-bearing capacity also plays an important role in the newspaper stands, as they can often serve as accessories for certain rooms. For this reason, the weight is between 1 and 3 kg.


The colour can be considered as an important feature in the magazine racks. Usually, the small objects also contribute to the harmonious atmosphere. Since the magazine racks also serve as a kind of decoration, it is important that you choose the colour to match the room. Try to choose a neutral colour such as white, black or brown.


A newspaper rack can be used not only for storing magazines, journals. Besides this function, it can also be used as a decorative element. Furthermore, it can be combined with functions such as toilet paper holder, mobile phone holder or table function. If you don't just need a simple magazine rack, you can buy certain products from a wide range of multifunctional stands.


Magazine stands come in different styles depending on your taste. There is a wide range of modern and elegant magazine racks but there are also many products in rattan, vintage, retro. Depending on the furnishings of the room and your taste, you can choose the right magazine rack.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about magazine racks answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions about newspaper racks. By means of this section, we want you to get an idea of this product.

What is a magazine rack?

A newspaper rack is suitable for keeping or storing magazines, journals and thin books.


A simple way to store newspapers. (Image source: unsplash/Sunyu)

In addition to this function, the newspaper rack can serve as home decoration and have holding functions. However, it varies from product to product.

How can you make a newspaper rack yourself?

There are several materials you can use to make a magazine rack. We have chosen clothes hangers. First, remove the metal hooks from all four wooden hangers and sand all the hangers to make the varnish stick better. Then lay the hangers on top of each other so you can mark the indentations. Mark in the lower third and deepen this area with a file.

Use sandpaper to make the indentation smooth. To glue the hangers together, apply wood glue to the smooth indentation and press the hangers together with a glue clamp. Let the pieces dry for a short time. If you want to achieve a secure hold, stabilise the connection with two small nails each. After that, apply the colour and lay them on their sides.

Cut the two pieces of fabric a little bigger than the open booklet is. Then divide each of the two pieces of fabric in the middle again and sew them together again. The two fabrics should be laid right sides together and only the narrow side should not be sewn together. Push the basting in and sew this side together too. Finally, attach the corners of the fabric to the inside of the hanger with tacks.


Newspaper racks are primarily intended for storing magazines, journals and small books. Depending on the function and design, they can be suitable for different areas. The material and style play a major role in the selection.

However, if you are willing to make a magazine rack yourself, there are several materials to choose from. You can also let your creativity run free and design your own magazine rack.

Image source: Charisse Kenion