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Hair in unwanted areas and its permanent removal can be very inconvenient, painful and time-consuming. Instead of reaching for tweezers and scissors, you can say goodbye to those pesky hairs conveniently and easily with the help of a nose hair trimmer.

Because most nose hair trimmers are waterproof, they offer convenient hair removal even under running water.

The nose hair trimmer ensures that the hairs are not plucked and pulled out, instead it cuts them off quite painlessly. To help you choose the best nose hair trimmer, we have carried out the big nose hair trimmer test 2022. In the next sections you can read about it and decide which nose hair trimmer suits you best.


  • The nose hair trimmer is the simple, painless and convenient solution to remove unwanted hairs. Since the nose hair trimmers are offered at quite a reasonable price, everyone can afford this pleasure.
  • You can choose between manual and electric nose hair trimmers. With the different shaving heads, you can more precisely cover other hairy areas, such as the eyebrows, ears and beard.
  • After use, the nose hair trimmer must be cleaned very carefully to avoid clogging and to prolong the life of the blades.

The best Nose Hair Trimmers: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for nose hair trimmers

In the following section, we will show you how you can quickly and easily choose the most suitable nose hair trimmer for you through various factors.We have compiled the most important criteria that you should consider when buying a nose hair trimmer:


The nose hair trimmer made of high quality stainless steel is the optimal solution to get a durable device that will be as powerful after 5 years as when you bought it. Unlike plastic and cheap metal versions, there is no risk of breakage or rust with the stainless steel nose hair trimmer. The stainless steel housing is also extremely rоbust and indestructible.

Suitable under water

The waterproof nose hair trimmer, allows you a carefree use and easy cleaning, even under running water.

Thanks to the waterproof, insulating and protective battery technology, you can take the nose hair trimmer with you in the shower without worrying about it breaking or you getting hit by an electric shock.

The function of the nose hairs is to filter dust and dirt from the air we breathe.

Therefore, it is important not to remove or pluck them completely, but only to trim them carefully.

Different types of shaving head

There are 3 different types of nose hair trimmer shaving heads that can be used in different ways.

type application
straight shaving head optimally suitable also for eye and ear hair removal
straight, laterally installed shaving head precise application for nose hair removal, secured against cuts
round shaving head good for removing ear hair, also suitable for beard


As you already know from experience, a good price is one of the aspects that can influence the decision to buy a nose hair trimmer. However, as with many other purchases, a higher price offers better quality.

Good value for money is the most important thing because the most expensive does not always mean the best nose hair trimmer.

In addition, famous brands often offer discounts, which is a good way to get a high quality and at the same time profitable nose hair trimmer.

Decision: What types of nose hair trimmers are there and which is the right one for me?

Nose hair trimmers are available in electric or manual versions. Because the electric nose hair trimmer is powered by batteries, it is more effective and faster. However, the batteries must be changed regularly to avoid injuries.

Type advantages disadvantages
Electric nose hair trimmer convenient, effective frequent battery changes, risk of injury
Manual nose hair trimmer longer lasting, independent of electricity slower, less effective

If you are interested in more information about the two variants, just have a look at the following sections.

Electric nose hair trimmer

Electric nose hair trimmer

The electric nose hair trimmers are bеtriеbеn either А rechargeable batteries оr with Bаtterien dеr Größе AA. The disadvantage of this is that the batteries weaken early or late. The consequence is that the hair is no longer cut sоndеrn only plucked, which is extremely dirty and also poses a risk of injury.

  • convenient
  • effective
  • limited battery life
  • risk of plucking if batteries are weak

What you should look for when buying an electric nose hair trimmer is the long battery life.

Manual nose hair trimmer

Manual nose hair trimmer

Instead of worrying about battery life, you can opt for a manually operated model, dаs kоmplett оhne Strоm auskоmmt.

  • durable
  • rechargeable
  • safe
  • slower
  • less powerful

These models may be a little slower and less powerful, but they have a long life thanks to the rechargeable battery. The big advantage of such devices is the power connection – the battery is always fully charged – so the blades always run at full speed and do not cause any pain by plucking at all.

Guide: Frequently asked questions on the subject of nose hair trimmers answered in detail

To make your decision even easier and to clarify possible ambiguities, we have compiled a few frequently asked questions and the answers to these questions.

How does a nose hair trimmer work?

Using a nose hair trimmer is easy - just switch it on and go. However, there are a few things to consider before using it. It is important that the device is fully charged or the battery is full. The nose should be clean and it is recommended that you work in the light in front of a mirror.

How much does a nose hair trimmer cost?

A nose hair trimmer costs on average between 8 £ and 16 £, depending on whether it is made of steel or plastic. A good quality model can sometimes be found for less than 8 £, as discounts are often offered, especially in online shops


With the help of the nose hair trimmer, you can get rid of all those annoying hairs. Thanks to the flexible shaving head, you can safely and comfortably say goodbye to your hair with just one hand movement.
(Image source: Pixabay/Olichel)

Does the price of a nose hair trimmer matter?

Basically, price plays a role in the quality of a product. However, due to the ever-increasing level of consumerism, scams and counterfeits are also on the rise when it comes to product offerings. Therefore, accurate and careful selection is very important.

Who is the nose hair trimmer suitable for?

The nose hair trimmer is suitable for both men and women.


The waterproof nose hair trimmer can easily be taken into the shower and is also suitable for removing eyebrow and ear hair. Comfortable grip also adds to the experience.
(Image source: Unsplash/James Barr)

The different models and types of shaving head offer optimal application in different areas of the face.

How do I clean a nose hair trimmer?

Most nose hair trimmers are up to 100% waterproof and can be easily cleaned under running water. If this is not the case, there is usually a small brush in the package that you can use to remove the remaining hair.

What are the alternatives to a nose hair trimmer?

You can also trim the hair on your nose with a small pair of hand scissors. Many alternatives to this handy invention are quite painful, complex and are not recommended.

Buying a nose hair trimmer is a good investment before resorting to such methods.

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