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Opening a book by Paulo Coelho means automatically entering a deep and revealing spiritual world. This Brazilian writer, who is one of the most widely read writers of recent times, uses his characters as messengers of transformative lessons. Have you read any of his works? Here you will get to know them!

Most of Paulo Coelho's books, considered self-help books, have been bestsellers because their language is simple, clear and entertaining. Besides, they always leave a moral related to freedom, love and dreams. Don't go away! We'll tell you all about these magical texts!

The most important thing

  • Paulo's books belong to the category of "self-help" because through his stories, this Brazilian author seeks to mobilise the reader, encouraging him to rethink his life, desires and goals from a spiritual, introspective, healing and transforming point of view.
  • There are countless authors of self-help books, including the famous Indian physician Deepak Chopra. Chopra's books, unlike Coelho's, combine spirituality with science, food and quantum physics.
  • When buying a book by Paulo Coelho, it is important that you take into account certain relevant aspects, such as his different works and themes, as well as his most recent book, written at 2021.

The Best Paulo Coelho Books: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about Paulo Coelho's books

The main objective of this buying guide is to give you all the necessary information about the product you are interested in buying. Therefore, we will tell you the main characteristics of Paulo Coelho's books, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Paulo Coelho's books are a self-help tool to see the world from a spiritual and transforming point of view. (Photo: Ivan Kruk /

Who is Paul Coelho?

Paulo Coelho is a novelist and playwright born in Rio de Janeiro who has written around 200 works, including "The Alchemist", one of the best-selling books of the last decades. This novel has been published in more than 170 countries and translated into 81 languages.

What is the difference between Paulo Coelho's books and Deepak Chopra's books?

There are many authors of self-help books, among them, besides Paulo Coelho, the famous Indian doctor Deppak Chopra. Here we will discuss the main differences between the works of these two authors.

The most important differences between Coelho's and Chopra's books is their approach, as Coelho approaches spiritual themes in the exclusive format of a novel, while Chopra applies his knowledge of meditation and science to argue the content of his writings, always from a holistic point of view.

Books by Coelho Books by Deepak Chopa
Main themes Spirituality, self-help Spirituality, self-help, ayurvedic medicine, quantum physics, etc.
Focus Stories of love, friendship, adventure, autobiographical, etc. Stories of love, friendship, adventure, autobiographical, informative material, etc.
Genre Novels Novels, alternative medicine, science, etc.
Main features Coelho talks about spirituality through a more metaphorical message Chopra talks about spirituality through medical and scientific arguments (mainly)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Paulo Coelho's books?

Paulo Coelho's books are a self-help tool for people who want to make changes in their lives or connect more with their spiritual side. The novels of this Latin American author have positive and inspiring messages to encourage people to look inward and heal.

Coelho's books have been criticised as basic or "marketing", but at some point the simplicity of his works allows them to reach everyone and the messages are clear, direct and easy to understand, which makes them popular and accessible beyond the academic background of the reader.

Among their many advantages, Paulo Coelho's books serve as emotional support for people going through a period of anguish, depression, desolation, uncertainty, anxiety, anger or self-discovery, as they help them to see life from a deeper and more transformative place.

  • They help people change their lives for the better
  • Their messages are clear and easy to interpret
  • The stories are gripping and emotional
  • There are more than 200 works to choose from
  • They are positive, profound and inspiring books
  • Coelho has been accused of copying content from other people's books
  • His language is not too elaborate

What you didn't know about Paulo Coelho's books

In this section you will learn some curious facts about Paulo Coelho's books, which besides being interesting or striking, will bring you closer to his stories and will allow you to better understand his works. Here we will tell you some little pearls:

To what literary genre do Paulo Coelho's books correspond?

Paulo Coelho's books belong to the literary genre of novels, although you can also find them in the self-help section, since the stories of this author are oriented to transmit spiritual messages related to self-knowledge and healing.

Did you know that it took Paulo Coelho only 15 days to write "The Alchemist", the book that was registered in the Guinness Book of Records for being the work translated into the most languages in the world?

What is special about Paulo Coelho's novels?

As we mentioned previously, one of the main characteristics of Paulo Coelho's novels (besides being reflective and spiritual) is that they are very dynamic and simple to interpret, given that their language is colloquial and accessible to everyone, which makes them very popular.

Buying criteria

In this last section of the article we will tell you what are the main buying criteria that you should take into account when buying a book by Paulo Coelho, as there are countless copies of this author with different themes approached from the spirituality.


In his extensive years of career Paulo Coelho has published hundreds of books, so you can find a huge amount of works of his authorship. Below, we will mention just a few of them so that you can get to know the framework of these emotional and captivating stories.

Veronika decides to die. The main character of this novel is Verónika, a young woman who apparently has everything to be happy, but nevertheless she is not; that is why she decides to take her own life, and from there she begins to discover the meaning of life. A story about strength and self-improvement.

The Pilgrim to Compostela. This is the first book Coelho wrote after a spiritual journey to this city, in which he gives an autobiographical account of the pilgrimage he made to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and how this experience changed his life. A story about destiny and self-discovery.

The Witch of Portobello. Athena, the protagonist of this novel, is a woman who decides to recover her history, and to do so she faces multiple family and cultural mandates. A story that speaks of female empowerment, spiritual quest and self-love.

Paulo's books belong to the category of "self-help" because through his stories, this Brazilian author seeks to mobilise the reader, encouraging them to rethink their lives, desires and goals from a spiritual, introspective, healing and transforming perspective.
(Photo: Kruk/


Paulo Coelho's books have different themes that revolve around spirituality and self-knowledge. Here we will mention some of them so that you can choose the books with the themes that are most interesting to you or that are related to your own search.

Love. All of Paulo Coelho's books are linked to love, whether it is your own love, love as a couple, love between friends, since it is the motor of spirituality. But there is a specific book dedicated to this theme, whose name is, precisely, "Love", in which the author writes quotes accompanied by beautiful drawings.

Friendship. Many of Paulo Coelho's books also speak of friendship, of its power, of the "chance" encounters that change our lives and improve them, of the guides that appear along the way. There are books like "The Aleph", for example, that dedicate a special place to this bond.

Spiritual quest. It is the leitmotiv of Paulo Coelho's books, since the main objective of these books is to connect us with ourselves in order to discover our purpose in life. "The Alchemist" is a clear example of the spiritual quest, which is always, always inward.

Last book

To finish the buying criteria and the content of the article, we will tell you about the latest work of Paulo Coelho, published in 2018. This material is released 30 years after the author wrote his famous work "The Alchemist", which launched him to worldwide fame.

Hippie. This autobiographical book tells the story of Paulo, a young man who dreams of becoming a writer and travels to Germany in search of freedom and new experiences; and Karla, a girl from Rotterdam who wants to give a new meaning to her life. Together they will travel the "hippie route" through Europe and Asia.

This play is about love, self-knowledge, the spiritual quest and dreams. A hopeful look at bonds, life and values, true to the author's style, which prioritises the message over complexity or discursive sophistication.

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