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Hello and welcome to Monederosmart! The Nintendo Wii games signified a big change in how video games were played. Few of us can forget the thrill of having a controller designed to move your body and this brought a lot of joy to users. So, we set out to find and expose you to the best of them.

Do you own a Nintendo Wii and are looking for their video games, are you undecided on which one to buy, or maybe you just want to see if your favourite Wii game is in this review? Well, don't worry because here we are going to tell you everything you need to know to make your purchase the one you want.

At Monederosmart, we care that you are always well informed about all the products you are interested in, so you can count on the best review possible. Without further ado, why don't you stay with us and enjoy this review?


  • Nintendo Wii video games are electronic games that are played on a television or monitor and can be controlled by means of a sensor that reads the movements executed by the movement of the controller.
  • Wii games can have the option of being played in motion or played statically. This allows the user to have a different style of play depending on the occasion. There are also games that can be played in both modes.
  • To choose your Nintendo Wii game it is recommended that you take some factors into consideration such as the type of game, its theme, and above all, the duration in hours to complete it.

The best Wii Games: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about Wii games

Now we'll explain what you need to know before you buy your Nintendo Wii game. This information is designed to help you understand all the features of the games available, as well as their types, the benefits of playing them and the differences between them.

Wii games are made for people of all ages due to the combination of movement and theme of the game. (Photo: feverpitched /

What are Nintendo Wii games and what are their advantages?

Nintendo Wii video games are electronic games that are played using a controller or controller that directs the movements of the graphics that are generated on the television or monitor. These games can be about many themes such as racing and fighting, but what distinguishes them is that they are exclusive to the console.

Nintendo Wii games are characterised by the fact that most of them are designed to be played by the movement generated between the reader and the controller. Thanks to the Wii technology, many developers opted to take full advantage of the sensor and adapted their games to physical movement.

This physical interaction is very simple, the game is predetermined so that the controller sends the signals and the character moves, advances, attacks, brakes or generates special movements, but by having a motion reader, games take on another dimension. For example, making a basket is achieved with your physical movement.

The main advantage of Nintendo Wii games is that they are different from all other games because the gameplay is so unique. Many games have a rating suitable for children because the dynamics generated by the physical movement with the screen are very child-friendly, making them perfect for the family.

  • Incorporation of physical movement into the controller
  • Variety of games for all ages
  • Exclusivity of Nintendo games
  • Highly enjoyable multiplayer environment
  • Price
  • Limited game availability
  • Delayed readability with physical movement
  • Graphics
  • Limited access to non-Nintendo titles

Motion or static games - what should you look out for?

There are two types of Wii games, or rather two ways to play them. On the one hand, there are games that are designed for movement and on the other hand, games that can be played statically without moving the controller from side to side. Depending on your taste, you can choose your game.

Games for movement. These games are designed and developed to take advantage of the characteristic function of the Nintendo Wii, the motion reader through the sensor. With this feature, these games include special moves for physical play and explore fighting and sports simulations.

Static games. This type of game is designed for a traditional controller where the movement of the main character is achieved with the joystick. Many people do not like to rely on physical movement to execute commands so games were also created that do not include any kind of movement.

Games for movement with static option. But maybe there is someone who wants to switch between game modes and for that there are games that can be played either with the physical movement of the controller or in static mode. All that is needed is to configure the controller in the game options and that's it.

Games for motion Static games Games for motion with static option
Type Shooters, action, simulation RPG Shooters, action, simulation
Thematic War, fighting, sports, racing Fantasy War, fighting, sports

The physical movement mode is perfect for interaction with people and hours of fun. (Photo: Sylvain Robin /

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate Nintendo Wii games

Now we're going to tell you the factors you need to consider when buying the Nintendo Wii game you're interested in. We cover the most important so that you won't be disappointed with your purchase. Take note of this information because it can be the difference between having a desired purchase or being dissatisfied with it.


The type of game is a factor you need to consider when making your purchase. There are several types of games and each one suits the tastes of each user. Mainly you will find games called shooters, simulation, RPG and action games.

Shooters. As the name implies, these games shoot guns wholesale at enemies. The design of the games includes a sight in the centre for aiming while playing, so if you are not very good at aiming, this may not be the type of game you need in your repertoire.

Role-playing or RPG. Role-playing games or RPGs are generally about the development of a main character's story and their journey through a world, both real and fictional. These games are usually set in fantasy worlds and are often open world so the player can roam the world without completing quests.

Action games. Action games tend to have more multiplayer interaction than story development. Generally it is fighting games that are more developed in this type. If you want to play with your friends for an evening we highly recommend these games as they have a pretty good multiplayer mode.

Simulation. These games have something in particular, that they can be about any situation, from life to racing and sports. The most popular are the last two as there is a considerable variety of titles.


Does the theme of the game matter? Yes, because it is the theme that defines who the game is aimed at and also what will make you enjoy it or not. There is no point in buying a highly rated game if the theme of the game doesn't appeal to you, or does it?

Sports games. In sports games you can find an interesting variety of games that use the physical movement mode of the Nintendo Wii, so you won't be short of fun in this aspect. From Nintendo exclusive games to universal titles coming to the console, it will give you hours of entertainment.

Fantasy. This is perhaps Nintendo Wii's strongest point, the fantasy games are simply fascinating and many have elaborate storylines. These games are almost always open-world RPGs so the development is very elaborate.

Fighting. Another strong point of Nintendo Wii games is fighting games. There are several popular titles that are also very well reviewed. If you prefer to play with your friends and take them on one on one or in a group then this theme is perfect for you.

Length of gameplay

The length of the game is another factor you need to consider when making your purchase as not all of us have the patience to play video games that can be finished after months of investment. Think about how much time you are willing to give for that video game you want to play.

If you are one of those who dedicate hours, days and weeks to finish a game then a long game will be your best option because if you play a shorter game you might be left without much to do after three days.

Nintendo exclusivity

If there's one thing Nintendo has, it's exclusive video game titles, so when buying your game we recommend you keep in mind that you may only be able to play it on that platform. There are many exclusive franchises and most of them are very entertaining to play.

Year of release

The year of release is also a factor you need to consider when buying your Wii games. This is for one simple reason, the graphics and smoothness of the game will perform better the more current the games are. So if you are thinking of buying a classic game keep in mind that the graphics will not be the best.

(Featured image photo: Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay)