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Are you looking for a cosy and absolutely stylish seating option for your garden? Normal and plain garden furniture like armchairs and loungers are not your thing? Then how about a cool outdoor beanbag? This seating option not only looks cool, but is also super comfortable.

If we have piqued your interest, you should definitely read our outdoor beanbag test 2022. We will introduce you to different beanbag models and their advantages and disadvantages. With the help of this guide, your purchase decision should be particularly easy.


  • Outdoor beanbags are a modern, ergonomic and super comfortable alternative to patio or garden furniture that invite you to linger and can easily be taken indoors.
  • With beanbags, you can choose from a variety of colours and shapes to find your perfect outdoor accessory.
  • The presented outdoor beanbags are made of high quality and therefore have a long life span. If something does break, there is also the option of replacing the cover or the filling material individually.

The best outdoor beanbag: Our picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before you buy an outdoor beanbag

What are the characteristics of an outdoor beanbag?

The outdoor beanbag is a beanbag with a special water- and dirt-repellent outer material.

Basically, every beanbag consists of two parts:

  1. Textile cover (usually in sack form)
  2. Filling material (mainly polystyrene balls)

Together, they form a flexible, modern piece of furniture for indoors and outdoors. The only difference between indoor and outdoor beanbags is the quality of the textile cover, which should be water- and dirt-repellent.

Outdoor beanbags can also cope with sand and invite you to linger everywhere. (Image source: / Kym Ellis)

So if you find conventional garden or patio furniture too boring or uncomfortable, you should consider investing in an outdoor beanbag.

Not only are they insanely comfortable, always conforming to your body, but they're also modern and lightweight, so you can easily carry them from the shade to the sun (or vice versa).

How long does an outdoor beanbag last?

The outdoor beanbags we present here are all high quality and well made and therefore have a long life.

In addition, the manufacturers almost exclusively use colour-fast material to ensure that your beanbag does not fade even in a lot of sunlight.

Of course, with the right care, you can ensure that your shapeless piece of furniture stays beautiful for a long time. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions and read our tips for the care and cleaning of the beanbag.

Can the outdoor beanbag withstand any weather?

How weatherproof your outdoor beanbag actually is depends on the manufacturer. Many outdoor beanbags can theoretically withstand wind and weather all year round.

However, if you want your outdoor beanbag to look good for a long time, you should not expose it to heavy rain or snow without protection.

Therefore, it would make sense to place the beanbag in a covered place (for example, a canopy or a stylish awning), even in summer, and also to pay attention to moisture from below, as permanent wetness is more harmful to the material.

If moisture gets inside the beanbag, the filling material may start to mould or even decompose.

In addition, even the most colour-fast material will no longer withstand the power of the sun after a certain time and will fade.

Therefore, if you do not use your beanbag for a longer period of time, you should make sure that it is not left in the middle of the garden.

In case something does happen, you will be reassured to know that both the cover and the filling material can be re-ordered.

What size outdoor beanbag should I buy?

The classic rectangular beanbag for outdoors is usually offered in XXL format.

This has dimensions of 140cm x 180cm and is therefore not only suitable as a bag to sit on, but can also be spread out on the ground as a cushion and you can also use it as a lounger.

Depending on the shape - such as teardrop-shaped, or curved, with or without backrest - beanbags are available in many sizes. So be aware of how much space you have in the garden or on the balcony and then choose the right beanbag.

There is also the option of buying smaller beanbags for children or teenagers, as well as beanbags for 2 people.

How much does an outdoor beanbag cost?

You can buy an outdoor beanbag from around €50. Well-known and proven brands like Lumaland, Fatboy or Outbag cost a little more, of course. So you'll have to pay between €90 and €250.

In a large price study, we examined a total of 225 products from the outdoor beanbag category to give you an overview. You can view the results here in our graph. Find out in our guide whether a product in the higher or lower price range is suitable for you. (Source: own representation)

What alternatives are there to the outdoor beanbag?

Since an outdoor beanbag is a somewhat unconventional piece of furniture, you can of course always opt for conventional garden or patio furniture.

Another option is a so-called air sofa. This is again a textile bag that is filled with air by hand and can then be used as a sofa.

These sofas have the advantage that they are extremely light and are also easy to take with you because they can be folded up easily when empty.

The only catch is that it is unlikely to stay in place in windy weather.

Decision section: What types of outdoor beanbags are there and which one is right for you?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of beanbags over traditional garden furniture?

If you are thinking about getting an outdoor beanbag, you might also be interested in what advantages and disadvantages they have over other garden furniture.

Garden furniture

You should know that, unlike bean bags, garden furniture can easily be bought as a set and therefore the height of the chairs is matched to that of the table.

With a beanbag, you may not sit high enough at the table. Furthermore, it is no problem to leave garden furniture outside all year round.

On the other hand, garden furniture has the disadvantage that you have to choose between a chair and a lounger and cannot cover both, as is the case with an outdoor beanbag.

If you do need to store the furniture, it is also rather bulky and may weigh a lot.

  • Chairs adjusted to table height
  • Available in sets
  • Extremely weather-resistant
  • Bulky and difficult to store
  • Extra comfort only with seat cushion
  • Decision between chair and lounger

Outdoor beanbag

The outdoor beanbag enables a relaxed and healthy sitting posture indoors and outdoors, is very light and an attractive alternative to garden loungers.

The outdoor beanbag, on the other hand, offers a very relaxed and healthy sitting posture and is available in many different designs. In addition, beanbags, due to their light weight, are easy to move around and can also be used indoors without any problems.

An outdoor beanbag is also really comfortable when camping, barbecuing or sitting around the campfire. (Image source: / Tegan Mierel)

In contrast, it is not always possible to sit comfortably at a table with a beanbag.

This is not only because of the shape, but also because the filling material does not last forever and has to be replaced over time. Furthermore, you may feel disturbed by the chinese noise.

  • Relaxed sitting or lying posture
  • Easy to reposition
  • Cover can be washed and changed
  • Can also be used indoors
  • Possibly disturbing crackling noises
  • May be too low for tables
  • Filling does not last forever

What other beanbag shapes are there besides the classic beanbag?

There are no real limits to the shape of a flexible piece of furniture. However, there are some more common shapes you can choose from.

Depending on how much space you have for your beanbag or how much support the seat should offer, we would like to introduce a few possibilities.

Classic rectangular

The most popular form of outdoor beanbag is the rectangular giant cushion. They are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. You can use them vertically as an armchair with backrest, horizontally as a lounge and flat as a lounger.


The teardrop-shaped beanbag has a round to square base that tapers towards the top. This has the advantage that the bag offers a more stable backrest than other beanbags.

The beanbag is also called a gaming beanbag, precisely because it supports the posture well when sitting.


The round beanbag is very similar to the teardrop-shaped one, but it does not taper quite as much and therefore has a lower back support.


The triangular beanbag is a combination of the rectangular and the teardrop-shaped beanbag. It therefore also offers good back support, while you can sit on the beanbag in a lounge-like manner (i.e. with your legs stretched out).


Lounge-style beanbags consist of a relatively long seat with a flat backrest that invites you to lounge comfortably.


Slope refers to a style in which the seat of the beanbag is round and merges into a rectangular backrest. It therefore also looks very similar to the teardrop-shaped beanbag, but its shape is even more stable and does not collapse as easily.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the classic rectangular beanbag compared to the other shapes?

Rectangular beanbag

Compared to the more unusual beanbag shapes, the classic rectangular beanbag offers certain advantages and disadvantages. The versatility of this beanbag is particularly noteworthy here, because it is especially easy to deform it and use it in different ways.

In addition, the outer cover is also particularly easy to remove due to the uncomplicated shape.

On the other hand, this easy formability can be a problem, as the beanbag is no longer sufficiently stable, especially if the filling material is a little older and no longer fills the beanbag sufficiently.

This means that when you sit down on your beanbag, the filling material may give way to your body and you can no longer sit comfortably.

  • Easily deformable
  • Cover easy to remove
  • Can accommodate several people horizontally
  • Need enough filling material to provide sufficient support
  • No integrated backrest

Other beanbag shapes

If you are interested in one of the other beanbag shapes presented here, you should be aware that the more intricate the design, the more complicated it is to remove and cover the bag.

This is important because, especially if you use your beanbag outdoors, you should clean the cover from time to time. In addition, these beanbags have the disadvantage that they can only be used in one way.

On the positive side, the specially shaped, integrated backrest makes it easier to distribute the filling material and therefore offers better support.

Some of the beanbag shapes also have a smaller base area and therefore do not take up as much space.

  • More stable
  • good support when sitting
  • Smaller base area
  • No variations
  • More complicated to remove and cover the bag

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different cover materials?

A brief research of the most popular outdoor beanbags has shown that they are among the most popular materials:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • PVC
  • Acrylic fibre with Teflon coating
  • Cotton blend

To give you a better overview of the synthetic fibres used, we have compiled this table for you:

Property Nylon Polyester Acrylic
Water-repellent x
Highly flammable x
Recyclable x x
Tear-resistant x
Mould-resistant x
Hypoallergenic x
Colourfast x

It is easy to see that polyester does have some advantages over the other materials. Especially the colour fastness of polyester is important for an outdoor product.

What is probably also important for you is how the material feels on your skin. However, without having the beanbag directly in front of you, it will be difficult for you to determine this.

If you are not a big fan of synthetic fibres, there are also manufacturers who use a cotton blend for their outdoor products. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine how the material performs in relation to the criteria mentioned above. The biggest disadvantage of these beanbags could be the somewhat high price.

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate outdoor beanbags

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible outdoor beanbags.

The criteria you can use to compare the beanbags with each other include:

  • Colour & Shape
  • Dimensions & Weight
  • Weight
  • Cover, inner bag and material
  • Filling material

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important in the individual aspects.

Colour & Shape

As already mentioned, there is a wide range of shapes for outdoor beanbags. The same applies to the colours, of course. Depending on your taste, you have a really wide range to choose from.

You should consider how much value you place on back support and whether it is important to you that your beanbag matches the colour of your other garden furniture.

Dimensions & weight

You should also think about the size of your beanbag. As already mentioned, rectangular XXL beanbags are currently very popular. These have dimensions of 140cm x 180cm. In addition, there is room for two people on these floor cushions.

If you don't have that much space on your balcony or in your garden, you can choose one of the other shapes, as they have a smaller footprint.

The filling volume also depends on the size of the beanbag. An XXL beanbag has a filling volume of more than 300 litres. This is important for you if you ever want to refill or refill your beanbag.

The bigger the volume, the more you have to invest in filling material.

The weight of your beanbag also plays a role, of course, because one advantage of the cushion is that you can easily move it around. On average, beanbags weigh between 7kg and 11kg.

Because of the filling material, they are actually not very heavy.

Cover, inner bag and material

We have summarised for you the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials for covers. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose an option.

If a beanbag is not suitable for the garden, the beach or other outdoor places, this is usually stated by the manufacturer.

Outdoor beanbags are used a lot in beach bars. (Image source: / Timo Wagner)

You can also consider whether it makes sense for you to buy a beanbag with an inner bag. This has the advantage that the product is extra robust and you don't have to transfer the filling material when cleaning the outer cover.

Filling material

The most common filling material for beanbags are polystyrene beads. These are known under different names. The name EPS (expanded polystyrene) beads is often mentioned in connection with beanbags.

This material is particularly popular because it easily adapts to your body shape and can withstand your weight.

Alternatives to polystyrene beads are, for example, polystyrene flakes. These are recycled and therefore more environmentally friendly than the beads. The disadvantage, however, is that they are not as easy to distribute in the bag and adapt to your body.

Image source: / Taras Verkhovynets