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Do you know the feeling when your nose tickles and you can't breathe properly? In this case, a nose hair trimmer could help you remove the excess hair in your nose. However, don't forget that the hairs also have a certain function, namely a protective function. Therefore, you should not overdo it with the hair removal in your nose.

With our big nose hair trimmer test 2021 we want to help you find the best nose hair trimmer for you. We have compared electric and mechanical nose hair trimmers and listed the advantages and disadvantages in this article. In this way, we want to make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • There are electric and mechanical nose hair trimmers. Other methods of nose or ear hair removal are not really recommended.
  • A nose hair trimmer should not cost much more than 20 euros, but also not much less than 10 euros. You don't need an insane amount of money to find a great nose trimmer.
  • Nose hair removal is for people who have a lot of nose hair sticking out. Never remove your nose hairs completely because your nose hairs protect you from dirty air.

The best Nose Hair Trimmer: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a nose hair trimmer

Nasenhaartrimmer Bart

The costs only go above this if the shaver comes with countless features and can do much more than the others. For example, you get several attachments, or even exposure. (Photo: Nonsap Visuals /

Can the device also be used for other areas of the face?

Many of the devices come with an additional function so that you can also remove superfluous hair from other areas of the face. Whether it's ear hair, eyebrows or beard, with the right machines you can get rid of just about any unwanted hair on your face.

Do I need additional features?

Yes, features are great and you need them more than you think. Of course, it's up to you which ones you need the most, but the extra few euros you spend could make these features your saviours in need.

Of course, since it is quite dark inside the nose, it can be an advantage to have a light with the shaver, for example, which makes the work easier and prevents injuries to some extent.

Are nose hair trimmers dangerous?

As long as the device trims your hair instead of pulling it out, nothing can happen to you except better care.

Did you know that forcible removal can cause inflammation?

Nose hairs should only be trimmed gently and not pulled out. Otherwise, dangerous infections and diseases can occur, as bacteria can easily penetrate the wounds in the nasal mucosa and travel up to the brain.

Be careful not to press the machine too hard against your skin. Bad or worn blades are usually the problem, not your muscle power.

How should I clean it?

You can clean your machine thoroughly by holding the shaving head under water and rinsing it. Not a difficult thing to do.

Some of the machines include a brush that is there to help remove hair in and out of the nose hair shaver.

Some products also allow you to remove the shaving head to keep water out of the electrical part. Newer shavers have a vacuum system so that, for example, no hair gets on the floor and you have to clean up all the less. Technology knows no limits!

So what points should you look for to find the best possible nose hair trimmer?


You know how much you want to spend. You realise that hygiene is important these days and, especially for men, that fornication of hair is easily noticed. A 2€ shaver can be almost no good and is not recommended.


There are add-ons that come with many of the machines. Appreciate these features as they will help you out of a quagmire of little annoying problems.

The nose hair machines are also a good solution for annoying ear hair, as long as they are built for it and the blades work. On many of the devices, there is a button to switch between the 'trim nose hair' and 'trim ear hair' functions.

Some are built to make you even more comfortable and you don't even have to press a button to get full power for your ears or eyebrows.

Light can save you injuries and give you an overview. Never underestimate built-in light in devices.

Battery and accumulator performance

It's simple math: bad battery = bad performance. You want a battery that will power your device for hours. Pay attention to battery performance when you buy.

As for batteries, it's best to buy a trimmer that runs on AA or AAA batteries. They are more environmentally friendly. Rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly than non-rechargeable ones. A good deed usually pays off, even if it seems small.

Pay attention to how the motor works

Most of these machines, as mentioned earlier, have a system where the blades rotate to give the best cut. There is a purpose behind it. Injuries are avoided this way and you can experience a more accurate cutting result.

However, there are also other motorised approaches to this construct. For example, there are nose hair trimmers on the market that work like an electric beard shaver.

However, rotating blades are best for sensitive noses. Therefore, please consider carefully.

Want reliable

Products made of bad material won't be your friends for long. They break quickly. Pay attention to the manufacturer of the trimmer. Manufacturers like Panasonic or Wahl are more trustworthy.

If you can test the product before you make a final decision, see if the shaver feels good, if the batteries fall out easily and without intention.

Buy nose hair trimmers that are easy to clean. They are easy to wash, but it can be a luxury to be able to remove the shaving head or have a vacuum function.

Look for quality, because even the best nose shavers are not exactly priceless!

Decision: What types of nose hair trimmers are there and which one is right for you?

There are different ways to remove your hair. If you decide to use a nose hair trimmer, you should know that there are two types:

  • Electric nose hair trimmer
  • Mechanical nose hair trimmer

Both come with advantages and disadvantages. So it's up to you and your preferences which of the 2 main types you use.

What are the features of a mechanical nose hair trimmer and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

  • You are in control
  • No noise
  • Saves electricity
  • Learning time is needed
  • More time consuming
  • More for steady hands

A mechanical cutter is not the easiest method at first, but after experience it becomes easier and easier to operate. You don't hear the annoying noise that you would hear more or less with an electric hair trimmer. You save either batteries, which are a nuisance to dispose of and harm the environment, or the time it would have taken to recharge the batteries.

What distinguishes an electric nose hair trimmer and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Well, the answer is actually simple: people want to be more and more comfortable. We have less and less time and we want to use this time wisely. So if you don't want to go through the complicated process of learning how to do it, get an electric machine to remove your pesky nose hair.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the electric machine:

  • Power
  • Countless models
  • Cheap
  • Loud
  • Cleaning can be a nuisance
  • Battery deteriorates over time

Electric nose shavers are fast machines that don't cost a hell of a lot and perform well (at least initially). There are many electric devices on the market, so you should make a good decision before you buy one. Whether it uses batteries or a rechargeable battery is up to you.

Do you prefer a battery-powered nose hair trimmer or a battery-powered one?

Since you don't need much power for this hair removal device, it is highly recommended to use batteries. Rechargeable batteries lose the desired performance after a few months and are therefore not always recommended in this case.

Here you can see the pros and cons of a battery:

  • Power does not drop
  • More heat resistant
  • Optimal for travelling
  • Replacing
  • More harmful to the environment
  • Disposal

Rechargeable batteries are not bad, however, because they usually don't fall out and you don't have to keep disposing of them. As long as you pay your electricity bill and charge the battery, you have power.

  • Rechargeable
  • For timeless people
  • Don't fall out
  • Self-discharge
  • Must be there
  • Lifetime

Rechargeable batteries can be recharged with a battery charger. They are also more environmentally friendly than batteries. Nowadays, rechargeable batteries are used almost everywhere. They are optimised so that their lifetime is longer and their self-discharge rate can be reduced.

Another option would be rechargeable batteries. Quite environmentally friendly and powerful.

Is there a difference between the way the electric and mechanical nose hair trimmers work?

No. Both generally work in the same way. The trimmers have blades that rotate to remove your hair problem. Whether your device has a good grip and so on is up to the manufacturer.

For most people, it is clear whether they want to use a mechanical or an electric tool. However, if you are still unsure about the best way to remove your nose hair, read on. Here is some advice that has been put together for you to help you find the right one for you.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate nose shavers

From here on, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate nose hair trimmers.

In summary, the whole thing revolves around the following points:

  • Type
  • Power supply
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Handling and design
  • Features / Extra functions
  • Shaving head types

In the next sections you can read about the individual buying criteria. After these sections, you can safely choose the best possible nose hair trimmer to follow your hygiene and not be disappointed with the product.

Even though shaving the inside of the nose may not be such an important process for some. For others, it is, and even though the machine is small, there are many factors you should consider when buying this small device.


Earlier in the text it was explained that there are mainly 2 types of nose hair trimmers. The mechanical and electric shavers.

First, ask yourself whether you are one of those people who want to be more comfortable and buy an electric shaver, or you want to do the "rigorous" work yourself, with your own hand and without electricity.

Mechanical nose hair shavers may be more difficult to use at first, but they can do the job for a longer period of time than electric ones. If you don't want to use electricity, the shave can take a little longer and you may also be a nature lover, the mechanical nose hair trimmer is the best choice for you.

Type Features
Mechanical trimmer Last longer, hard to use, saves electricity, but shave takes longer
Electric trimmer Faster shave, easier to use, greater electricity consumption

All the "mechanical" voters might want to stop and look at the products, because you almost only pay attention to the material of the trimmer and the manufacturer of the mechanical shaver. If you want the electric one, please read on.

Power supply

A nose hair trimmer has an AA battery in it and not worse. You should please pay attention to the battery life when buying. It will get shorter over time anyway, but you shouldn't have a shaver that switches off automatically and/or only runs for 20 minutes from the start.

Do you also want to take care of your hygiene when travelling? Then you'd better get a cordless, battery-powered nose hair trimmer. These devices are not often sold with a cord anyway and using this device without a cord makes you more flexible and independent of power sockets.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning the devices can be a nuisance if, for example, the shaving head is not removable, so you can't put the device under water without "looking forward" to damage.

So it is a dream to be able to remove the shaving head or to have a brush included with the purchase to make cleaning your product easier. (Photo: Ludvig Wiese /

Choose products that are easy to wash, because if the cleaning process of the device takes longer than the actual use, then you might want to use a different device.

Handling and design

A nose hair trimmer is a machine that you have to look at every time you use it. It is also a machine that needs to have a good grip. You should be able to hold it and look at it. This is why you need to pay attention to the design and handling of your product when buying it.

The shape of the trimmer should be such that the machine fits perfectly in your hands. The place where you hold the device should be made of fine material and not just a metal block.

Most nose hair trimmers come in black, usually with a second colour as well. This can look quite neutral. Most people don't want to hold a bright yellow trimmer in their hand that almost blinds them. You should have a machine that looks good and is easy to hold.

Features / Extra functions

Light, shaving head removal, brush, double blades and many others are often underestimated. Please don't underestimate small details and extra features and if the machine costs a few euros more, just remember that the quality goes up with the price.

The light from your bathroom doesn't just go up your nose. You probably won't believe me, but that's the naked truth. LED lights in your nose hair trimmer are wonderful, aren't they?

True. Some buyers have complained that the included LED light eats up all the power from the machine and is sometimes unnecessary, but usually LED lights are a dream. You have to decide for yourself what features you need, but please never underestimate them.

If necessary, check whether a machine stands out in a positive way when it comes to features. They can help you more than you think.

Shaving head types

You should pay attention to the blades and their shape before you go ahead and buy your perfect razor. Some are just right for something and some are just not.

Straight shaving head

If you also want to hit eyebrows and ear hair, i.e. 3 birds with one stone, you should rather look for straight shaving heads.

Round shaving head

Most of the time you can also use the round shaving head for your beard. Your ear hair will also be trimmed very well with the round head. The round shaving head should be bought by trimmer friends who do not want to shave their eyebrows as well.


Nose hair trimmers are very small devices that are sometimes very underestimated. When buying this item, you should pay attention to points such as the type of trimmer and, in the case of electric trimmers , the power supply.

Some electric nose hair trimmers are produced in such a way that you have to buy new blades or even a new device after only a few months in order to remain faithful to hygiene. This may also be a reason to go for the mechanical version. Although it is more "strenuous", the products last much longer and tend to maintain the desired cutting result.

You should want a reliable machine, as mentioned above. Bad machines will end up costing you more than they give you in performance. Nose and ear trimmers need to do a fine job. They should not be made of bad material or have bad blades and batteries.

Comfort is key. You could actually trim your pesky nose hair and/or ear hair with scissors. However, my warning to you is as I mentioned before: don't do it! You should "trim" these fine hairs, not "pluck" them out. Buy a device that you are sure will give you the comfort you need. Avoid injuries and nerve attacks in the morning when shaving.

You should be able to hold your machine well and the machine should not look bad, because you will always see it while trimming. You may not care about the design of your machine at first, but over time, unfortunately, you will.

It is best to pay attention to all points and make no mistake when buying your desired product. You shouldn't spend money unnecessarily on something that will end up in the trash right away just because you didn't do your research and didn't inform yourself at all.

Nose hair trimmers are sometimes produced so cheaply that they are available for less than 10€, but you have to buy a new one after less time. Instead, pay attention to the quality of the product, the type of power supply you want and whether you want a powered nose shaver at all.

Facts worth knowing about nose hair trimmers

How long have people been using nose hair trimmers?

The first nose hair trimmer was developed around 1935 in the USA. Not many people used them at first, but in modern times like now, it is necessary for some people, both men and women.

Did you know that nose hair is very useful?

Nose hairs keep parasites and small insects from entering our nose. This filters the air before it is passed into the lungs.

People are becoming more and more hygiene conscious and are looking for more and more ways to style themselves and express beauty. What was not considered normal 50 years ago is now becoming a must for many people.

Can women also use the small machine?

Of course, the nose hair trimmer works the same for everyone. The nose hair trimmer is also recommended for women who struggle with the hair problem. Women can also use it instead of other methods for eyebrow beautification to look even prettier.

In fact, there are enough women who wonder if they can use one. This question should not even exist! If you women out there need this device, why not just use it? It's really nothing to be ashamed of.

What is a "clipette"?

For the more junior readers, the word might not be immediately obvious, but that was the name of the first nose hair trimmer and there are people who still use the term today.


No, but please don't remove your hair with tweezers. Scissors also work well, although these could be dangerous too. If you cut too deep with the scissors and don't pay attention, you can easily hurt your nose and no one wants that.

Nowadays, nose hair trimmers are, in my opinion, the best way to get rid of unwanted hair in the nose. For some, they are necessary.

You may have to get used to the machine rotating around your nose at first and you may not get away without a bit of sneezing, but it is worth it in most cases. Especially men with dark hair suffer from it and need this device. You might get unnoticed looks, because you can't hide nose hairs if they have become too long.

However, poorly made and outdated machines that are no longer working worsen the reputation of nose hair trimmers by hurting your nose and doing a poor job. Trimming, not plucking, should be the job of this device. So please be careful the next time you buy a nose hair remover.

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