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In ancient Greece, babies were bathed in wine to check their health; in ancient Mesopotamia, people tried to protect the baby's skin with ointments made from horsehide; and in the European Middle Ages, people used baths with salt, rose petals and honey. This is just one of the many remedies that mothers and midwives have practised over the millennia.All this still didn't help until the first PENTEN cream was developed in 1904.

In our Penaten cream test 2022 we would like to introduce you to this cream. You will receive important information about the most important facts and factors that you should consider before buying. Based on our test article, you should be able to decide whether Penaten cream is right for you.


  • The skin compatibility of all Penaten creams has been dermatologically tested.
  • Penaten products are not only great for babies, but also for adults.
  • When choosing products, it is important to determine the baby's skin situation in order to use the best products for it

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Penaten cream

Before you buy Penaten cream, you should acquire some background information. We have summarised this information in the following paragraphs.

What makes Penaten cream different from other manufacturers?

The German chemist Max Riese invented the first Penaten cream in the blue tin over 100 years ago (1904). Thus, he developed the first wound protection cream especially for sensitive baby skin in the nappy area and thus became a trusted brand even back then. Starting with the classic Penaten cream, there are now many more products for babies on the market under the Penaten brand.

A team of doctors, midwives and nurses supports Penaten's research and scientific questions.

What alternatives are there to Penaten cream?

The Penaten brand not only offers various creams, but also soothing balm, care milk, care oil and many other products.

The soothing balm differs in that it helps with dry skin and itching and soothes them directly after the first application. Oats have been added to the balm, which helps to alleviate these problems.

The baby oil contains high-quality paraffin oils, which makes it ideal for baby massage and cleaning the nappy area. The oil comparatively locks in up to 10 times more moisture than most lotions. It should be applied to damp skin after showering or bathing.

Decision: What types of Penaten cream are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a Penaten cream, you can choose between six creams with different functions. These are:

  • Penaten Cream Classic
  • Penaten face & body cream
  • Penaten Wound Protection Cream
  • Penaten SOS Cream
  • Penaten Wash and Shower Cream
  • Penaten Wound and Weather Cream

In the following descriptions, we will tell you more about the aspects in which they differ.

What distinguishes the classic Penaten cream?

The classic Penaten cream has three-phase protection with zinc oxide, natural wool fat and panthenol. The three-phase protection consists of the:

  1. Wound protection: soothes irritated skin and reduces redness
  2. Moisture protection: keeps wetness away from baby's skin
  3. Skin protection: leaves a long-lasting and visible protective barrier on the skin

The skin compatibility has of course been dermatologically confirmed.

What distinguishes Penaten face & body care cream?

It takes years until the skin of babies has fully developed and thus has all its protective functions. To support this sensitive baby skin, it needs regular care.

That is why PENATEN face & body cream is recommended for daily care, which:

  • Moisturises the skin
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft
  • has been dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.

What distinguishes Penaten Intensive Care Cream for Face & Body?

Intensive care for sensitive baby skin is particularly important because it is up to 30% thinner than that of adults. This means that the skin can store moisture quickly, but also lose it just as quickly. The PENATEN intensive care cream for face and body contains a special complex of olive leaf extract, minerals and vitamin E and moisturises the skin for 24 hours.

This cream, with its intensive but light care, serves to protect and care for dry baby skin. Of course, the skin compatibility has also been dermatologically confirmed.

What distinguishes Penaten ultra sensitive face & body cream?

PENATEN Care Cream ultra sensitive for face and body increases the moisture content of the skin and has been specially formulated to minimise the risk of allergies. At the same time, it is completely without perfume, without colourants and the skin compatibility has also been tested here even for allergy sufferers.

The logo of the "German Allergy & Asthma Association" (DAAB) confirms that the labelled products are suitable for allergy sufferers. Therefore, this cream is recommended for the basic care of highly sensitive and neurodermatitis-prone baby skin.

What distinguishes Penaten wound protection cream?

PENATEN wound protection cream with zinc oxide was specially developed to protect sensitive baby skin in the nappy area from soreness, as this is particularly stressed by the moist, warm climate.

Penaten Creme-1

The baby's nappy area can become sore very quickly, which is why a wound protection cream is ideal. (Image source: / Brandless)

With its light texture, it is ideal for daily use and again, its skin compatibility has been dermatologically confirmed. It forms a breathable protective film and quickly soothes the skin.

Here's a little note: formulations containing zinc, like this one, can cause zinc oxide particles to accumulate over time. These are visible as small granules in the cream, but dissolve when applied to the skin. Despite this, the cream and its effect are not affected.

What distinguishes Penaten Ultra sensitiv wound protection cream?

The difference here is that this ultra sensitive wound protection cream has been formulated to minimise allergy risks and is also specially designed for newborns.

Here too, the logo of the "German Allergy & Asthma Association" (DAAB) confirms that the labelled products are suitable for allergy sufferers. Therefore, this cream is recommended for the basic care of highly sensitive and neurodermatitis-prone baby skin.

What distinguishes Penaten SOS Cream?

Penaten SOS Cream moisturises the skin and forms a soothing protective film. It is also ideal for the baby's face and skin folds. As usual, the skin compatibility is dermatologically confirmed and fragrance-free.

The cream contains 4.3% dex-panthenol, which soothes irritations and redness. This complex is converted into vitamin B5 in the body, which supports the formation of new skin cells.

What makes Penaten wash and shower cream special?

Although babies love bathing and splashing around, there are often problems and tears when washing, especially the hair. This can come from the little splashes of water mixed with the soap, which irritate the sensitive eyes. Scientists have found out that the blink reflex in babies is not yet fully developed, which otherwise protects the eye.

That is why this cream was developed, which has been ophthalmologically tested and confirmed. In addition:

  • Cares for the skin while washing and showering.
  • Contains 1/3 baby lotion.
  • Is skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed.

What distinguishes Penaten Wind & Weather Cream?

In cold weather, the cool air draws moisture from the skin, which is why sensitive baby skin needs special protection. In addition, the sebaceous glands produce less skin oil in such weather. This further weakens the skin's natural protective barrier.

In summary, the cream does the following:

  • It protects in cold and damp weather.
  • It preserves the natural moisture content of the skin.

In addition, the cream contains calendula and is of course dermatologically tested.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate Penaten cream based on these factors

Target group

The target group for the Penaten brand is mainly babies, but there is nothing to stop it being used for adults. In addition, the brand has recently launched a care range for mothers.

The skin of babies loses moisture much faster than the skin of adults, which has three main reasons:

  1. The outermost skin layer in humans, the horny layer, is thinner in babies than in adults. The cells in this skin layer are less densely packed in babies, which is why moisture can quickly escape from the skin through the gaps. This means that the skin can also absorb moisture more quickly.
  2. The sebaceous glands, which produce fat-like substances (lipids), are not yet very active in babies. These lipids form a protective film on the skin that prevents too much water from escaping. In babies, this lipid film is hardly present because the sebaceous glands only produce a few lipids, which is why moisture escapes from babies' skin more quickly.
  3. Baby skin contains fewer moisture-binding substances than adult skin. This means that baby skin can store less water.

Moisture is very important for the skin as it keeps the outermost skin layer (the horny layer) intact and elastic. Only under these conditions can it fulfil its tasks, such as preventing bacteria and unwanted substances from penetrating the skin, as well as protecting it from injury.

However, adding moisture in the form of water from the outside does exactly the opposite of caring for the skin - it dries it out further. This is because water washes away the protective lipids and water-binding substances. Therefore, oily substances should be applied to the skin to nourish it and at the same time form a greasy film.


Each cream comes in different quantities, which is why we have compiled an overview for you here:

Product Quantity in ml
Cream 50ml
Care Cream for Face and Body 100ml
Wound Protection Cream 75ml
SOS Cream 75ml
Wash and Shower Cream 400ml
Wind and Weather Cream 75ml

Quality of ingredients

When it comes to ingredients for cosmetics, there are, of course, first of all EU specifications that strictly regulate everything and are found in the Cosmetics Regulation. These specifications also include scientific findings by a committee of experts. Although this is strictly regulated, Penaten goes one step further to ensure the safety of babies.

They also follow various recommendations such as those of the DAAB, dermatological tests, the wishes of consumers and years of experience.

Facts worth knowing about Penaten cream

Now that you've gathered enough information about Penaten cream, we'd like to conclude by giving you a few more facts.

How should the cream be stored and what is its shelf life?

The expiry date of each cream is printed on the product, which should of course be observed. The creams also do not need to be stored in the refrigerator unless this is explicitly stated.

How much care do babies need?

First of all, you should follow the care recommendations of experts, as these are based on scientific studies.

  • Cream or lotion: Apply 2-3 times a week, preferably after bathing
  • Bathadditive: Bathe 2-3 times a week with a bath additive specially formulated for baby's skin
  • Wind & Weather Cream: Apply to uncovered areas of skin in cold and damp weather for extra protection
  • Oil: Use for massages and to remove stool residue
  • Wound protection cream: Use in the nappy area, for prevention and against sore spots
  • Panthenol cream: Reduces skin redness

Penaten Creme-2

Nevertheless, one should of course consider the respective skin type of the baby and thus adjust the care appropriately.

(Image source: / Filip Mroz)

What side effects are possible?

Since Penaten develops and produces the products mainly for babies and children, there should be no side effects. Even in the case of allergies, there are specially developed products here for this purpose.

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