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Hello, welcome! Your presence is always good news here. Today we're going to talk about a very simple item, but it makes all the difference in room organization: the organizer box.

Despite not being highly valued, the organizer box is a necessary presence in offices, children's rooms, TV rooms and many other spaces.

If you are facing moments of disorder at home, and still haven't found the ideal way to put everything in place, we suggest you read our guide and discover all the advantages of this product. Let's go?


  • Organizer boxes are great choices for storing documents and other objects such as accessories, toys and cosmetics.
  • They may or may not have lids, and this choice should be made according to the purpose it will have.
  • Organizer boxes can be made of different types of materials, such as canvas, fabric, plastic, wood and acrylic.

The best Organizer Box: Our Picks

Buying guide

Now that we've presented you with some good options for organiser boxes, let's move on to our buying guide, a section where we'll point out all the product's features and advantages. After all, our aim here is not to leave you in any doubt!

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There are organizer boxes in different shapes, materials and sizes. (Source: Iakov Filimonov / 123RF)

What is an organizer box?

As the name implies, an organizer box is nothing more than a box, which can be large or small, used to store objects, toys, documents, makeup, papers or any other items.

It can be manufactured in different materials such as cardboard, plastic, wood and canvas, and its main goal is to keep an environment in order.

What are the advantages of the organiser box?

As you are obviously already wondering, the main advantage of the organizer box is that it keeps the organization always up to date.

By using it, you avoid leaving your documents and objects scattered around the room, and keep them in one place, also ensuring easy access to them.

Moreover, if your box has a differentiated and beautiful design, it can end up composing the decoration of the environment, which is not a bad idea, right?

Organizer boxes are practical, light, easily adaptable in places and may or may not be visible. They are a great choice to keep a space in order, without running the risk of losing items considered important.

Where and how can I use my organizer box?

An interesting advantage of the organizer boxes is that they are super versatile and allow you to use them in different environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices and even bathrooms.

In bedrooms, for example, you can make use of these boxes to store personal items such as accessories or underwear. If you have children at home, the organizer boxes are a great way to store their toys.

In the case of offices, they are good allies to keep documents, papers and books in order, ensuring that you don't lose any of them.

In bathrooms, it can be interesting to store makeup, cosmetics and toiletries inside the organizer boxes.

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Organizer boxes can be useful in different environments such as bedroom, living room, office and bathroom. (Source: anikasalsera / 123RF)

Organizer box with or without lid?

The practicality of an organizer box is essential in any environment, which is why it is important that you choose the model that best meets your needs.

Although it is a product without many differences between one model and another, know that there are two types: the boxes with lid and the boxes without lid.

The model with a lid is interesting for not leaving anything exposed, and is a good choice for bedrooms and environments where the box will be part of the decoration.

The box with a lid is more practical, as it allows you quick access to the objects being stored.

It is very suitable for offices, in the case of storage of objects that are removed from the box all the time, such as sketching sheets or everyday documents.

Regarding functionality, both are equal, since they deliver what they promise and help maintain organization.

Box with lid Box without lid
Decoration Contributes to the decoration of the environment because it does not leave items on display Leaves items on display and does not usually contribute to the decoration
Practicality Practical Very practical
Where to use Rooms, living rooms and places where it will be part of the decoration Places with large flow of removal of objects or documents, such as offices
Price Low Low

Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Organizer Boxes Models

The organiser box is a simple product, we know. But that doesn't mean you should make an impractical purchase.

Below, we have selected some points that should be observed when choosing the best organizer for your home.

Now, we'll explain each one of them better.


There are organiser boxes in different sizes, and the size of yours will depend on how many objects you need to keep inside.

For example, if you're looking for a box for documents, opt for options larger than an A4 sheet, but if you only intend to keep jewellery, smaller boxes should suffice.

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Using organizer boxes is a way of always leaving the environment in order. (Source: Victor Zissou / Pexels)


Regarding the material, your choice must be meticulous. There are cardboard, plastic, canvas, wood and several other materials.

We suggest you prefer the more resistant and firm models, such as wood, acrylic and more durable plastics.

Boxes made of fabric or cardboard, for example, are fragile and have low durability, besides not being the most beautiful options.


Some organizer boxes have handles or straps on the sides, which makes it much easier to carry and adds an extra charm to the item. Therefore, if possible, prefer these models.


Organizers can have different designs. They may be printed, plain, colored, or even textured. What matters is that you choose models that match the environment where they will be housed and that please you visually.

(Source of the highlighted image: Free-Photos / Pixabay)