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Hair is not only a part of the body, but also a form of expression and one of our best tools for looking the way we want to look and projecting who we are. Pantene knows this, and that's why they offer the public a wide variety of Shampoo lines and models that respond to different needs.

The thing is, with so many variations available, choosing the right one can get tiresome. So if you're in search of a Pantene Shampoo and want to avoid those 10 minutes of hesitation in front of the supermarket shelf, read on; in this article we'll tell you all the details, so your shopping can go smoothly.


  • Pantene's shampoo brand is one of the most prestigious in the hair care market, mainly due to its long experience and dedication to research aimed at protecting hair and restoring damaged hair.
  • Pantene stands out as one of the few hair care brands that prioritises hair health, and demonstrates this by offering a seemingly endless number of specialised lines for hair with different needs.
  • There is a lot of information about Pantene shampoo, but not all of it is geared towards helping you in your buying process. To guide you, pay attention to details such as which line the Pantene shampoo you're considering belongs to, and the particular requirements of your hair.

The Best Pantene Shampoo: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about Pantene shampoos

Buying a Pantene Shampoo is all about going to the supermarket and choosing one, but deciding on the right one will take a little more time. But there's no need to worry, because in this guide we'll talk you through the details that will help you identify the right one.

Strong, healthy hair will always make you look beautiful. (Photo: Olena Kachmar /

What is the difference between Pantene shampoo and other shampoos?

Pantene is a hair care brand that we have known "all our lives" for its quality and popularity. And this is due to the same characteristic that makes them unique: they are innovative. It is a brand that is constantly researching in order to discover new and more effective formulas to care for and repair hair.

While other brands simply reproduce known formulas, adding just the occasional compound, Pantene is one of the few brands that risks experimenting with new formulas and compounds, looking for ways to repair each strand individually, to help maintain a healthy mane.

Pantene Shampoo Shampoo from other brands
Innovation High, they create new formulas frequently Medium, they are not forerunners
Shampoo quality Certified by experts Not always quality certified
Effectiveness Scientifically proven Uncertain

Does Pantene offer Dry Shampoo?

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and in 2018 Pantene caught up with this one and launched its Dry Shampoo for dry hair washing. And yes, that means what you think: you can groom your hair without having to get it wet, revolutionary right?

"Pantene Pro-V Dry Shampoo features tapioca, the secret ingredient that's responsible for absorbing your hair's natural oil." It also lacks conditioners, with the aim of preventing hair from losing volume due to the humidity they entail. It comes in an aerosol form, to make it easier to apply to the hair and to avoid the annoying feeling of humidity in the hands when using it.

Applying it is very simple; first separate your hair into sections, apply it to each section, 30cm apart. Then massage your scalp for a couple of minutes, as you would with a regular shampoo. Finally, comb through your hair to remove the residue and give it the volume you want, and voila! ''Pantene Dry shampoo doesn't replace shampooing, but helps keep hair cleaner and oil-free for longer. The secret ingredient - tapioca - is a natural oil absorber that helps leave your hair looking as if you've just washed it.

Fun facts: what you didn't know about Pantene Shampoo

There's a lot to know about Pantene Shampoo, including fun facts that will help you decide whether to tip the scales in your favour. We'll tell you about them here, to give you an overview of what Pantene has to offer your hair.

Micellar water in your Pantene shampoo?

Micellar water is a compound that has been used in aesthetics for a couple of years now, usually for skin cleansing. But it has now migrated to hair care, and Pantene is one of the 5 brands that took the risk of incorporating this compound into their shampoo; the result is a product that deeply cleanses your hair.

The micelles -compounds in micellar water- work by attracting dirt particles and making them disappear on contact with water, completely removing all traces of dirt. It is especially recommended for use in the shower before bed, as it will remove all traces of dirt and help you sleep clean and light.

Did you know that Pantene runs an annual contest to get a brand ambassador? It's called the #PanteneChallenge, and the winner can come from anywhere!

Pantene shampoo for men?

Pantene is known for being a women's hair brand, and in that sense they haven't grown much, as they haven't yet developed exclusive lines for men. Although the brand's shampoos can be used by anyone, women are the particular target group they focus on and produce for.

Buying criteria

Pantene shampoo will help you maintain excellent hair health, we know it and now you know it too. You've probably got one foot in the door to get yours, but before you go shopping, check out these buying factors to help you identify the one you need.

Hairline by hair type

The first thing to check before you even start choosing a shampoo is the type of hair you have, as this will completely define the profile of the product you need. Pantene knows this too, and has special lines for every hair type.

  • For straight hair. The Extreme Straight shampoo collection is one of the most popular shampoos in the Pantene universe. It gives you a formula that works every strand of hair to prevent strand damage. Opt for this one if you're looking for straight, smooth hair from root to tip.
  • For curly hair. The Defined Curls collection focuses on curly hair, with a formula designed to prevent frizz at all costs and moisturise hair. The effect is unified, lovely curls - want a spring-like mane? This Pantene shampoo is for you.

Pantene stands out as one of the few hair care brands that prioritises hair health, and proves it by offering a seemingly infinite number of specialised lines for hair with different needs.
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Special treatments

Hair is delicate, and when it's not at its best, it needs special attention. That's why Pantene develops collections of products - including and starting with shampoo - to give you the approach you need.

  • Minute Miracle. This is a line designed for badly damaged hair that needs immediate repair. Got a big event tonight and your hair is in bad shape? Then when you shower wash your hair with Minute Miracle Shampoo, and your hair will recover almost in a flash.
    your hair will bounce back in no time
  • Hydra Intensify: Particularly dry hair? You're not alone, it's a common malady and Pantene has a great solution. Shampoo from the Hydra Intensify collection is designed to restore hair in a state of extreme dryness. Use it with its complementary products for more effective results.
  • Age Defy. Age is not only threatening your skin, but your hair too! Pantene's Age Defy line has a formula that delivers nutrients to your hair strands to help it regain its youthful shine. There's no age to start using it, but if you're close to 40 it's a good idea to consider it.

Complementary products

Pantene shampoos are very varied and high quality formulas, but the brand's experts explain that the exclusive use of shampoo is not enough to get the most of its benefits, because it must be reinforced with other hair products. We tell you about 2 of the most recommended ones

  • Conditioner. These are products with formulas that do not focus on recovering the hair while cleaning it, but rather on providing a treatment on already washed hair. It is applied immediately after shampooing, and all Pantene collections that offer shampoo also have a conditioner to complement them.
  • Styling cream. These are creams that are applied after showering, and help to soften the hair to detangle it without damaging it. They are especially recommended for curly hair, and also provide extra protection for your hair.

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