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Welcome! Today we're going to talk about a versatile and technological piece of clothing: the Nike T-shirt.

The Nike T-shirt can be worn both for sports and for casual everyday occasions. In addition, most models feature technology that helps contain sweat and optimise workouts.

With so many different options, we will show you in this article what you should take into account before choosing the most appropriate Nike T-shirt according to your goal and style.


  • The Nike T-shirt is known for its quality, durability and efficiency in the practice of physical exercises.
  • However, nowadays there are also pieces that can be worn in everyday life and even in less formal events.
  • We will show you what factors differentiate one model from another and how to buy the best Nike T-shirt.

The Best Nike T-Shirt: Our Picks

Because of the different types of fabric and technologies involved, it is not so simple to choose the ideal Nike T-shirt. You also need to take into account your purpose of use to ensure greater efficiency.

To help you choose the most suitable Nike T-shirt that meets your expectations, we have created this Buying Guide with the most important information.

Tenista segurando raquete usando camiseta Nike.

The Nike T-shirt is a reference of quality and technology. (Source: Isabella Mendes/

Why should you invest in a Nike T-shirt?

The name Nike was named after the Greek goddess that represents victory, strength and speed. Launched in 1971, the sporting goods brand started its operation by selling football boots, running shoes and basketball shoes.

But soon after, Nike's products began to diversify. To give you an idea, the first piece of clothing was created in 1977. It was a half-zip sweatshirt with a diver-style hood.

The following year, the brand launched the Nylon running jacket designed to resist rain and wind.
This was the beginning of Nike's consolidation in the area of technological fabrics that help athletes' performance.

In 1991, for example, Nike launched the FIT accessories line, whose pieces used high-tech textile mesh.

This way, the brand began to invest heavily in Nike T-shirts, shorts, shorts, among others. And not only in technology.

Currently the clothing has great influence of street style and, therefore, it reaches fans even outside the sports media.

The Nike T-shirt features high-tech fabrics to aid athletic performance for athletes.

In 2002, for example, the brand launched Nike Cool Motion, a technology applied in clothing, which would later become established in the Nike Dri Fit T-shirt, which absorbs the body's sweat.

From then on, Nike continued innovating with varied and increasingly technological fabrics and modeling, creating efficient Nike T-shirts for different types of situations, climates and styles.

What are the styles of Nike T-Shirt?

Even being a reference in the world of sports and physical activities, Nike also offers versatile options that can be used in everyday life, on several occasions.

Therefore, it is possible to find the Nike T-shirt for each objective and situation.

For example, if the idea is to wear a Nike T-shirt for walking, running or even going out to parks, cafeterias and informal gatherings with friends, you can opt for casual models.

In addition, depending on your style, you can choose between models with a looser or tighter fit, and in various colours and with the Nike symbol, either prominent or discreet.

Homem com camisa de futebol, segurando bola e com estádio ao fundo.

One of the highlights is the Nike football team jerseys. (Source: Manuel Faba Ortega/123rf)

If the idea is to create a sporty look for casual events, the football team t-shirt or even the ones with a polo collar will create a more sophisticated look.

The fact is that, nowadays, the sportswear style has even won the fashion runways.

Proof of this is the women's Nike t-shirt and other sporty pieces of the brand that are now used even in parties and fashion events.

If you are looking for a professional Nike T-shirt, to increase your performance in training, there are specific models for each modality.

Below, you can see the main categories that define the different styles of Nike t-shirt:

  • Official Nike Football Team T-Shirt
  • Nike Sport T-Shirt: For practice or styles reminiscent of basketball, football, training, gym, running, tennis and skateboarding
  • Nike Casual T-Shirt: For everyday use
  • Nike Polo T-Shirt: For more formal events or for playing tennis;
  • Nike T-Shirt for cold days: Long sleeve models are suitable for both outdoor workouts and everyday use
  • Men's and women's Nike T-shirt: There are unisex models and special designs for men and women.

What are the differences between Nike and Adidas T-shirt technologies?

Nike and Adidas are two of the most renowned footwear and sportswear manufacturing brands in the world.

And although both are similar when it comes to the quality and durability of their products, there are some differences between them.

One of them is with regard to the technologies employed in the Nike and Adidas t-shirt fabrics. In the Nike t-shirt the main technology is known as Dry Fit.

This technology promotes the transfer of sweat to the surface of the fabric, which is evaporated. As a result, athletes always remain dry and comfortable during their workouts.

Homem e criança correndo na rua.

The Nike T-shirt features Dry Fit technology, which helps keep the body dry. (Source: morissettes/

Another technology found in some models of the Nike t-shirt is the Vaporknit. This is a fabric that adjusts to the body and allows for increased airflow, which makes the fabric the most breathable of the brand.

On the other hand, Adidas relies on Climalite technology in its t-shirts. Characterised by a lightweight and comfortable fabric, this technology also helps to keep sweat away from contact with the skin.

Climalite also helps to control the feeling of heat, lowering the temperature and increasing performance in training.

Did you know that Nike and CBF have had a partnership for over 20 years? In 2018, for example, Nike developed the Brazilian national team uniforms with an anti-adherent fabric, which does not stick to the skin even when wet.

Although both Nike and Adidas technologies serve the same purpose, there are some peculiarities with regards to each.

Dri-fit has a layer of so-called hydrophobic fibres, which do not absorb water.

The Climalite, on the other hand, besides throwing the sweat away, has screens for ventilation in strategic places, like under the arm.

See below the main differences between Nike and Adidas T-shirts:

Nike Technology Adidas Technology
Name Dry Fit Climalite
Function Wicks sweat away from the body Afasta or suordo body
Differential Has hydrophobic fibre layer, which does not absorb water Has screens for ventilation in strategic locations

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Nike T-shirt?

As we have seen, there are several advantages of the Nike T-shirt. Starting with the quality and durability of the manufacturing material already recognized worldwide.

Another advantage is that the Nike T-shirt has models that can be worn by both men and women, and in various situations: from the practice of physical activity, sports as well as in a casual way in everyday life.

The T-shirts are available in a wide range of styles, collars and colours, with options for hot or cold days.

But the advantage that stands out the most is certainly the technology applied to fabrics, capable of helping the performance of athletes and ensuring maximum comfort.

Even with so many advantages it is possible to point out a negative point when it comes to Nike T-shirt. In general, this piece of clothing usually has a high price.

Below, you can see the main advantages and disadvantages of the Nike T-shirt:

  • Quality and durability
  • Variety of models and colours
  • High technology
  • Helps the performance of athletes
  • High price

Buying criteria: what to consider when buying a Nike T-shirt

Now that you know the options of styles and advantages of the Nike T-shirt, it's time to know how to choose the best model among the many available today.

Therefore, we have selected for you the main factors that should be taken into account before buying a Nike T-shirt:

Below, we will explain these factors in detail so that you can make the best decision and invest in the best Nike T-shirt, according to your preferences.

Sleeves, collar and styling

The first factor that you should look at before buying a Nike T-shirt is the design, specifically the type of sleeve, collar, and shape.

This factor will define not only the best fit of the Nike T-shirt on your body, but mainly the comfort you will have when wearing it.

Here you can choose from Nike T-shirt with short or long sleeves. You can also opt for a Nike T-shirt with a tank top.

Homem sentando usando camiseta de manga longa.

You can opt for the short sleeve Nike T-shirt, regatta or even the long sleeve one, and with different shaping on the body. (Source: Michael Simons/

In addition, there are options with various collars. The most common are the bald or round collar; V collar and polo collar. You can also find models with a reinforced collar that stretches as you move around.

Finally, check also the modeling of the Nike T-shirt, which can be well adjusted or looser on the body.

In general, a loose-fitting T-shirt offers more comfort and a relaxed style. The tight-fitting Nike T-shirt, on the other hand, is more indicated to increase performance during workouts. For women, there are also bodysuits and cropped pieces.

Type of fabric

Also take a look at the type of fabric of the Nike T-shirt. This factor will determine not only the comfort, but the efficiency of the manufacturing material according to its purpose of use.

Check out the main types of Nike T-shirt fabric below.

  • Polyester: This Nike T-shirt is made is extremely durable, lightweight and soft.
  • Cotton: It allows for great air circulation, but is less durable.
  • Mesh: All perforated, it helps the flexibility of movement and ensures that sweat is evaporated more easily and in greater quantities.

In addition, you can also find Nike t-shirt fabrics that come with ultraviolet protection, which is ideal for protecting your skin on more intense sunny days.


Another factor you should consider when choosing your Nike T-shirt is the technology employed in the fabric.
As we have seen the main technology of the Nike T-shirt at the moment is Dri-Fit, which helps to keep you drier during your workouts.

But you will also find the Breathe technology that makes the Nike T-shirt breathable.

Some models are also made with stretchy material, with minimal seams to make you move better.

In addition, there is the Nike Pro AeroAdapt. In a regular shirt the airflow decreases when the athlete sweats a lot and the fabric gets wet.

But with Pro AeroAdapt, the Nike T-shirt allows for increased airflow as more moisture gets in, especially in the chest area and the back of the shirt.

Hem and Slits

Lastly, take into account the hem and slits that may be in the Nike t-shirt.

For example, you can opt for t-shirts with a longer hem at the back so that you stay covered while bending and stretching.

In addition there are at least two types of slits that also help in your performance. They are:

  • Moisture sensing slits, which increase airflow when you need it.
  • Slits in the hem, that allow you to move around more freely.

(Featured image source: Charnsit Ramyarupa/