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Tired of smoking but finding it hard to just quit? Are you bothered by the health consequences for you and your environment or do you want to stop smoking for your loved ones but the addiction is too strong? Then a Nicorette nicotine spray could be just the thing to save you.

Here at our Nicorette Spray Test 2022, we show you what to look out for when buying this cigarette replacement product. We give you a comprehensive overview of nicotine sprays and present the most important product features. This will make it especially easy for you to quit smoking.


  • Nicorette Spray is a medical nicotine-containing product from Johnson & Johnson that supports smoking cessation.
  • When used, small amounts of nicotine enter the body, which, within a minute, quench the physical craving for a cigarette.
  • Therefore, this and other Nicorette products are suitable for those who want to give up the annoying harmful smoking.

The Best Nicorette Spray: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Nicorette Spray

Before you buy Nicorette Spray, you should get some background information. We have therefore collected the most important information for you and summarised it clearly below.

How does Nicorette Spray work?

The addictive nature of smoking is partly due to the nicotine it contains. In order to slowly wean the body off nicotine, harmless nicotine is ingested more gently, for example via sprays.

By pressing a button, 1 milligram of nicotine enters the throat like a mouth spray and usually shows its effect within one minute.

The following product video explains briefly how nicotine spray works and why it is so successful in use.

What is Nicorette Spray and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Nicorette Spray is a nicotine-containing spray that supports smoking cessation by reducing the body's craving for nicotine. One to two sprays are enough to satisfy the craving for a cigarette within one minute.

The spray helps you avoid the harmful substances in cigarettes, such as tar and carbon monoxide. This is because Nicorette uses medical nicotine, which has no proven negative effects on your body, but still gives you the "kick" of smoking.

  • effective
  • healthy
  • practical
  • side effects possible
  • takes getting used to
  • price

Of course, switching from a vaporous cigarette to a spray is a matter of getting used to it, and at first you may experience hiccups and a pulling sensation in your throat. But this will pass with time and you are protecting yourself and your surroundings.

And yes, at first such a small spray may seem expensive. But it replaces up to 150 cigarettes - that's at least as expensive. Besides, the spray is much more practical: you don't lose any time, you can inhale quickly anywhere and you don't have to stand in the cold in winter.

What is special about Nicorette products?

Nicorette specialises in developing products that help people quit smoking. They use medically safe nicotine, which only reduces the urge to smoke, but is not addictive itself.

Nicorette is a brand of Johnson & Johnson GmbH, which has existed in its current form since 2007. The sales figures confirm that Nicorette is the number 1 brand for smoking cessation in Germany - that speaks for itself.

When should I use Nicorette Spray?

Nicorette Spray is generally for people who want to give up smoking. If you suddenly have an extreme craving for a cigarette, the spray will help you stop the reflex.

If you have an urge for nicotine, take a puff at first and observe the effect on you. If you still want to smoke within a few minutes, take a second one. In the future, you should then take two sprays at once for further cases.

You can tell if it is time to use Nicorette by answering the following questions:
Do you want to live longer and healthier? Do you still enjoy smoking? Is smoking worth the time, money and health you are wasting?

Nicorette Spray-1

Cigarette smoke smells unpleasant, gets into your clothes and harms people and animals nearby.
(Image source: / Pascal Meier)

At what price are Nicorette sprays offered?

Nicorette stop-smoking sprays are available in single or double packs. Of course, you save a few euros with the two-pack, which is noticeable in the long run.

Taking into account price fluctuations and shipping costs, you can get Nicorette nicotine spray for about 20 to 30 euros per pack. For the fact that this spray saves you valuable health and life time, and at the same time saves you several packets of cigarettes, the price is quite reasonable.

What are the alternatives to Nicorette Spray?

If you want to try something different, or if sprays don't appeal to you, there are some low-key alternatives. These include:

  • Chewing gum
  • Patches
  • Lozenges

Here you will now find the most important distinguishing features of nicotine products.

Nicotine gum

Nicorette chewing gum is available in different flavours and with a nicotine content of either 2 milligrams or 4 milligrams per piece.

With a filling quantity of 105 pieces, it is also fairly inexpensive. Likewise, this product does not stand out as much as a substitute for smoking - but the effect takes a little longer.

However, these chewing gums are not the same as other sweets. Therefore, never offer them to children and do not handle them carelessly.

Nicotine patches

Transdermal nicotine patches are the strongest source of nicotine and the longest lasting. You can get either 7 or 14 at a time - perfect for a week or two.

The patches are applied to the skin (e.g. hip or upper arm) in the morning and removed in the evening. This way, nicotine is absorbed slowly throughout the day, which greatly reduces the urge to smoke.

Nicotine lozenges

If you are not a fan of chewing gum, you can also buy Nicorette lozenges with 2 or 4 milligrams of nicotine.

You can think of the lozenges as little mints, except that they also contain nicotine to quench your cravings.

Nicorette provides a detailed description of the correct use for all its products.

This is because the use of Nicorette differs depending on whether you want to stop smoking immediately or use the reduction method. If you are interested, find out which is better for you and which nicotine content is suitable.

Nicorette Combination Therapy

For maximum effectiveness in smoking cessation, Nicorette recommends a combination of several nicotine replacement products - the so-called Combi-Therapy

The aim of this therapy is to create a counterbalance for people who previously smoked about 20 cigarettes a day. A nicotine patch is used for 16 hours (from getting up to going to bed).

The rule is: as much as necessary but as little as possible

In addition, a product is used for strong quitting, for example Nicorette Spray. You start with strong patches and then get weaker and weaker over time. In this way, the amount of nicotine ingested is slowly but steadily reduced.

The following table should be used as a guide:

Period Nicotine in the patch Maximum amount of nicotine daily
8 weeks 25 mg 57 mg
2 weeks 15 mg 47 mg
2 weeks 10 mg 42 mg

This means that you can take up to 32 additional sprays of Nicorette Spray every day. As you can see, this is a gentle way to quit smoking within two weeks.

Nicorette Spray-2

Of course, you can also use the small chewing gums in the combination therapy - as you wish.
(Image source: / Hans)

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Nicorette sprays

Before buying Nicorette sprays, you probably want to compare which product suits you best. The comparison criteria are:

Below you will find detailed information that will make your decision easier.

Amount of nicotine

On average, a conventional cigarette contains 12 mg of nicotine, which very quickly enters the bloodstream and the brain. Over time, a large number of receptors are formed that recognise nicotine and trigger feelings of happiness. For this reason, the body becomes addicted.

Cold turkey often results in moodiness because of this. That is why the use of nicotine sprays is recommended. Per spray of Nicorette, 1 mg enters the body, which is absorbed quickly but more slowly than when smoking.

Most sprays contain 1 mg per spray, as this is an optimal amount to stop cravings and reduce them in the long term - until cessation.


Of course, besides the essential nicotine amount, other ingredients also play a role: for the taste, the tolerance and for the dissolution of nicotine.

Among the substances contained are various alcohols, sugar, water, flavourings and menthol. All of these together are primarily responsible for the effect of the spray and are usually harmless - especially compared to smoking.

In any case, be aware of any side effects and discuss them with your doctor or pharmacist.


The taste is certainly very individual for each person. You can often get mint-flavoured sprays - Nicorette also offers a "fruit and mint" spray.

You probably already know the taste from chewing gum or sweets. In addition, the aroma provides a pleasant scent instead of smelling like cigarette smoke.


Of course, price plays an important role in any purchase.

Smoking is an expensive "pleasure".

But first ask yourself what it is worth to you to give up smoking: How much money will you save on cigarettes? How much would professional therapy cost? How much is a healthy and longer life worth?

In view of this, the (reasonable) price of Nicorette Spray - also in terms of effectiveness and quality - is more than justified.

Nicorette Spray-3

In fact, Nicorette Spray always performs better compared to smoking.
(Image source: / Антон Воробьев)

Facts worth knowing about Nicorette and nicotine sprays

Now that you have gathered enough information about Nicorette sprays, we would like to give you some more information. If you have already decided to use a nicotine spray, you may find some valuable tips here.

How much money do you spend on smoking?

A good and interesting question that will certainly leave a certain impression.

Let's assume only 10 cigarettes a day with a generous pack of 25 cigarettes for 7 euros.

365 days x 10 cigarettes a day = 3650 cigarettes per year

3650 cigarettes / 25 cigarettes per pack = 146 packs per year

146 packs x 7 euros per pack = 1022 euros per year

You can see how expensive this will be in the long run - especially with more cigarettes and more expensive packs.

How do I use Nicorette Spray correctly?

Here is a brief summary of how to use it correctly:

  1. Hold the spray to the open mouth
  2. Press the top of the spray down - take one or two sprays
  3. Spray into the cheek pocket - do not inhale or swallow!

How often should I use Nicorette Spray?

As soon as you feel the urge to smoke, you should use Nicorette to avoid falling off the wagon. However, you should use a maximum of two sprays per craving - try it first to see if one is enough.

To ensure that you continue to benefit for a long time, it is important that you use the spray or other nicotine replacement products regularly for at least 12 weeks.

Does Nicorette Spray have any side effects?

Nicorette Spray is considered a medicine and can therefore have side effects. These include symptoms that subside after a certain period of time. For example, hiccups, irritation in the throat, slight burning in the mouth, altered taste perception.

You can find out more in the package leaflet.

Dangerous or severely impairing effects are ruled out. If you are taking other medicines or have certain pre-existing conditions, the same applies as always:

For general questions and acute problems, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Testimonial for Nicorette Spray

Would you like to hear some personal testimonials from customers? Here you can get a brief insight.

This testimonial will show you how much easier it is to quit smoking with Nicorette Spray. The customer herself also gave up cigarettes with the help of Nicorette.

And Sascha O. wrote the following review:

"I am very satisfied with the spray, I have tried many things before to stop smoking but nothing helped. With the spray it's different, it keeps its promise - after barely 1 minute my craving is gone."

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