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In today's article we will help you choose an indispensable item to make your garden or backyard more charming and cozy: the park bench.

Super inviting, resistant and durable, garden benches are the ideal solution to compose the decoration of green areas adding the function of seating to accommodate you, your family and friends at events and outdoor activities.

The modern versions have innovative and colorful designs, being a Must Have item in any backyard. Follow us in this reading and check out the best options of the product, as well as the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of bench for your garden.

The most important facts

  • To choose the ideal flock, some factors should be considered. Define where it will be installed, and choose according to the style of the garden and the size of the appropriate one.
  • Size, material, model, assembly and maintenance are some of the main features to be evaluated when buying the garden bench.
  • The prices are quite varied. Fluctuations occur according to the material and brand chosen. It is possible to find simple benches starting at R$ 100. The more elaborate versions may cost much more.

The Best Park Benches: Our Picks

For many, the garden is the room in the house that most conveys peace, tranquility, relaxation and connection with nature. And there's nothing better than a beautiful bench to make your garden even more beautiful, comfortable and inviting.

Whether in the classic and romantic version or modern, lively and colourful there are options for all tastes. If you also want a garden bench to call your own, we will present the most interesting models of the product to inspire you. Check them out:

Buying Guide

Convinced that a beautiful park bench will make your outdoor area even more inviting and cozy? Then let's go to the Buying Guide, a section where we present you with the most important information about park benches to help you choose the best product for your needs.

Grupo de idosos se reúne em banco de jardim.

The presence of benches makes gardens and outdoor areas much more inviting. (Source: 591360 / Pixabay)

What is a park bench?

The garden bench is a type of bench intended for use in outdoor areas such as backyards, balconies, gardens, etc. It can be of one, two, three or more seats.

There are versions in various materials such as iron, wood, aluminium, plastic, bamboo, among other resistant materials, since the product is constantly exposed to the wear and tear of the sun, rain and wind.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of park benches?

A great advantage is that the models properly prepared for outdoor use demand little maintenance.

Decorative and functional, it can also be used alone or together with tables and armchairs, helping to enhance and compose the decoration of the outdoor areas, creating an inviting and comfortable environment, perfect for moments of enjoying nature and receiving friends.

You will find different models, for all styles and that fits within your budget. However, one disadvantage is that the most resistant materials can be the most expensive. And some models are not suitable for outdoors.

Check the table to see the advantages and disadvantages of a park bench:

  • Item is decorative and functional
  • Helps to compose the decoration of the yard or garden
  • Resistant and durable, it demands little maintenance
  • There are versions for all tastes and pockets
  • Models in more resistant materials can be expensive
  • Some plastic versions are not indicated for direct outdoor use

How to choose the ideal park bench?

To choose the ideal bench for your garden, you first need to consider the space and what you expect from the bench. If the product is to be used in indoor areas you can choose any model and material.

If it is going to be used in uncovered areas, it is fundamental that the material is resistant and impermeable, in order to resist the climatic actions.

Next, consider: decorating, reading, dating, receiving friends, serving as a support in events and barbecues, relaxing or meditating. Which of these objectives led you to want a park bench? Choose the model that is able to meet most of these expectations.

If you are used to having a lot of people over, consider using more than one bench, or a set of benches with a table in the same material, if applicable. If you prioritize comfort for relaxation or meditation, prefer ergonomic models or models with cushions and foutons.

Consider, also, the style of your garden and the decoration of the area that will receive the bench. If the intention is to modernize the backyard, bet on colorful and irreverent models, in shapes and materials that escape the traditional.

Iron models give a more romantic air, while the wooden and bamboo ones make the environment cozier.

How to position my park bench?

Having overcome the challenge of choosing the ideal bench, you need to know how to position it correctly so that it can be put to good use. In your backyard or on your balcony, any area surrounded by plants, flowers or decorative items can be ideal for a bench.

To make the space more welcoming, position the bench so that it is in total or partial shade. This will make the use of the product more pleasant in moments of intense sun.

If it is not possible to position it in the shade, place the bench in a position where the sun beats down on your back most of the time.

How much does it cost?

Garden bench prices vary according to the model, the material used and the design of the product. It is possible to find simpler versions starting at R$ 200.

But more complete models, in more resistant materials and different designs can have much higher prices. In this Ranking you will find benches from R$ 300 to R$ 800.

Imagem de banco de madeira em jardim,

The garden bench adds a special touch to the environment. It can cost from R$ 200. (Source: sharonang / Pixabay)

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare garden bench models

The best and most expensive park bench is not always the right one for you, the one that will completely meet your expectations and needs.

That is why we will now present topics on the product characteristics that you should pay attention to in order to choose the bench that comes closest to the perfect one for you and your home:

  • Material
  • Finishing
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Maintenance

So that no doubts remain, check out the detailing of each of these characteristics:


The most commonly used materials in the manufacture of garden benches are cast iron, aluminium or stainless steel, wood and plastic.

As the bench will be outdoors and will be exposed to a lot of sun, rain and wind, it is essential that the material is resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

Check out the table with the main characteristics of the four most popular materials:

Natural wood Cast iron Aluminium/stainless steel Plastic
Resistance Requires varnish maintenance and can darken over time Sturdy and solid, can last for years only with paint touch-ups, if applicable Resistant to humidity, does not rust easily Can darken, stain and crack over time
Values Material considered noble, which makes the product more expensive Material considered noble, which makes the product more expensive There are versions in all price ranges There are versions in all price ranges
Differentials Can be reformed with paintings, patina, etc.. Surface accepts paint and other finishes well It is light and easy to transport Available in many colour options and models


The main types of finish for garden benches are paint or varnish. These finishes are made with specific products, so that the external surface of the material becomes more resistant to the actions of sun, rain and weather.

Besides making the surface washable and non-porous, the ideal finish must be smooth and homogeneous to facilitate cleaning and reduce the accumulation of residue and dirt.

Banco de jardim de madeira branca em meio a decorações e plantas.

The style and colour of the park bench help define the style of decoration of the environment. (Source: Pasja1000 / Pixabay)


Although it is only an aesthetic detail, the colour of the garden bench can greatly influence the effect it produces in the environment and how long the product will take to appear signs of wear.

  • Dark colours: Are less susceptible to staining and wear.
  • White: gives a romantic tone to the bench, but may stain more easily.
  • Strong colours: bring joy and life to the environment, although they may also demand more frequent maintenance.
  • Bronze or copper tones: They also take time to show signs of wear, and create a rustic effect.


If the choice of material is suitable for the use applied to your park bench, it will require minimal maintenance, depending on the material and model of product.

Imagem de banco grande de madeira em parque.

Wooden benches require special attention. (Source: MichaelGaida / Pixabay)

Wooden benches require a little more attention than other materials. While iron and aluminum may only need routine cleaning and paint renewal every 5 or so years, wood needs to be moisturized at least biweekly.

Besides this, it should only be cleaned with a damp cloth, and varnished whenever necessary.

(Source of the highlighted image: Artemtation / Pixabay)

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