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Hello and welcome to Monederosmart! A novel is the best companion for those lonely days, long journeys and above all moments where you want to sit for a while and transport yourself to captivating stories. We know you're interested in reading, so we took on the task of finding the best novels you can read.

Have you been recommended to read certain authors? Are you interested in getting into the world of reading and want to know where to start? Or maybe you've always wanted to read a novel, but just can't make up your mind. Don't worry, we'll guide you on your way to becoming a reader.

At Monederosmart we care about you being informed about the products you are interested in, so you can always count on a review to guide you. We also care that you are fully informed about the types and characteristics of the novel so that you can choose the best possible option according to your tastes and needs. Ready? then join us!

The most important thing

Novels are literary works that tell fictional stories and serve as a means of knowledge acquisition and recreation. The main advantage that novels give you is the stimulation of the mind.

There are many types of novels, the most prominent of which are: detective novels, realistic novels, romantic novels, and science fiction and fantasy novels. Knowing the genre will help you choose the best one for you.

It is important that you consider factors such as the authors, the year of publication of the novel, the relationship of the subject matter to your personal tastes and above all the reason why you are reading the novel.

The Best Novels: Our Picks

Now we are going to present you which are for us the best novels you are going to find. This ranking is based on user opinions and expert reviews and you will find a variety of options to suit the tastes of whoever is reading this review. Do you want to know what they are? Let's go to the first place.

Buying guide: What you need to know about novels

Buying a novel would seem to be an easy task, however, it often happens that when we buy it, we don't end up liking it. That is why it is essential to know what to expect from it and, above all, the advantages of reading it, as it will be your companion in those moments of solitude and introspection.

A novel can be read anywhere, from your living room to a garden. (Photo: Pexels /

What are novels and what are their advantages?

A novel is a literary work that tells a fictional story and develops the plot of characters that appear in that work. The novel is a type of literature of recreation and relaxation as most of them do not represent a great intellectual challenge making them light and digestible. The novel can be about anything.

Having such a free style of writing, the novel can deal with a myriad of themes, such as love, heartbreak, jealousy, madness, passion, impossible things, mystery, intrigue, social criticism, historical criticism and even the creation of fantastic worlds and terrifying futures. The window of themes is almost infinite.

The main advantage of the novel is that being a text that tells a story forces the mind to imagine the possible scenarios, faces, costumes and worlds in which the plot unfolds. It represents a great effort of imagination so the mind is highly stimulated. After that, a film falls short.

Another advantage of novels is that reading them is a very positive and healthy pastime. Healthy because it does not require physical effort and anyone can do it, and positive because in addition to stimulating the mind it improves oral and written expression, making the user communicate much better.

  • Diversity of topics
  • Stimulate the imagination
  • Improve spelling
  • Improve oral expression
  • Represent a healthy pastime
  • The price of some can be very high
  • People with eyestrain need glasses for reading

Types of novels - what should you pay attention to?

Within novels there are also different types and this is very important as it depends on the type of novel that the user will enjoy reading or not. The main types of novels you will find are crime novels, realistic novels, romantic novels and science fiction and fantasy novels. Below we explain each of them.

Crime. Crime novels, as the name says, develop mystery and crime stories where you try to discover the black thread of the different situations. It is a type of novel that advances quickly, leaving gaps in the story and then picks up and resolves the story in an expected or unexpected way.

Realistic. This type of novel develops plots that could happen to anyone and its great success is the ability to relate it to the reader's life. They are highly digestible and easy to understand novels, although this does not mean that there are very complex ones.

Romantic. Ah, love, the love that drives us crazy, that inspires us and that tears us apart. Well, just as it has surely happened to you, you will see that many characters in romantic novels suffer the same or worse things. If you are passionate about love you will enjoy this kind of reading, we are sure.

Science fiction and fantasy. Novels of this type are incredibly imaginative and will transport you to realities you never thought of dreaming of. People who like to let their imagination run wild and build realities will enjoy these novels a lot.

Crime novel Realistic novel Romance novel Science fiction and fantasy novel
Scenarios Crime and suspense Everyday life Love and heartbreak Imaginary worlds and technological futures
Target audience Young adult and adult Adult Teenagers and adults Teenagers, young adult and adult
Type of story Mystery and mystery Material and relatable Focus on few characters Criticism of possible future and imaginary realities

Which is better, the novel or the film?

The million dollar question If I've already seen the movie, do I have to read the novel? Our recommendation is yes and yes. Why? For two main reasons, firstly for the veracity of the facts and the originality of the story and secondly for the access to detail and time that can be invested in a book.

Factual accuracy and originality of the story. Basically, in films, the originality of the events narrated in the book is lost, why? Because the book almost always comes first and this means that it has more facts. Also, the film has a time limit while the book does not.

Details and time to read. Speaking of time, reading a book can take you weeks and if you go at a slow but steady pace you will be able to appreciate details that, no matter how much you want to, will never be possible in a movie. This is why we say that if you have the opportunity to read the novel before or after the film, do it.

Novels are the perfect companion for trips or times when you are alone. (Photo: Ivan Kruk /

Buying criteria

We will now tell you what factors you should consider when buying your novel so that you can compare and rate the various types that exist. Take note of this information as it can make the difference between being satisfied or dissatisfied with your purchase.

  • Authors
  • Year of creation/publication
  • Relationship theme-personal taste
  • Size of the novel
  • Purpose/Objective of reading

Genres, tastes and personal preferences

A very important factor is the author who writes the novel you are interested in because each author has a style and a way of writing. There are times when we fall in love with an author and other times when, no matter how much we want to, we can't move forward as we wanted to. Within these we can make a clear division:

Classical authors. These are the authors who wrote in past centuries and who had a resounding success both in their time alive and after their death. Among the most outstanding classics we can mention Gabriel García Márquez, Julio Cortázar, Ray Bradbury, JRR Toklien and the list could go on for longer than we want.

Contemporary authors. These are the most recent authors and most of them are alive or have recently published. These authors tend to have a much fresher and updated style, and sometimes the writing style is easier to understand than with the so-called classics.

Either way, the aim is to approach literature and understand the contexts in which each author wrote their books. We also recommend that you try to read more than one book per author so that you can distinguish the styles.

The number of authors is almost equal to the number of novels written. (Photo: Marisa_Sias/

Year written, published and edited

An extremely important point you need to consider when buying a novel is the year it was written, published and edited. Why? Because over time words and expressions change, and that is reflected in these.

18th and 19th century. Novels written in the 18th and 19th centuries tend to be much more complex than today's novels because of the way they are written. However, they also have a positive point: they generate a certain interest in knowing how people expressed themselves in the past.

20th century. Novels from 1900 to 2000 also have their charm and much of the literature we read today comes from this century. The style of writing is much more contemporary, although you will also find some novels with complex grammatical forms.

21st century. There is not much difference between the grammatical forms of the novels of the second half of the 20th century and those of this century. So if you want to give the new generation of writers a chance, it will be an experience that will bring you good results.

Novels can be complex or simple, it all depends on what you want to read. (Photo: Weerapat Wattanapichayakul/

Theme-taste relationship

Let's be brief, there is no point in buying a novel if you don't like the theme it develops. For example, if you are a romantic and passionate about love and you are given a horror novel, although you might enjoy it, it will most likely not be your favourite.

We also recommend that if you want to look for new types of novels, check out the authors and if you already know or have read one, the novel may be what you are looking for. In the end, there is nothing like a good research of the novel before making a purchase.

Size of the novel

Another factor you need to consider is the size or length of the novel you are going to read. There are all kinds of lengths from novels that are 80 pages long, to novels that are 1600 pages long. Make sure you know the length of your novel before you start it.

If you are new to reading, we strongly recommend that you start with short novels, from 80 to 200 pages, as you will not get bored of reading. If you are already an expert reader, we challenge you to read a very long book and let us know how it went.

Purpose of reading

We all read for a reason and it is important to keep in mind why we are reading. What do we want to achieve? What do we expect from our novel? And above all, why am I reading it? This will help us to digest our reading better.

Inspect how you feel, what you hope to learn or reflect from the novel, and above all be on the lookout for surprises. In the end, reading a book is a beautiful journey and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Now you know, the next time you are about to buy a novel remember to check out this review to guide you and help you choose the option that suits you best. We hope you can soon be enjoying this wonderful adventure that is reading. See you next time!

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