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Our lives are made up of moments; we want to remember some of them forever. Since Pandora charms are designed to be as customizable as possible, you can tell your whole life story or simply compose a bracelet – or several – that matches your wardrobe. Your imagination is the only boundary of these versatile bracelets.

While many have already been discontinued and are much harder to find today, there are over a hundred different types of Pandora bracelets – the base where the beads are placed – and more than a thousand charms (or beads) that suit various times of the year, special events, or fashion trends.


  • Pandora charms can tell a story, be linked to memories, or simply reflect your personality and your way of being.
  • These bracelets have gained such popularity that there are bead collectors looking for items already withdrawn from the market, limited editions, or charms that are only available in certain countries.
  • Before buying your charms, there is a series of criteria that you need to consider. These include their manufacturing materials, compatibility with your bracelet, and authenticity.

The Best Pandora Charms: Our picks

Selecting but a few charms available on the market is certainly a challenging task since there is such a wide variety of products. In our list of products below, we have tried to choose different options to suit distinct occasions, people, and budgets.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Pandora Charms

There are so many different types of charms on the market that it's easy to get lost. To begin with, various brands produce beads that are compatible with Pandora bracelets. Besides, they have become so trendy in recent years that you can also find many imitations. In the following section, we will try to solve any potential doubts you have regarding these items of jewelry.

Besides the classic Pandora charms, you can find decorative beads that have other functions on your bracelet.
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How are Pandora charms made?

One of the very first questions many ask themselves upon seeing these tiny and elaborate jewels is how they are made. Although Pandora is a Danish company, the charms are produced in Gemopolis, Thailand, where the company has around 10,000 employees. Gemopolis is an industrial hub that specializes in high-quality fashion, jewelry, and electronics.

The beads aren't made in an assembly line as you might have thought given the company's popularity. Each one is finished by hand and is worked on by over ten employees during the manufacturing process. Considering the number of charms sold every day around the world, we know it's hard to believe that every single one is finished manually – but it's true!

What types of charms are there?

Besides the classic Pandora charms, you can find decorative beads that have other functions on your bracelet. Even if you prefer the traditional items, we still recommend buying some of these functional charms; they will significantly improve the features and practicality of your Pandora bracelet.

  • The clasp: We know this isn't a charm per se, but it does vary from one bracelet to another, and you have to take it into account. The classic clasp is a small branded cylinder, but it can also be decorated with gems or be heart-shaped, for example.
  • The clips: These essential elements serve to divide the bracelet into sections and to distribute the weight of the charms. That way, your bracelet is harmonious, and the beads don't hit each other.
  • The safety chain: It is so important that we recommend you buy it right after purchasing the bracelet. In case your bracelet opens by accident, the chain will prevent you from losing it or from dropping the charms. They come in many designs so that you can combine your safety chain with the rest of the bracelet.
  • The spacers: They are very similar to traditional beads, but smaller in size. Their role is to fill the spaces left between charms, as well as to confer symmetry to the bracelet design.

Pandora charms represent countless themes. They are often inspired by hobbies, such as music, travel, or sport.
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What do the charms mean?

Pandora offers certain beads that have become favorites over the years. These generally have a special meaning and can give more significance to your bracelet. While some are more obvious, like hearts, animals, or baby-related beads, others have a more elaborate explanation:

  • Stars: This celestial symbol has a powerful spiritual meaning with protective or balancing qualities. They are like good-luck charms.
  • Flowers: Flowers are gorgeous and often used as a purely aesthetic accessory. However, they also have a powerful symbolic meaning that relates to nature, love, and life.
  • Spirals: They are one of the most common patterns in Pandora charms. They represent the idea that life is cyclical, as well as reincarnation and growth. Many people get a spiral as a reminder of a new phase in their lives.
  • Knots: Related to Celtic symbolism, they are a more recent addition to the brand's catalog. Not only are they gorgeous, but they can also have different meanings depending on how they are made.

What charm themes are there?

Pandora charms represent countless themes. They are often inspired by hobbies, such as music, travel, or sport; other beads evoke nature, animals of all kinds, trees, and other life elements. You can find many based on the four seasons, for example.

Some charms are designed to remember important moments in life. In that regard, you can find models for graduations, those representing baby carriages or dummies, others for pets, or to remind us of a special anniversary. If you prefer, you can also opt for more abstract and colorful charms.

Pandora offers certain beads that have become favorites over the years.
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What are discontinued charms?

True collectors of Pandora charms are dying to own or acquire beads that have already been withdrawn from sale. Since the Danish brand is constantly renewing its catalog of products, it discontinues older models, and many of these become cult-like items for Pandora fans.

Even if you are not a collector, you may want to buy an exceptional and unique charm. In that case, you may have to go to great lengths to find it, either in physical jewelry stores or online. Remember that discontinued beads are very limited in number. We encourage you to be very careful not to purchase a fake item.

All of Pandora's products carry distinctive stamps.
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Why are beads available in some countries only?

Although Pandora is a Danish company, it has branches in many other parts of the world; these branches can market their own charms. These can be for an important event in the country, such as a royal wedding, or they can be related to a country's favorite sports, such as cricket.

We have some bad news if you want these beads. They are even harder to get than those that have been discontinued since authorized sellers can usually only market the charms in their respective countries. This is determined by the contract they have with the brand, and failure to comply could result in the suspension of the business relationship.

How do I take care of my Pandora beads?

You have to clean and care for your charms properly if you want them to last for years to come. Since the vast majority are made of silver, they can stay in mint condition your whole life. When the silver starts to turn yellow or dark, it is time to clean it. To do so, avoid chemical cleaners and opt for a special cloth.

If you notice that scrubbing isn't enough, you can use mild soap and a toothbrush. In any case, we do not recommend the use of baking soda; although it cleans silver, it can also scratch delicate items. As far as storage is concerned, it is best to keep the original boxes and maintain your charms away from humidity.

Pandora produces its charms with different materials, often combining them to create unique and beautiful designs.
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Shopping Criteria

The quest for a new Pandora charm can be a challenging one, and it becomes a true odyssey if you buy it as a gift for a loved one. In that case, you might even think that they all look quite alike. This is why we will discuss the main shopping criteria in the section below, helping you get it right the first time:


Pandora produces its charms with different materials, often combining them to create unique and beautiful designs. As you might know, not all raw materials have the same value. In addition to its rarity, the material of a bead can make it more special than other products. You can learn more about this in the table below:

Material Rarity Characteristics
Metal Common The metal – generally silver, or sometimes gold – is the most used material in the manufacture of Pandora charms. They do not cause allergies or change color.
Stones Medium The most common are zircons, but Pandora has also launched special collections with diamond cuts.
Murano glass Medium Murano glass is very colorful and diverse. It will instantly add a cheerful and casual touch to your bracelet.
Pearls Rare They are not very common, but some collections include small pearls or pieces of natural mother of pearl.
Wood Very rare This is the rarest of them all and one of the first to be used by the brand. They are now discontinued and considered true collector's items.

Collection & Theme

Pandora launches special collections every season in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. These naturally vary from each other in both theme and color. The spring collection usually includes pinks and greens, while the summer one is often the most fun. For autumn, you will find charms with special symbolism, and the winter collection often imitates the colors of ice.

There are also other limited editions released for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas, for example. Before you buy any charm, make sure to know what you want to express with your bracelet – memories or personal taste – or if you want to limit it to a particular theme.

Although Pandora is a Danish company, it has branches in many other parts of the world.
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Color Combination

Pandora's bracelets are highly customizable. For this very reason, there are as many possible designs as there are wearers around the world. That being said, most people opt to combine matching charms when creating their own bracelets. This doesn't mean that it has to be a single color, but harmonizing the tones of the beads is considered most aesthetic.

If you want a bracelet with spring-like colors, for instance, you can choose to stick to green, pink, and orange hues. If you have decided to purchase a charm as a gift for someone else, we recommend that you first inform yourself about the style of their bracelet if they already have one. Otherwise, your gift may not match.

You have to clean and care for your charms properly if you want them to last for years to come.
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Pandora offers various types of bracelets, and the charms are not universal; they are not compatible with all of them. You can find several collections of bracelets: Moments, Essence, Reflexions, Rose, Shine, Signature, and even Disney. Beads come in different sizes to adapt to the specific dimensions of each type.

The most common charms are those compatible with the Moments bracelets, which are large in size. The Essence bracelets, however, only support beads of a smaller size. The Reflexions bracelets, on the other hand, are quite different from the rest; they consist of a flat mesh chain and are only compatible with flat charms. Please check the compatibility carefully before purchasing any item.


Launched in 2000, Pandora charms have been in fashion since the beginning of the 21st century and have been a resounding success around the world. Just nine years later, the company was already selling over three million pieces of jewelry every month, which is absolutely incredible!

Pandora bracelets have become an icon in recent years, and many women now own one – or more than one, for that matter. We hope that our article will help you choose the first charm for your new bracelet or complete your existing collection. There are so many unique pieces out there that you might just want to get them all!

And you, how many Pandora charms do you have in your jewelry box? Let us know about your favorite beads by leaving us a comment in the section below, and don't forget to share our guide on your social media!

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