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Photography is like painting with light. To capture the most beautiful moments and moods, you need the right camera. With an Olympus camera, you will succeed in taking excellent pictures, regardless of whether you are a beginner or already a photography professional.

Even for more unusual projects, Olympus cameras are a good choice. For example, the manufacturer also offers accessories for underwater photography. With our Olympus camera test 2022 we would like to give you an overview of the Olympus camera range.

Whether you ultimately choose an Olympus OM-D, PEN or Tough camera depends on your personal preferences and plans. Based on the purchase criteria, you can compare and evaluate the Olympus cameras and hopefully make the right decision for you.


  • Olympus cameras are characterised by their high quality and come with a 24-month warranty. The lightweight and compact cameras have powerful image stabilisation as well as excellent optical performance.
  • There are three different types of cameras from Olympus, the Olympus camera OM-D, PEN and Tough. Among them are camera models that are suitable for both beginners and professional photographers.
  • You can buy various accessories for your Olympus camera, some of which are also very stylish. Olympus combines photography with fashion. There are also accessories for underwater photography.

The best Olympus Camera: Our Picks

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate Olympus cameras

To help you decide which Olympus camera is right for you, you can use the following buying criteria as a guide. You can use these to compare and evaluate Olympus cameras:

In the following sections, we explain what exactly matters in the individual criteria.

Technical aspects and equipment

When it comes to camera equipment, there are a few points and helpful information to consider. With Olympus system cameras, a lens is usually included in the scope of delivery. If necessary, you can buy additional (more powerful) lenses later and then simply exchange them.

When it comes to the aperture of the lens, the larger the aperture, the more depth of field can be achieved. A greater depth of field creates a more beautiful bokeh effect.

What does bokeh actually mean?

In photography, bokeh (Japanese for blurred) describes the quality of out-of-focus areas in the photo. This effect makes portraits, for example, look particularly beautiful, as the slight blur in the background does not distract from the main subject.

In addition, almost all Olympus cameras now have a touchscreen, some of which can also be swivelled. If you want to take unique night shots, make sure that the Olympus camera of your choice has the Live Bulb, Live Time or Live Composite function for best results. All OM-D cameras and some models in the PEN series are equipped with these features.

Olympus Kamera-3

Thanks to the Live Bulb, Live Time or Live Composite function, Olympus cameras enable you to take high-quality night shots.
(Image source: / Victor Grabarczyk)

Almost all Olympus cameras are now RAW-capable. This aspect is useful because if you take your pictures in RAW format, you can edit them afterwards on your PC without losing the image.

If you want to connect a microphone or a more powerful flash unit to the camera, make sure that your Olympus system camera has an accessory shoe. Ultimately, all Olympus cameras have good features and modern technologies. You can always read about the subtle individual differences in detail on the Olympus website under the respective products.


Good connectivity is an important factor in a camera, because you want to be able to easily transfer your images to your laptop or mobile phone to share them with others. Olympus therefore has the OI.Share app (Olympus Image Share), which makes it easy for you to share your images with others.

If you want to use the app, make sure that the Olympus camera of your choice is compatible with it. Otherwise, most Olympus cameras have a Bluetooth and WiFi function. You can also connect to other devices, such as a PC or TV, via an HDMI or USB cable.


When deciding on the right Olympus camera, it naturally depends on what you intend to do with it and what you want to use it for. The Tough cameras in particular are made for the extreme. You can take pictures with any camera, but no camera is perfect for everything. In the following table you can read about which Olympus model is particularly suitable for which purpose.

Olympus camera Type primary suitability
Olympus camera OM-D all-round camera, suitable for almost any terrain
Olympus camera PEN various motifs such as detail photos or portraits, camera as fashion accessory perfect for bloggers
Olympus camera Tough photography under extreme conditions, underwater photography, sports, action etc.

Depending on what you intend to do, you should think about whether your Olympus camera should be weatherproof or whether this aspect is not so relevant to your plans.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying an Olympus camera

Finding the right camera is not easy. If you are thinking about buying an Olympus camera, we would like to give you some important information and tips in this guide and hope to make your decision easier.

What distinguishes Olympus cameras from other manufacturers?

The Japanese company Olympus has existed for many years and can therefore show a lot of experience in camera production. Olympus guarantees its high quality and is always looking for innovative solutions that further optimise photography with Olympus cameras.

Olympus camera lenses are equipped with specially developed lenses ("Micro-Four-Third"). These camera lenses can capture a lot of light and make the Olympus cameras something special. The cameras are characterised above all by their powerful image stabilisers and first-class optical performance.

In addition, Olympus cameras are small and compact. Even with the system cameras, you don't have to deal with bulky devices and can live out your creative freedom.

Olympus Kamera-1

Olympus strives to develop new technologies for cameras so that photographers can work in a higher quality and more productive way.
(Image source: / Goh Rhy Yan)

Olympus continues to specialise in making cameras look good in addition to high-end technical quality. This appeals especially to feminine customers. For example, Olympus offers camera bags and straps that not only protect the equipment, but can also pass as fashion accessories. The high quality combined with the practical aspect and at the same time beautiful design make Olympus cameras a fully rounded product. Last but not least, Olympus is also there for its customers after the purchase with its comprehensive service.

Who is an Olympus camera suitable for?

The manufacturer Olympus has various system cameras, but also compact cameras in its range. Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, you can find the right camera for you at Olympus. The smaller compact cameras are particularly robust and are especially suitable for photography beginners. The system cameras from Olympus are designed more for people with advanced photography skills. You can change the lens if necessary. In addition, the cameras have many functions, so prior knowledge of how to use them is definitely an advantage.

Olympus Kamera-2

Olympus cameras are also popular among bloggers and influencers. Many use them for their Instagram photos or their blog.
(Image source: / Rosie Kerr)

What price range are Olympus cameras in?

Olympus cameras range in price from around 400 euros to 2900 euros.
Olympus camera models price range
Entry-level models approx. 400 euros to 1400 euros
Professional models approx. 1400 euros to 2900 euros

Since Olympus works a lot with influencers, there are often discount codes and promotions on Instagram, for example, with which you can save a few percent on your camera purchase. It's also worth looking for used Olympus cameras on Ebay Classifieds to get a better price.

Where can I buy Olympus cameras?

You can buy Olympus cameras in any conventional electronics store. You can also buy Olympus cameras from various online shops. For example, you can have your new camera sent to your home via Amazon or Olympus' own online shop.

It also doesn't hurt to take a look at the Ebay Classifieds page if you want to save money and are specifically looking for a used Olympus camera.

Did you know that you can also rent an Olympus camera? Online you can find offers where you can rent or borrow an Olympus camera or just another Olympus lens.

What accessories can I buy for my Olympus camera?

Olympus offers its customers a wide range of camera accessories. The following list gives you an overview of the accessories you can buy for your Olympus camera:

  • Bags and straps
  • Accessories for power supply
  • Cables and adapters
  • Underwater accessories
  • Flash systems
  • Accessory Connectors
  • Fashion accessories

Olympus combines photography and fashion. For example, in addition to conventional camera bags, specially designed fashionable bags are also available for your camera. Functionality and fashion are combined.

Olympus also offers camera accessories for underwater photography.

It is also possible to take underwater photos with Olympus cameras. The manufacturer offers special underwater accessories that help you take great pictures that look like they come from another world. You can also find all kinds of conventional camera accessories in the Olympus shop.

What are the alternatives to Olympus cameras?

Besides Olympus, there are of course many other companies that produce cameras. These include the well-known brands Sony, Nikon, Canon and Panasonic. If you do not find what you are looking for in the Olympus camera range, e.g. because you are specifically looking for an SLR camera that Olympus does not offer, you could also look at one of the manufacturers mentioned.

Decision: What types of Olympus cameras are there and which is the right one for you?

The manufacturer Olympus has three different camera categories in its range. These are as follows:

  • Olympus Camera OM-D
  • Olympus PEN Camera
  • Olympus Camera Tough

In the following sections we will introduce you to these three types in more detail. We will explain what each Olympus camera series is about so that you can find the right Olympus camera for you.

What are the Olympus OM-D cameras and what are their features?

The Olympus OM-D series cameras are powerful camera models with all the advanced features you need. The OM-D cameras from Olympus fit well in the hand due to their compact design, are lighter than average cameras of this type and are also robust.

These cameras are considered dust-proof and frost-proof.

Above all, they are characterised by excellent image stabilisers, which makes photography easier, especially for beginners. Professionals also get the equipment they need. The OM-D cameras from Olympus combine the latest technologies. Among other things, the fast autofocus system ensures sharp images at all times. You achieve top image quality with these camera models and they are suitable for almost all areas of application.

Another positive feature are the more than 40 interchangeable lenses that fit an OM-D camera. These include wide-angle, telephoto, macro and fisheye lenses.

What are the Olympus PEN cameras and what distinguishes them?

The Olympus cameras of the PEN series are first of all characterised by their beautiful optics. They combine timeless design and aesthetics with the latest technologies. Thanks to the numerous features, there are no limits to your creativity. For example, there are Art Filters integrated into the camera. There are also fashionable accessories to match the cameras.

This is why the PEN cameras are particularly popular with the blogger lifestyle. However, the Olympus PEN cameras are not only visually very appealing. They have a high-quality finish and are well equipped.

A swivelling touch display optimises photography. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity ensure problem-free image transfer. In addition, the PEN cameras are compact and are considered intuitive to operate. With a PEN generation camera, you get excellent image quality, even at night. When you set the auto focus, the camera itself selects the appropriate shooting mode based on the subject. You can also change lenses on PEN cameras.

There is a wide range of compatible lenses. This allows you to perfectly capture a wide variety of subjects, such as detailed images or portraits. High-quality video recordings are also no problem, because Olympus PEN cameras have a 4K video format in addition to the integrated image stabilisers.

What are Olympus cameras Tough and what distinguishes these cameras?

The name of the Tough series already gives a lot away here. The Tough cameras from Olympus are extremely robust and are suitable for any adventure, whether you want to shoot underwater photos, climb mountains or travel through the desert. Tough cameras are designed for the extreme. That's why they're frost-resistant, waterproof and dustproof, as well as shockproof and shatterproof.

Nevertheless, they have the modern technologies and features, just like the other camera series from Olympus. The cameras are very powerful and deliver excellent image and video quality. The shooting locations can be tracked via GPS and the images can be transferred or shared effortlessly thanks to Olympus Image Share.

There's also Microscope mode, which allows you to capture even the smallest subjects in great detail.

Regardless of the series, you'll always get great image quality and features with an Olympus camera. If you're looking for an all-rounder Olympus model, consider an OM-D series camera.

If you're looking for a powerful camera that doubles as a fashion accessory, a PEN camera is for you. The Tough models are for you if you love action and want to take extreme photos.

Facts worth knowing about Olympus cameras

In this section we give you more general information about Olympus cameras. We'll also answer any questions you might have after buying your Olympus camera.

Where are Olympus cameras made?

Olympus is a Japanese company. Olympus has spread the production of its cameras over several Asian countries in order to benefit from the respective strengths of the individual production sites. The factory in China, for example, produces parts that require special or complex technologies. These include, for example, the lenses and other technical components. The assembly of the cameras, on the other hand, is partly done in the factory in Vietnam.

How can I connect my Olympus camera to my smartphone or PC?

Your smartphone and Olympus camera can be connected via WiFi. You can easily transfer the images from the camera to your mobile phone via the WiFi connection. To do this, you need the app called OI.Share, which you can install on your smartphone free of charge. If you want to transfer your photos from the Olympus camera to a PC or laptop, you can simply connect the camera to the respective device via a USB cable. This way you can easily transfer the pictures, regardless of whether your PC or laptop is designed for Windows or Mac.

How can I reset my Olympus camera to factory settings?

If your Olympus camera has been completely adjusted for some reason, it is more effective to start from scratch and make your personal settings again step by step. In this case, it makes sense to first reset a technical device like your camera to its factory settings. You can watch the following video and follow it step by step to find out how 'resetting the camera to factory settings' works at Olympus.

What guarantee does Olympus give me on my camera and can I have it repaired?

Olympus gives you a 24-month warranty on your camera. The manufacturer also offers a three-year extension option for the Olympus OM-D cameras. So if you own an OM-D camera, you can register your product within the regular warranty period and benefit from the warranty for three more years.

Olympus cameras have a 24-month warranty period during which you can have your camera repaired free of charge.

If you are still within the Olympus warranty period, you can have your camera repaired by the manufacturer. You must first register your camera online for the repair service. Then you can simply send in the camera free of charge.

Your Olympus camera will then either be repaired or replaced. Another option is to take the Olympus camera to the retailer where you bought it or to an Olympus service centre. It is important that you always keep your original invoice or proof of purchase so that you can prove that your Olympus camera is still within the warranty period. You will also need the warranty certificate. Please also note that the Olympus warranty is only valid if your camera has not been damaged through your own fault, improper use or force majeure.

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