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This time we will be introducing you to one of the most interesting items when it comes to rings and ornaments: nose piercings.

Nose piercings are a circular or rectilinear shaped ring that, like most of these types of products, have always been associated with youth and rebelliousness. They have the function of beautifying their wearer, giving them a unique particularity. They can be made of as many materials as any jewellery, from aluminium to gold.

We want you to make the best decision when you are buying something. That's why we structure information that comes from a meticulous collection of various information sources. Once in our hands, we refine and prioritise it so that you learn everything you need to know, allowing you to make the right choice.


  • A piercing is an ornament that can be placed in a huge variety of body areas. It has aesthetic but also cultural functions, when it is placed in the nose, in areas such as the Hindu religion and others. It is used as a symbol of youth.
  • There are 4 types: those that are straight, those that have a semi-curvature that does not close and the hoop type. The last one, which is septum, refers to two aspects: the shape of the septum and the place where it is placed, which is between one nostril and the other. The latter is more painful and requires more attention.
  • There are 5 vital aspects to make a timely selection. These are its colour, which varies too much, its size, its location, its design. Lastly, its inner curvature, which is what prevents it from slipping out.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about piercings

When talking about an item that appears to be simple, people often underestimate the product they are buying. Believing that something is well known to the customer is one of the most common reasons for bad purchases. That is why we will define and give you some information about this type of jewellery.

Piercings in general and especially nose piercings are often a symbol of youth and rebellion (Photo: Sebastian Unrau /

What is a nose piercing?

A nose piercing is a ring that has the particularity of needing a specific installation in some area of the body, including the nose. Normally, it requires a wound to be opened in order to be placed inside it. It is one of the oldest forms of body embellishment.

When it comes to the nose, there are 3 main places where they can be placed. The two flaps of the nose can have one or more, but they can also be located between the two. This is known as the septum, and it is very particular. There are different ways in which they are made, and they can even have figurines in their outer areas.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage is that it beautifies the face, giving it a unique and attractive touch. It is a vehicle of communication between its users, who are usually young people. Thanks to this, it is generally assumed as a sign of identity, among others, within various urban tribes.

It is one of the easiest and least painful piercings to insert. It is one of those piercings whose wound regenerates most quickly. This allows its users to enjoy its presence without having to go through a lot of pain, as can happen when it is placed in another area of the body.

  • It is a relatively inexpensive product
  • It is less painful to wear than other piercings
  • They come in many shapes and styles for the wearer
  • It beautifies the face
  • They are not difficult to obtain
  • It can be uncomfortable to wear
  • Some piercings can fall out easily
  • Colouring must be done with great hygiene
  • It can get infected
  • It must be stainless

Nose piercing straight, half-ring or hoop - what to look out for?

There are 3 versions in which you can find this type of product. While it can be said, objectively, that none of them is better than the other, there are details that influence this point. It's not just about the style or design, but also whether it's painful to put on or if it falls off easily after you put it on. Choose the one that best suits you.

Straight nose piercing. This is the most popular and absolutely all piercing wearers will require this one first. It is the one that allows the skin to "adapt" to the article. Those who wish to get a different variant will need to wait a month with this one until it heals.

It must be said, out of responsibility, that the fitting of these articles is a trauma to the skin. They need to be constantly cared for, like any wound, so changing them can be dangerous, leading to infection.

Semi-aired nose piercing. These are very typical, being the most widely worn by people. Instead of having a definitive curvature, they have an opening in the middle of the ring. This gives greater aesthetics, as each end can end in a small ball, or in a cone.

Nose ring piercing. The circular ring is one of the most famous of all, and often many aspire to have this in the first place, which should not be done. It is also known for its cultural functions, as many societies include it as part of their religious or social dress, such as the Hindus.

There are versions that go so far as to be thematic, including numerous extra decorations. Examples of these are the ones with figures along the hoop, with shapes as varied as fires or animals.

Rectilinear Semi-linear Hoop
Themed Yes Yes No
Material Titanium, stainless steel Gold, titanium Gold, titanium
Long-lasting No Yes Yes

What is a septum nose piercing?

It is a piece of jewellery that is not placed in the flaps of the nose, but in the space between them. Basically any piece that can be used for another area of the body can be used like this. This is the more complex version of the way to install them, as it can be more painful and needs more care than other places.

The nostril area at the back of the nostrils is primarily based on cartilage. There are few nerve receptors in them and, in fact, the nose ring is one of the least painful rings for wearers. However, the space between one nostril and the other is composed of skin, has several nerves and is quite delicate.

All piercings cause wounds. As such, they deserve attention and dedication to healing. This, when done on an external area, such as the lips, ears or nostrils, is easy to do. But on inner spaces, such as the tongue, it is complicated. That is why it is recommended to use saline solution 3 times a day.

In cases like these, it is good to devote more attention to treatment, as the nose, like the inside of the mouth, is a place full of bacteria. It is proportionally more likely to become infected if it is this type of jewellery.

Septum style ones are more painful than others (Photo: sergio souza /

Purchasing criteria

When buying something, there are a series of details that can be overlooked because they are considered, a priori, unimportant. But these are points that add or subtract quality, especially if you consider them all together. When it comes to something that will last for a long time and involves an injury, such as a piercing, you can't make mistakes.

That's why we've put together a list of things you need to consider to make an effective purchase. Take into consideration all these aspects because it depends on them that you will be satisfied in the end. These are:


There are some that are made of a favourable tint and some that are not. This is closely related to the colour of the client's skin. There are some colourings that match well with some skin tones and others that match less well. This is important because this is the type of product that has the greatest variety of shades.

Silver or white. This is the most common of all. In fact, it is likely that when you think of a ring of this type, you remember it this way. Its universality is due to the fact that it is the easiest type to combine and the most used. It can look good on light, dark or tanned skin.

Black. It is not usually advisable to place one of this shade on the nose, as it generally looks bad. It is especially strident on white skin, where the contrast is more visible. However, this all depends on the wearer's taste.

Green, red or fuchsia. They add a unique personal stamp to the wearer. The only thing to pay attention to when talking about these specific shades is that they look right on the person. They are original and contribute to the youthfulness of the wearer.

Gold. Not all piercings made of this colour are made of gold, but it is quite true that whoever wears one of this style will generally be communicating that it is made of this material. They can be considered luxury and are clearly the most eye-catching of all.

Great care should be taken during placement (Photo: auremar /


An extremely fundamental thing when it comes to acquiring these jewels is that they fit well in the space they are placed in. And while this is the job of the wearer, there are other details to consider. The ones that are made in a rectilinear shape generally do not present this problem, but the ones with a ring or half-ring do.

This is because, depending on the size of the diameter from one end of the ring to the other, the ring will fit better or not on the nose. There are some that, by not considering this detail, are left with a piece too "outside", which is not aesthetically pleasing. There should not be a large gap between the radius of the ring or half-ring and the nostril.


In addition to the septum, which has a unique and different placement from others of the same type, there is another aspect that has to do with where it is placed for quality. While the size of the piece has a large influence on how well it fits, especially if it is a rim or the like, this is also influenced by where it is placed.

That is, if the hole in the ring is higher up, you may need a ring with a longer curvature. If it is lower, you may need one that is slightly smaller.


Another point that directly alludes to its quality and how well it fits someone is whether it is a special motif object. There are not an abundance of them, but many are. These are mostly visible on the upper dials, which sometimes have such detailed aspects as animal heads, skulls and so on.

This is only in the case of a more elaborate one. Others incorporate hearts, diamonds, figures and other ornaments. The style of the style is personal, but can add a unique stamp on the wearer. Choose the one that matches what you want to project.

Interior curvature

Those that are rectilinear tend to have a huge disadvantage that hoops or half-hoops do not have. This is none other than the fact that they droop too much. There are two ways in which a piercing can fall out, the first is for the ball to loosen, and the other is for it to come out completely, with its whole body, causing you a major injury.

So the manufacturers have devised an internal curvature that prevents the latter from happening. This is shaped like a hook and hooks inside. This makes it impossible for the entire body of the ring to come out of the ring, no matter how violently it moves.


The components with which they are made add to the quality and durability of the ring. That is why there are generally some that are made exclusively with more disposable materials. Those that are rectilinear are usually made with plastic or cheaper stuff.

Titanium. This is the most popular alloy. It is widespread because it is the most hypoallergenic of all, so it rarely causes negative reactions in the body. The worst that can happen is that it falls off or comes off by itself.

Gold. The most expensive material is also popular for the creation of body jewellery. There are several versions of this component. The first is the well-known yellow one, but there are also silver or white ones.

Plastic. It turns out to be the least recommended of all due to allergic reactions and poor durability. It is not very common as manufacturers have opted to move to titanium or other materials.

Stainless steel. It is quite popular. Its virtue is that it does not deteriorate with humidity, which is quite important when talking about piercings. On the other hand, it is more likely to cause allergic reactions or fall out.

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