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Balloons are synonymous with celebration and joy, and even more so if these decorative objects are in the shape of numbers, as they will represent certain important dates in our lives, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, weddings, etc.

These balloons, normally made of metallic polyamide, can come in different variants of designs, sizes, colours and formats, adapted to different uses and styles. This makes these ornamental elements extremely versatile and original.

Throughout this article, we will talk about the most important characteristics of this product so that you can get to know its main features. We will also tell you which are the best-rated and best-selling models of number balloons on the internet, how much they cost, and in which shops you can buy them.

The most important

  • Number balloons are decorative objects with a numerical shape (as the name suggests), which are used to represent certain dates for birthday parties, baptisms, anniversaries, weddings, events, etc.
  • There are different variants and styles of number balloons, among which elegant, modern and children's models stand out. These varieties differ from each other mainly by their colours, drawings, formats and utilities, among other aspects.
  • It is important that when selecting the balloon numbers for your celebration you take into account some important factors, such as their sizes, materials and complementary accessories, among other important points.

The Best Number Balloons: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about number balloons

The main purpose of this buying guide is to inform you about the product you are interested in buying. Therefore, we will tell you about the most important features of number balloons, including their advantages and those aspects that are not so beneficial.

Number balloons are extremely festive and ornamental. (Photo: primagefactory/

What are number balloons and what are their advantages?

Number balloons are decorative objects with numerical shapes that represent specific dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, end of the year, etc. These balloons are characterised by being extremely festive, glamorous, bright and original.

Number balloons can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours to suit different events and styles. These cheerful ornamental elements enhance any party, making them an indispensable part of modern celebrations.

Among their many advantages, number balloons are made of polyamide, which is a very resistant and durable material that allows these balloons to remain intact for a long time (especially if they are inflated with helium). This raw material is also very colourful and eye-catching, thanks to its metallic colours.

  • They are cheerful and festive
  • they adapt to different celebrations and styles
  • they are highly decorative
  • they last a long time inflatedorange
  • They are much more expensive than classic latex balloons
  • they take a very long time to biodegrade
  • they can be electrically conductive

Stylish, trendy or childish number balloons - what to look out for?

Number balloons are extremely versatile and adaptable, as they can be adapted to different uses and styles. Here are some of the varieties of these decorative objects so that you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

Elegant number balloons. Number balloons are characterised and stand out for their bright and striking colours, which are usually gold or silver. These metallic tones give these decorative elements a lot of glamour, without losing elegance and delicacy.

Modern number balloons . Modern number balloons are usually used for more relaxed, minimalist or avant-garde parties. Black is a very popular colour nowadays for festive gatherings, although there are also highly innovative personalised designs.

Children's balloon numbers. These balloons are characterised by having a numerical format integrated to a child figure, which can be an animal (commonly), an object or a famous character from children's series or films. These balloons can also be plain, but always with bright and intense colours.

Elegant Modern Children's
Uses Birthdays, anniversaries, end of year, weddings, events, etc. Birthdays, various parties Children's birthdays, baptisms
Colours or prints Golden, silver, pearl, etc.Black, mainly With children's drawings, or plain but very colourful
Texture Smooth, soft Smooth, soft Smooth, soft, embossed
Format Rounded, elongated Rounded, elongated, square Irregular

How to inflate the number balloons?

As mentioned in the buying guide, number balloons are usually made of polyamide, which is a type of metallised plastic that gives rigidity and shine to these festive objects, as well as making them stronger and more durable than traditional latex balloons.

Polyamide (or foil) number balloons can be inflated perfectly well with air, but ideally with helium, which is a naturally occurring gas that allows the balloon to remain intact longer, without deflating, and to stay afloat.

Do you need complementary accessories?

When buying balloon numbers, you should keep in mind that it is often necessary to buy complementary accessories to make these decorative objects look perfect. Below, we will mention some of these elements.

Rods. This is the characteristic grip system of foil balloons, especially the smaller ones. The rods can be very useful, for example, if you want to place the number balloons as centrepieces at a party, as they will allow you to keep them upright, eye-catching and elegant.

Ribbons. Ribbons give you the option to adapt the number balloons to any kind of decoration. They can come in different sizes, textures and colours, and allow you to tie them in the shape of a bouquet, combine them with other accessories, etc.

Weights. As we all know, balloons tend to rise, especially if they are inflated with helium; that's why weights can be a very practical alternative, and above all highly decorative, to keep them in place (without them flying up to the ceiling, where they will be stuck).

In addition to their functionality, the weights are perfect to accompany the decoration of the party, since they come in a variety of colours, sizes, designs and adaptive formats, extremely beautiful and ornamental. Besides, you can find different price options, according to your budget.

Inflator. This complementary accessory is essential to inflate the number balloons, especially if there are many of them or if they are large in size. In the market you can find different variants of inflators, such as manual, electric, light, heavy, big, small, etc.

Helium pump. Helium pumps or cylinders are designed to contain this natural gas, and they can be reusable or disposable, large or small, etc. It is important that before buying this accessory you get advice about the size you need according to the use you will give to it.

Balloon numbers are very versatile, as they can be adapted to different events and styles. (Photo: Ekaterina Demidova /

Buying criteria

In this last section we will discuss the most important factors to consider when buying balloon numbers. This information will allow you to select the most suitable model for your party, depending on your style and needs.


Number balloons differ from conventional balloons mainly because of their materials, since traditional models are made of latex and number balloons are made of polyamide. Below, we will tell you the most important particularities of this raw material.

Polyamide. Polyamide balloons (also called foil balloons) are characterised by their metallic and shiny appearance, their smooth texture and their long life. For example, a latex balloon can last between 12 and 30 hours inflated with helium, and a polyamide balloon can last more than 5 days floating and up to two years inflated!

Number balloons are made of a thin layer of polyamide or foil (usually metallised), which is cut according to the shape you want to give it. Two equal parts are then joined together and the edges are heat-sealed, leaving a valve for air (or helium) to inflate the balloon.

Most number balloons are made of polyamide, a very eye-catching, strong and durable plastic. (Photo: Anna Bizon/


Number balloons come in a variety of sizes to suit every use and need. Below, we will detail the standard sizes that you will find in the market so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

30 cm. This size of number balloons, which can vary between 25 and 49 cm, is the smallest, and is generally used to decorate the tables at different events. In many cases they are combined with other balloon materials, or with different complementary accessories (ribbons, flowers, etc.)

40 cm. This size of number balloons, which can range from 40 to 49 cm, is the most versatile and used, since these ornamental objects are not small but not gigantic either, so they can be perfectly adapted to all kinds of decorations and spaces.

100 cm. These are the extra large number balloons (you can also find an earlier alternative size of approximately 80 cm). They are ideal for large parties and events where you want to highlight a specific number in a clear and forceful way (number of birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

There are large number balloons that are very eye-catching and decorative. (Photo: Ekaterina Demidova/

Personalised number balloons

Among the different variants of number balloons, you can also choose the option to personalise them on request. This alternative is very useful when you need a specific design that you can't get on the market, like the examples below:

Printed number balloons. These number balloons are made with colours, prints and designs made to order. They are widely used, for example, for surprise parties where the theme is based on the honoree, or for decorations where you want to create a novel and personal impression.

Personalised number balloons are also widely used as gifts for anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc., accompanied by another complementary gift. They are also used as souvenirs for weddings, baptisms and birthdays, among other types of celebrations.

Number balloons with specific formats. These balloons keep the number format, but specific shapes of objects, animals, etc. are integrated into them. These models are widely used for children's parties, but they can be adapted to different events with personalised formats depending on the chosen theme.

Luminous balloons. LED light balloons are original and look beautiful as decorative accessories for any type of party or event. Although you can get them on the market, you also have the option of customising them with the colours of lights that you like the most. They are ideal for children's parties, as they are very eye-catching.


Balloon numbers are undoubtedly excellent, but certain precautions must be taken regarding their components and ways of use to avoid side effects. Below, we will mention certain factors that you should take into account when using this type of balloons.

Plastic. We have often mentioned that plastic can contain components that are highly toxic to health. Although it has not been proven that polyamide (with which these balloons are made) is toxic for people, it can be said that it is very counterproductive for the environment.

Unlike latex, polyamide takes a very long time to biodegrade, making it highly harmful to the ecosystem. In terms of direct human care, the priority is that the number balloons do not contain plastics such as PVC, PET and polystyrene, as these are highly toxic to health.

Electricity. Polyamide balloons can often be electrically conductive, so it is important to prevent them from escaping in open spaces, especially if they are tied in pairs or groups. Some countries even have laws that require balloons to be used individually tied.

Helium. Helium itself is not harmful; in fact it is one of the least reactive natural gases. However, when inhaled it can cause disturbances in the body

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