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The bedside table is one of the most common pieces of furniture found in bedrooms, being a decorative item, but also very functional. This is what we are going to talk about today at ReviewBox Brasil, welcome! Available in various models and sizes, it is difficult to find a room that does not have one of these on the side of the bed, because this is a piece that allows you to store various essential objects on a daily basis. And if you're looking for a new bedside table, know that in this text we have gathered tips, options and lots of other information about this product so that at the end of the reading you can make the best choice. To do this just continue with us, come on?

First of all, the most important things

  • The bedside table acts in the aesthetic composition of bedrooms and is an excellent product for storing objects that are used a lot in everyday life.
  • They are produced with wood type MDP and MDF and there are options of various colours, sizes and styles.
  • This product can be found for values starting at R$ 70 and thanks to that practically all bedrooms have at least one beside the bed.

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Buying Guide

Simple and very functional, this is how the bedside table can be defined. This piece of furniture found in almost every bedroom is an excellent way to keep items such as the lamp, alarm clock, mobile phone, glass of water and many other products that are important during the night at hand. Thanks to that, this is an essential piece of furniture for many people. In this buying guide we have gathered all the information about it so that at the end of reading you know exactly how to use it in your home.

Na foto uma mulher se espreguiçando em uma cama dentro de um quarto repleto de janelas de vidro.

The bedside table is present in the bedroom of many people and can be a decorative and functional piece, adding visually to the room. (Source: Nenad Aksic / 123rf)

What is a bedside table?

The bedside table is like a chest of drawers or a small table created to be placed next to the bed in bedrooms, serving as a sideboard for items such as books, mobile phones, watches, lamps and other products that are used on a daily basis. It can be composed only by a niche or also by shelves and drawers, this is a product that matches all styles of bedrooms and that acts in the decoration of the space, besides being very useful.

Do you know why this product is called a bedside table? This term came about because the furniture serves as a place to store objects that you do not wish to carry around, and in the past, this function was used by butlers and servants of wealthy people. Because of this, as it is an item with a function similar to that of these officials it was decided to call the piece the bedside table

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bedside table?

The main advantage of having a bedside table is related to the fact that with it you can have at hand various products needed before going to sleep, during the night or in the morning. Another positive point is that it is an excellent piece that can assist in decorating, and is often combined with the headboard and serves as a frame. In addition, the bedside table comes in different sizes and can adapt to different spaces. Not to mention that it is a piece that has great durability and a very affordable price. The downside is that it does not fit many products, precisely because it is a piece of furniture, smaller, but for small things it can be an excellent option.

  • Keeps close by essential things during the night
  • Adds to the decor of the room
  • Exists in various sizes
  • Has an affordable price
  • Has high durability
  • Does not serve to store a lot of objects

How to combine the bedside table with the bedroom decoration?

It is very common that when choosing a bedside table some people ask whether it needs to match the furniture or the bed in the space and the answer to this question is that it depends. For those who like everything following the same pattern, then get a bedside table that has the same tone and style of furniture is very welcome, but this is not a rule. Not necessarily the bedside table must have the same colour as the wardrobe, for example. It is perfectly welcome that it is a highlight piece, and may have a very striking tone, including. You can also use mirrored bedside tables in the room, which will give a touch of modernity to the room's decor.

Another very interesting way to compose this piece of furniture is to choose two different models and place them one on each side of the bed. You can then opt for one that has more rounded shapes and one that is more square and thus the visual will be relaxed and very interesting.

But it's worth knowing that regardless of the format, the bedside table must have a height equivalent to that of the bed.

What to put or store in the bedside table?

In addition to being part of the decoration of the room, the bedside table is also a product that helps to organize the environment, so it is essential to think about what you will put inside or on top of it. So, remember that it is important not to fill the furniture with a million things. In its upper part you can put a lamp, the book you are reading at the moment, mobile phone, picture frame and some products that you wish to have around when you are in bed or that will add visually. If the model chosen has drawers, you can put in them documents, underwear, socks, creams and any other product. In the niches and shelves you can either include only decorative objects or books and magazines are very welcome.

Na foto uma cama com cabeceira de madeira e um criado-mudo de madeira com tampo branco com uma luminária e um vaso com flores em cima.

For the bedside tables, the rule of less is more and the ideal is not to fill the surface of the piece of furniture with too many objects. Only the products necessary for daily life and decoration should be left on it. (Source: Burst / Pexels)

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare bedside tables

Now that you have learned everything about the bedside table, it is time to choose the best one for you. To help you with this task we have separated below the main points that you should take into consideration when comparing the available options, they are:

  • Available space
  • Material
  • Presence or not of drawers and niches
  • Style
  • Colour
  • Built-in or floor-standing

Below you will find details of each of them.

Available space

Before thinking about anything regarding the bedside table, it is important to analyse the space you have available for it. So, before accessing any shop or website measure the distance between the side of the bed and the wall or wardrobe to not make a mistake in the choice. A tip about this is that in bedrooms that are smaller, the more compact bedside tables are more suitable, because they do not weigh visually on the environment. With this, you can choose one that is built into the shelf or that has a simpler design. Thus, you can have the functionality of the product, without it getting in the way or being out of place.

Na foto um quarto com uma cama com cabeceira branca, um criado-mudo ao lado e um guarda-roupa.

Those who have less space should opt for more compact and smaller models of bedside tables. (Source: Mary Whitney / Pexels)


After taking the measurements comes the time to choose the material of your bedside table and very often this product is made of MDP and MDF or a combination of both materials.

The most common models are made of MDP or MDF, but there are also mirrored options.

Both have good quality and do not usually present problems with use, but it is important to analyze the thickness of the wood and also the material in which the foot of the bedside table is produced. Even if this is not an item that will receive heavy products, if it is made of a very thin material, it may bend and even break. This also applies to the feet and usually many models are manufactured in firmer wood than MDF and MDP, to give greater support to the furniture. Regarding the models that have mirrors, remember that you should be extra careful with shocks and that they usually get marked more easily.

Presence or absence of drawers and niches

There are bedside tables models that are very similar to tables, while others have niches and drawers. Which one to choose depends on the usability that you will give to your product. If it only serves to support some objects, it is not necessary to invest in a model with more compartments. However, if for you it is important to have more space to store your things, it is worth purchasing an option that has drawers and niches. In addition, there are models that have the junction of both and others only made with niches or only with drawers, so, depending on the desire is possible to have both.

Na foto um quarto com móveis e peças em tons de madeira, cinza e branco.

The drawers of the bedside table can be used to store items such as underwear, socks, cosmetics and much more. (Source: NeONBRAND / Unsplash)


The bedside tables are manufactured following various styles and it is important to define what you want to choose yours.

Who likes a more retro or vintage touch can choose those with feet in the shape of a toothpick.

If the decor of the space is more contemporary or more square and minimalist models are great options. Those who like a more retro or vintage touch can choose the ones with legs in the shape of a toothpick. There are also options that are more sophisticated and with differentiated finishes, while those looking for a simpler and more basic product can also find models of this style very easily.


When it comes to colour, there are dozens of options. The most basic are those with white and wood tones. These are easily combined with all environments and when investing in one of them the possibility of getting it wrong is very small. The coloured options are found in various shades, such as blue, yellow and red, serving as a highlight piece in the space. These are great for a cleaner environment, where you want to dare with just one piece of furniture.

It is only important to take into account that it is easier to get sick of a coloured model than a basic one, so choose carefully.

Besides, for all the colour options there are glossy and matt finishes. The matte ones are more modern and have a very differentiated look, which draws attention. The glossy one is more common, but no less beautiful, and gives a touch more sophistication to the environment.

Na foto um quarto todo com móveis brancos e um criado-mudo com gavetas amarelas.

A more colourful bedside table can make it stand out in the decoration of the room. (Source: bialasiewicz / 123rf)

Built-in or floor

Another point to be taken into consideration is that there are bedside tables that are built into the wall and others that have the support on the floor. When choosing yours, take into consideration the visual aspect you want and also if the place where you live allows you to drill holes in the wall. Many people who live in a rented property may have this as an obstacle, so the floor model is more suitable. Aesthetically speaking, the ones that are built in are usually more minimalist and do not have so many details, being a little simpler pieces. On the other hand, the floor models have a wider range of options and styles. So, if you are looking for a differentiated product, the probability of finding it in the version with feet is much higher. (Source of the highlighted image: belchonock / 123RF)

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