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Welcome to this new installment! Motherhood is a beautiful stage that many women are fortunate enough to experience. If you are one of them or are about to enter it, you surely want to know all about the products that will help you get through it in a more friendly way. In this article we will tell you about nursing bras.

This wonderful garment will be your best ally during the time you decide or want to breastfeed your baby. To make this possible you need to know some details that will make it functional and comfortable.


  • Nursing bras are a variation of the conventional bra with an opening system that makes it easier to expose the breast to feed the baby. This system avoids having to completely remove the garment.
  • There are two types of systems in nursing bras that allow you to fasten and unfasten the bra so you can comfortably feed your baby. One is a snap fastener and the other is a button fastener.
  • To choose the bra that suits you best, that gives you security and that fits your lifestyle and activities you need to consider a few factors. These are bra, support and size. During this period it is very important that you and your baby feel comfortable.

The Best Nursing Bra: Our Picks

Buying guide

For those moments when you want everything to be perfect, we want to guide you in choosing the best nursing bras for you. It's amazing how a few details make all the difference and that's why we've put together all the information you need to know, and we're sure you'll find this article very useful!

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What is a nursing bra and what are its advantages?

Nursing bras are a variation of conventional bras, as they have a system that allows you to easily remove or expose your breasts. In this way it is not necessary to unfasten and/or completely remove the bra to breastfeed.

Due to its design, although it may vary depending on the brand and model, it is also intended to prevent the garment from getting milk stains while you are breastfeeding. It is very common for this to happen, but with the right bra your chances are reduced. Because of the extra weight and size of the breasts, most nursing bras provide extra support for the back. They have thicker straps and side bands, as well as more adjustability and flexibility.

  • Make breastfeeding easier
  • Easy to use
  • Provide breast and back support
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Easy to find
  • Can be expensive
  • Investment for little use
  • Very large sizes can be difficult to find
  • Minimum of 3 pieces required

Nursing bra with clasp or button - what to look out for?

To make nursing bras functional, there are two types of systems with which you can uncover the breast. Both are designed to be practical, but it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best. We explain what they are:

  • With clasp system. This is the one that most bra models have. It consists of a hook, located at the junction of the strap with the cup, and a clip at the top of the cup. It is very easy to fasten and unfasten with one hand and it is very safe, because of the weight of the breast it cannot be unfastened by itself. With this method the breasts are uncovered from top to bottom. It is a very comfortable system although it is likely that when feeding the baby, if the milk leaks out, it will stain the bra. If the bra is made of fabric it is easier to place it under the breast, if it is a cup bra it is a little more complicated as it is thicker and less flexible.
  • With a button system. This consists of a button at the junction of the cup, at the bottom between the two breasts, with the support band under the breasts. One of its advantages is that the breast is uncovered from the side, i.e. the cup opens towards the arms. They are less likely to become soiled during feeding. On the other hand, the button must be a press stud so that it does not open accidentally, so it can be a bit tricky to fasten and unfasten with one hand.
Snap system Button system
Ease of opening and closing Very easy to open and close with one hand Easy to open with one hand, uncomplicated to close with one hand
Support Good. The cup is usually triangular in shape so it adapts to the shape of the breast Good. The cup is usually more rounded and helps to lift the breasts.
Risk of staining High. Cup sits below the breast Low. Cup sits to the side of the breast

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different nursing bra styles

If choosing a bra is not an easy task for many women, it can become even more complicated during maternity. We want to help you and that's why we have listed below a series of factors that you should consider when choosing a bra. If you follow each step we assure you that you will know how to make the right choice!

  • Bra
  • Support
  • Size


Breastfeeding is one of the most treasured moments for all mums because of the special connection with the baby. That's why it's important that the mother feels comfortable and secure. There are two types of support in nursing bras

Without clasps. This type of top resembles a sports bra and is much wider than a normal bra. If this is what you are looking for, make sure the fabric is thick so that you have support and they don't get watery quickly. You should also consider that they are not suitable for all types of clothing, especially low-cut clothing.

With snaps. The clasps make it easier to put the nursing bras on and also help to make them a little more aesthetic. The difference is that they usually have more rows of clasps that allow you to adjust them more easily and comfortably. We recommend them if you plan to wear formal wear.


Every woman's breast size is very different, as are her needs and lifestyle. For this reason there are different support options on the market and you will surely find the one that best suits you and gives you comfort and security.

  • No rods or arches. You may be looking for comfort above all else at this stage. If so, underwire-free bras are the best option. Underwires can be uncomfortable if you wear a bra all day. These bras are recommended for people with small to medium breasts.
  • Underwires or bows. The function of the underwire in the bra is to support the weight of the breasts underneath. If you have medium or large breasts they are a good option. You can find bras with underwires with or without cups.
  • Cross back. In addition to maternity bras having wider side bands you can choose the option of cross back straps. These will increase support and help to better distribute the weight of the breasts across the back. We recommend that you consider this if your breasts are very large.
  • Cupped. The cup helps to give a rounded shape to the breasts and also because of their hardness they are also a good load bearing support. It is common for bras with cups to have underwires, the perfect set for breasts that fit snugly in place. If you have small or medium sized breasts, we recommend using a cup to look and feel good. They also help to avoid transparency.


During pregnancy your breasts start to grow because your body is preparing to feed your baby. Once the baby is born, the milk level decreases and the size of the breasts increases even more. This is why we recommend that you look for this type of bra in your last trimester of pregnancy. You should take the following into account.

  • Torso. Due to the excess of fluids, the body swells during this period, and the weight normally increases between 9 and 12 kg. It is therefore common for the torso size to increase by at least one size. For example, if you are normally a size 34, a size 36 will fit you better. We recommend that in addition to choosing a larger size than you normally wear, you should make sure that the bra has 3 or more rows of clasps. You will probably gradually regain your weight and will need more and more adjustment, and bras tend to get a little bigger with use.
  • Cup. The cup is the thing that can vary the most between pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some women go up to 3 cup sizes. It is important that the cup almost completely covers your breasts, so as well as providing support, you will avoid the formation of fat on the upper part. If you consider that the cup does not fit you well because it is too small and it is the largest size they handle, we recommend you look for a larger torso size with the same cup. For some reason in larger sizes the cups are also usually larger, even though they are the same size.

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