Last updated: August 23, 2021

Welcome to our big packing cube test 2022. Here we present all the packing cubes we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best packing cubes for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of if you want to buy a packing cube.


  • Packing cubes help to pack clothes and travel items in a space-saving and organised way
  • Packing cubes are available in different sizes so that you can stow the contents individually
  • For even more space saving, packing cubes with compression effect can be useful

The Best Packing Cube: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying packing cubes

What are packing cubes and why do I need them?

Made of durable fabric such as polyester or nylon and equipped with zips, packing cubes are a great packing aid for travellers.

Packing Cubes help keep your suitcase tidy. The different packing cubes help to organise your bag individually. (Image source: / jdltmaxson)

Clothes, laundry, shoes, technology etc. are packed into smaller compartments and then arranged in the suitcase. Packing cubes can be real helpers when it comes to using the space in your suitcase, bag or backpack more effectively.

These small bags, also called packing cubes, not only help you save space, but also keep the contents of your luggage manageable.

They divide the contents, separate clean clothes from dirty laundry and give everything its own space. This makes packing and travelling much more relaxed and enjoyable.

How much do packing cubes cost?

Individual packing cubes are available for around £5-25, for example from MNT10 or Eagle Creek, but you will find packing cubes in sets from most manufacturers. It is therefore always worth assessing the cost based on the size of the sets.

Packing for a trip can quickly become stressful. With the help of packing aids, preparations become easier and packing and unpacking faster. (Image source: / Tucker Good)

Ready-made sets usually consist of packing cubes in different sizes. Depending on the size, brand and features of the individual bags, the price can vary between 10 and 55 GBP.

Most sets cost on average around 25 - 35 GBP. The number of packing cubes and bags included ranges from 3 to 10 individual items.

What are the alternatives to packing cubes?

There are some alternatives to packing cubes, such as travel bags, garment bags and panniers, as well as vacuum and compression bags.

When buying, it is important to keep the application of the respective packing system in mind.

For example, travel bags are a good alternative to avoid zips. The size of a travel bag is also not very important, as a bag that is too big can simply be folded up.

The difference between packing cubes and other packing systems is quite fluid, as there are packing cubes with different properties.

Vacuum and compression bags offer a similar effect to packing cubes, as they help save space by squeezing clothes closer together.

Here we have listed the most important advantages and disadvantages of packing cubes for you.

  • Save space
  • Organise clothes
  • Help prevent wrinkles
  • Quickly stow and retrieve clothes
  • Sustainable
  • Zipper is especially prone to breakage
  • Extra cost of buying cubes
  • Usually no further subdivision of main compartment

Decision: What types of packing cubes are there and which is the right one for you?

Packing cubes differ mainly in size, but the decision about the necessary volume should depend on the individual case.

What are packing cubes with compression and clothing pockets and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Packing cubes that compress clothing (compression cubes) can save space in this way: The zip system allows you to gradually squeeze the pockets tighter to create more storage space.

However, the zip system of the cubes is also their weakness, as the pressure creates a predetermined breaking point and increases the likelihood that the packing cubes will break more quickly.

  • Even more space-saving thanks to the double zip
  • Particularly susceptible to breaking

Also, squeezing clothes tightly together can cause wrinkles.

What are packing cubes without compression and with fixed sides and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Non-compression packing cubes save a little less space but organise the contents of your luggage just as well.

They usually have reinforced sides that help keep clothes nice and neat and wrinkle-free. The cubes can be easily opened and closed with a zipper.

  • Organisers with mostly solid outer sides that allow for wrinkle-free packing
  • Less space-saving than compressible cubes

However, if you ever have a little less or more clothing to pack, you can't avoid choosing a different size with the compressionless packing cubes.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate packing cubes

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate packing cubes. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular packing cube is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Size and use
  • Weight
  • Stability
  • Colour and design

Size and application

Packing cubes are available in different sizes, depending on the amount of items to be stored and the type of contents.

Most brands differentiate between the sizes S, M and L. Some suppliers have an additional size at the bottom or top, or differentiate according to the shape of the cubes (square or slim).

Since most sets have several sizes of organisers, you don't have to choose between the different versions.

However, if you want to put together your own set, it's best to take several sizes for different items of clothing. Here we have compiled a small overview to help you.

Size and type contents
Large street clothes, thick jumpers
Medium shirts, T-shirts, skirts, trousers and dresses
Small underwear, swimwear, cosmetics
Shoe bag shoes, sandals and flip-flops
Toiletries and cosmetics bag toiletries and medicine


As the packing cubes are designed to sort the contents of luggage and must not be an obstacle when flying, most cubes are very light.

However, there are also minor variations in weight. This is due on the one hand to the processing and on the other hand to the composition of the sets.

A single cube weighs a feather-light 50-80 grams, but the weight can quickly increase, especially when using many compartments.


Packing cubes are usually made of a robust material such as polyester or nylon and are therefore more resistant. Some manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee on their products.

You should pay particular attention to the quality of the zips, as this is the weak point of most packing cubes and the area where they are most likely to tear.

Especially for frequent travellers, it is therefore worthwhile to compare the quality promises of the individual suppliers and to consider the experiences of other customers.

Colour and design

When it comes to the colours and designs of the packing cubes, there is something for every taste. If you prefer a more subdued look, you can opt for timeless black or blue.

Some of the models have a mesh on the top so that the stored clothes are visible. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Facts worth knowing about packing cubes

How do I pack properly with the help of packing cubes?

Now you've taken the first step towards packing properly and the packing cubes are ready for use. How do you pack properly now? A few tips can help you here.

No more unsorted suitcases and long searches for the right item of clothing. Packing aids and a few packing tips can make travelling much more pleasant. (Image source: / Hans)
  • Sort clothes by size: Sort large items such as jackets or jumpers into large packing cubes, while packing T-shirts and trousers into smaller units
  • Plan outfits in advance: Assemble ready-made outfits and pack them in a cube so that everything is immediately at hand and you don't have to open every bag
  • The right technique: Depending on your preference, things can be folded or rolled. Here you simply have to try it out

How do I care for packing cubes properly?

Basically, packing cubes can be washed, but you have to be careful. Hand washing or a gentle cycle in the washing machine is preferable.

If you are not using the packing cubes at the moment, they can simply be folded or rolled up, depending on the model. To do this, remove all the cubes and close the zips.

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