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In today's world of work, anyone who handles any amount of paper needs to have it organised and available for the moment they need it. That is why this time we are going to talk about paperweights and everything related to this product.

It is important to be aware that this utensil can be found in different shapes, sizes and colours, so its designs are very varied. You need to analyse, what is the amount of paper you commonly use and which require this accessory for your work, to find the optimal one for you.

Nowadays there are mass-produced and personalised paperweights on the market, both fulfil the purpose for which they were created, however, the characteristics may vary between them. That is why we will tell you about their meaning, the relevant purchasing factors, where to get them and even their value. We hope you find it useful.


  • A paperweight is a product created with the purpose of keeping any kind of important paper in place, exerting a weight on them, to prevent them from blowing away in the wind or getting disorganised with any movement. They are made of different materials to give them a functional and decorative touch.
  • The most commonly used paperweight models nowadays are mass-produced and personalised. They can be made of different materials that offer security and care to the paper where they are placed. In addition, depending on the amount of paper, the dimensions of the accessory are needed.
  • The purchasing factors that are necessary to consider when buying a paperweight are: manufacturing materials, design and size. As you get to know each one of them, your decision will be very simple and your workplace will look elegant, unique and tidy.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about paperweights

If you are passionate about order and cleanliness in your home and especially in your important papers, you need to have a paperweight among your accessories. It is therefore necessary to understand everything about this necessary product, as well as being aware of the most important factors for your purchase to be successful.

Personalised paperweights are very original. (Iurii Sokolov/

What is a paperweight and what are its advantages?

A paperweight is an accessory that has the purpose of keeping all kinds of paper in the assigned place, as well as making it easier to find it when you need it. You can find them in different materials and with a decorative touch in addition to their functionality.

Depending on the paperweight model, they have different characteristics, such as preventing papers from getting lost or misplaced, keeping them free from damage, among others. In addition, they offer all types of paper the integrity to keep it in the condition in which it was left when it was placed.

  • Keeps the paper in place
  • Saves time when looking for a specific paper
  • Can be used as an ornament
  • Paper free from damage and/or loss.
  • Can stain the paper with which the paperweight is in contact
  • Personalised paperweights can be expensive
  • Glass paperweights break easily.

Serial or personalised paperweights - what to look out for?

The main challenge you face when looking for any product is finding the right one for you and paperweights are no exception. Also, you want it to keep the amount of documents you have in the right place and free from any damage, plus it can be a nice decorative element in your office.

Paperweights add a touch of elegance and originality. (sergeychayko/

Paperweights in series. They are usually made of glass, wood or wrought iron and have the property of being economical due to high production of the same model. It is difficult to find this type of product with distinctive features that make them unique, however, their designs are suitable for almost any audience.

As for their dimensions, they usually do not exceed 10 cm in length, width and height, and the spherical shape is the most produced in this segment of paperweights. You can find items that give elegance and presence to your workplace, but someone else may have the same as you.

Personalised paperweights. They are mostly made of glass, highly resistant plastics or steel. This type of paperweight is custom made, so delivery time can be long, however, to the customer's liking. You can find them with name or meaningful phrases for the buyer.

As they are personalised you have the advantage of not finding another one like yours, however, they can be expensive. You can find them in different shapes and sizes, giving your office this unique and elegant touch.

In series Personalised.
Most used materials Glass, wood or wrought iron Glass, resistant plastics or steel.
Cost Low, for its high production High, for being unique pieces.
Delivery time Immediate availability Average delivery time of 5 to 10 days.
Distinctive None Names or phrases at customer request.
Size Generally no more than 10 cm in height, width and length Without any limit.

This accessory is ideal for writers. (Photo: 3355m /

Purchasing criteria

When we put aside the paperweight models and consider the most important factors, it is necessary that they are thoroughly analysed in order to make a perfect purchase decision. Thinking at all times about how to save your important documents. For this reason, we will explain each of them below.

Manufacturing materials

There are 3 materials most commonly used to manufacture paperweights and their use is specific, so each one has characteristics and specifications that make this item unique. Therefore, you need to understand what each one offers.

Glass. It is a very malleable material and at the same time extremely resistant, it has the property of creating designs with great ease when in contact with heat. If you are looking for an elegant and outstanding design, we recommend this material for mass-produced paperweights.

Wrought Iron. This material is difficult to break with any impact or fall, and due to its weight, it keeps the documents in the place where they were placed. Due to its production method, this material is highly recommended for mass production, otherwise, it would be very expensive to make unique pieces.

Steel. It is a material that can be used to make any kind of paperweight, in terms of shapes and sizes. In addition, any type of lettering can be engraved on it, making it ideal for personalised models, where that distinctive feature is sought among the other models.


Regarding this factor, there are 3 designs that are most in demand and each one offers the product stability, security and care of the documents where they are placed. However, each one is specific to the paperweight model, so we will explain each design below.

Spherical. This type of figure refers to models based on the world or figures concentrated inside a sphere, such as small animals, roses, small photos. If you are looking for a model like this, we recommend models made of mass-produced glass.

Rustic. It is a design very used by lovers of wood and by those where this style predominates in their home and work, as well as being based on figures of horses' heads, bulls, among others. If you are one of them, we recommend models made of wrought iron and mass production.

Modern. This is one of the most commonly used nowadays, as they can be made in any type of design, in any figure and in the desired size. Usually this type of paperweight is made of steel and glass, always looking to customize the piece, so it is ideal for those who want an original design.


There are two parameters used in this factor, so it is important to understand where you want to use it and the amount of paper that commonly needs to be supported by this accessory. Below we show you each of them.

10 cm or smaller. These are the most commonly used when it comes to holding a maximum of 100 sheets of paper where they are placed. If you are one of those who handle this amount or less, we recommend a mass production paperweight.

Larger than 10 cm. If you are looking for original models and according to the size you like, as well as having to hold 100 sheets or more, the personalised model is the right one for you, as you can make a paperweight that suits your needs.

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