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Hello, welcome! Today we will talk about the Nike jacket, one of the most versatile, variable and successful products of the great American company. The Nike jackets are made in the right measure, whether in their cuts and trims, whether in cold protection or even in the mediation between functionality and aesthetics, this worked in a unique and exclusive way in the market. In the guide that you will read below, we have gathered the most important information about Nike jackets: the best ones on the market, the most popular varieties, the male and female models, everything that can help you choose yours.

First things first

  • The jacket is one of Nike's most varied products. There are sports models, casual models and even collection models, just to have an idea.
  • Because of these collection models, the price variation of the Nike jacket is great, between R$ 150 and R$ 3000.
  • There is a wide range of Nike sports jackets, both for the practice of a sport and inspired by it, with jackets of basketball teams, football, baseball, among others.

The Best Nike Jackets: Our Picks

Buying Guide

When the temperature drops, there's no shortage of reasons to choose a Nike jacket from among all the jackets in your wardrobe. In addition to the traditional versatility of jackets, Nike jackets feature exclusive prints and innovative technologies that only increase your range of possibilities. In the Buying Guide below, we will show you not only these possibilities, but also what drives them. The varieties, the fabrics, the models, everything that can help you find the ideal jacket, we'll show you.

Imagem mostra uma mulher no meio de uma rua escura, usando uma jaqueta e uma mochila. Ao fundo, é possível distinguir as luzes do farol de um carro.

The Nike jacket is a good choice for many occasions, even for a walk down the street at night...'. (Source: THE COLLAB./

What does the Nike windbreaker jacket look like?

One of the most popular types of Nike jackets, indeed all jackets from all brands, is the windbreaker, a highly functional model that combines the waterproofness of a raincoat with the protection of a sweatshirt. At Nike, they are the responsibility of the Windrunner line, which can be translated as "runner in the wind". The original line was launched in 1978, and was a success.

Recently the company did a makeover, combining the old look with new technologies. The new windbreakers, or Windrunners, are 100% polyester in their lining. The lining is in mesh, a breathable fabric made of recyclable polyester. To stay aesthetically faithful to the original line, it has reinforced cuffs and hem and the Chevron symbol, a kind of wide arrow, which marked the model in the past.

  • Practical
  • Versatile
  • Waterproof
  • Fine fabric
  • Loud

What are the differences between the women's and men's Nike jacket?

If most sportswear has a unisex orientation, the Nike jacket, which has that extra aesthetic care, has, in some models, a separation between female and male jacket. Even so, the differences are small, almost in detail. There is no difference in the type of fabric, or in the technology embedded in it. There are, yes, changes in the cut and fit, a little tighter in the shoulders and waist, in the female pieces, and a little wider in the male ones.

Imagem mostra três pessoas, duas mulheres e um homem, bem agasalhados, todos com jaquetas, no que parece ser o alto de um morro. Elas demonstram estar com frio.

The difference between the Nike jacket for women and men is in the fit and details. (Source: Johanna Dahlberg /

In some cases, there are exclusive colour palettes for each gender. But no blue and pink! In the Nike Air jacket, for example, the male is white, black and red, without hood, with a "geometric" design, with stripes and lines with different colours. The women's jacket, on the other hand, is grey, worked with Nike Air brand details, has a hood, cuffs with thumb hole and comes with a small nécessaire.

Nike SB jacket, NBA or football?

Nike has such a vast catalogue, both in products and their respective varieties, that it's easy to forget that it is, essentially, a sports brand. So, let's talk about the three sports that are most present in their jacket models: Skateboarding, Football and Basketball. Skateboarding does not have so many jackets dedicated to it, but the ones that do are exclusive - in fact, they belong to the Nike SB line, of various accessories for skateboarders, from trainers to caps. The Nike SB jacket focuses on practicality, with a thin and highly compactable fabric, which can be stored in your own pocket!

Imagem mostra um rapaz andando pela calçada enquanto usa uma jaqueta de um time da NBA.

The Nike NBA jacket, like the football jacket, has a design based on the team colours and badge. (Source: John Fornander/

The Nike basketball jackets are focused on the NBA, with models dedicated to teams like Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers, having exclusive prints, design with the shield of the franchise, etc. The Nike Therma Flex Showtime goes further, combining the look of the courts with a super flexible fabric and ready to play. Football, perhaps Nike's main segment, has jackets of all kinds. There are casual ones, which follow the same logic as the NBA pieces, there are the official jackets of clubs like Corinthians and Internacional, designed for training, and there are even warm-up jackets, like the Strike Anthem, of the Brazilian National Team.

SB NBA Football
Usage Skate, Casual Basketball, Casual, Day to Day Warm-up, Casual, Day to Day
Attributes Thin and compact fabric Franchise shield, flexible fabric Team shields, anti-sweat fabric
Variety Low Medium High

What is the Nike Collection Jacket?

Aiming to meet the totality of demands for jackets, that is, their more casual use, more style, more fashion, Nike has developed jacket collections, made in partnerships with designers, stylists and modelers. These jackets don't have an exact pattern, but have one foot in streetwear and another in haute couture, adding, yet, with highly functional materials that only Nike offers.

Imagem mostra uma moça usando uma jaqueta com gola de pelo, junto de um óculos escuro e um gorro.

Streetwear, functional fabric and lots of style: the Nike collection jackets are the most stylish of the brand. (Source: Damian Piasekr/

How much does a Nike jacket cost?

If we think only about the common pieces, Nike jackets don't have a very big price variation. You can find pieces between R$ 150 and R$ 500. With the collection models, however, this price can reach up to R$ 3000. The most important factors that will influence the price of a Nike jacket, apart from the date of its launch and the presence or not of licensed elements (for example, the club's shield), is the type of fabric and the technologies used in it.

Purchase Criteria: finding your Nike jacket

Now let's talk about your purchase, or rather, the moment of purchase, and which model will be chosen at that time. To ensure it's the right one for you, we've put together the list below, which is made up of points to note about the product and its use - choice criteria, in other words.

You didn't think we weren't going to explain them one by one, did you? So pay attention, so that your purchase is the most informed, and therefore the best possible.


As there are several types of Nike jackets, knowing the use that you intend to give to your model makes your choice much easier. As versatile as these pieces are, there is an ideal use for each variety. For those who want to play sports, a Sportswear, a Windrunner or even some of the sporty ones, for those who want a fine outfit, and can afford it, a collection jacket, and so on.


A quick and practical way to start your choice is to notice the caps, or lack of them, on the models. Beyond a question of taste, the cap changes the whole dynamic of a jacket. The cap, for example, can make a model heavier or complement the protection of a windbreaker. Its absence, in the same logic, can make a piece more stylish

Fabric technologies

The technologies embedded in the fabrics are another good guide to your choice for the ideal Nike jacket. They are indicators of the wearing experience of each model, an essential element to define the best one for you. The best example is the renowned Dry-Fit technology, which makes the model much lighter, thinner. The Power 550, on the other hand, denotes the amount of thermal insulation in the jacket, leaving it more protected, and heavier too.


In the end, one of the most valuable points in a Nike jacket is its versatility. After all, we wear a jacket because we know it solves almost every problem. It protects from the cold but doesn't overheat, it's lightweight but durable, and it goes with almost any outfit. That is what you should look for in your ideal model, a jacket for many places, activities, outfits and occasions. A light, comfortable and resistant fabric, a sober print, but with personality, and pockets, always lots of pockets.

(Featured photo: THE COLLAB./

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