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Do you occasionally suffer from erectile dysfunction or want to enlarge your penis? Maybe you are also looking for a new sex toy? Then you should read up on penis pumps. Because with this little helper you can not only prevent and treat problems, but also use it for pleasure. But what are the differences and what should you consider when buying?

In our penis pump test 2021 we present the best and highest quality penis pumps in detail. We also give you helpful tips and important information on how to use penis pumps. Whether you choose a Peleusball pump, two-finger pump, piston pump / scissor pump, vacuum pump or a hydro pump, you will find the best penis pumps in our comparison.


  • Potency pumps are great for non-invasive potency enhancement. They can also be used for penis straightening, penis enlargement, more permanent erections, treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction and as a sex toy.
  • A general distinction is made between manual and electric erection pumps. Both options have certain advantages and disadvantages and are available in different variants and designs.
  • The biggest differences between the different types of penis pumps are the maximum pressure, durability and the possibility of using them in the shower.

The Best Penis Pump: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a penis pump

How do I use a penis pump correctly?

The correct use of a penis pump is very important, as incorrect use can lead to pain or injury. Please read this section carefully!

First, insert your flaccid member into the suction tube. As it has to pass through the tight rubber sleeve, it is advisable to use a lubricant for this. Water-based lubricants are often recommended, as oily ones can damage the rubber coating of the chamber and possibly the pump in the long run.

When the pump is activated, your penis enters the chamber completely and is slowly pumped up to an above-average size in the negative pressure regulated by you. Depending on the pump and your needs, you can use it for longer or shorter periods.

Don't forget to clean your penis pump completely after each use.

Most guides give a maximum use time of 20 minutes for pumps. Exceptions are items like the Phallosan Forte, which is more of a stretcher than a classic pump. With stretchers, you can easily exceed this time.

However, please always listen to your body and never go beyond your pain threshold, also to avoid excessive sensitivity. All pumps are equipped with a safety valve to release the pressure as quickly as possible. Never risk your health and do not expect "miracles" after a short time.

If your penis is too big or you have reached your pain threshold, operate the valve which allows air to flow into the suction tube and releases the vacuum. If you want to keep your erection longer, you can now also use a penis ring. Some manufacturers already include a tourniquet with their pumps.

What are the risks? Are there any disadvantages for me?

According to the various manufacturers, penis pumps are free of side effects. Similar to a hickey, tissue damage or haematoma can occur if the pressure is too high or worn for too long.

Even though some may wish for greater sensitivity, prolonged use can have negative consequences for a man's body! Therefore, it is important to listen to yourself and stop using it if in doubt.

Some pumps are difficult to integrate into bed games and there might be an inhibition threshold when using them as a team, but this always depends on the partner.

In some circles, the erection pump still has a negative connotation, but with the ongoing de-tabooing of sexual issues, this continues to decline. Depending on your skin condition, the use of the pump can also cause skin irritation.

How does a vacuum pump work? What are the components of an erection pump?

Your penis has three erectile tissues, which determine its thickness and curvature. The vacuum created by the pump causes more blood to flow into these erectile tissues. The more blood that flows into it when it is erect, the stiffer it becomes. With regular use, the vessels in the corpus cavernosum expand, making it larger.

Penis pumps consist of a suction tube (usually made of transparent plastic) that is 15-25 centimetres long. Many have a centimetre and/or inch scale, which helps you to recognise your success and document it more easily.

On the body side of this chamber, there is usually a sleeve or rubber lining that serves as both a seal and padding. It seals the suction tube against the body and makes it comfortable to wear.

There are also pumps without cuffs. With these, the pump must be pressed firmly against the pubic bone so that the pressure can build up.

The cylinder is attached to the pump via a short or long pump tube. Depending on the design, the pump itself is attached directly to the chamber or a little further away. The hose transfers the negative pressure generated in the pump to the cylinder.

How strong this negative pressure can become depends on the type of pump. The pressure itself is regulated by the pump. Often there is also a gauge attached that shows the current level and thus enables you to regulate it more finely and precisely.

What can I use a penis pump for?

Erection pumps have many uses, not always for penis enlargement or erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • Inexpensive means to effectively increase potency, stamina and the size of your penis
  • Penis enlargement
  • Can be used in a team or alone as a sex toy
  • Can cover many erection and impotence problems in combination with medication
  • Suitable complement to the vibrator
  • Various features such as nubs and vibration
  • Straightening of curved penis possible

What dimensions should the chamber have?

The correct dimensions of the suction tube are extremely important. With the cylinder, you should note that your penis must fit into the chamber without bumping when erect. If this is not the case, the application can be very painful.

Some users experience sexual stimulation through this pain and provoke it. For this purpose, however, pumps with nubs or a similar interior can be used. However, these special pumps can also be used by people with other sexual preferences.

The following always applies: Slowly increasing the pressure and not exceeding the pain threshold is the best approach.

The diameter should be generous, as your member will thicken rather than lengthen. For penis enlargement, the use of a penis stretcher is beneficial. If you train for a long time, you may have to buy a new device. We therefore advise you to choose a slightly larger chamber.

How much does a penis pump cost?

The price of a penis pump depends on the type and features. Some models start at around 6 euros, but you can also spend several hundred euros on an erection pump.

If your doctor gives you a prescription for a medical penis pump, you will have to reckon with different prices.

Type Price range
Pump with peleus ball ca. 10 - 50 €
Two-finger pump ca. 20 - 60 €
Piston or scissor pump ca. 20 - 80 €
Hydro pump ca. 60 - 400 €

How do I clean an erection pump?

All pumps should be cleaned after each use. To ensure that the device lasts as long as possible, it is important to follow a few rules here.

In addition to the cleaning cloths provided, you can also clean the cylinder with a damp paper towel and a little soap. The cuff should be removed and cleaned separately from the chamber.

Pay particular attention to the crevices, which not only need to be dried but also cleaned of lubricant residue, as otherwise an unpleasant odour could develop. The erection pump should only be reassembled when all the individual parts are dry.

The pump, including the pump tube, almost never needs to be cleaned, the only exception being if ejaculate gets into these parts. To protect the device from this damage, which is difficult to remove, a bit of cotton wool can be attached to the end of the pump hose on the side of the cylinder. You should also replace this cotton wool regularly.

After cleaning with water and a cleaning cloth, you should also spray the unit with disinfectant.

Never use alcohol to clean a potency pump, not for any of the parts!

Some of the plastics could be weakened by alcohol or too harsh cleaning agents, making the pump difficult to handle or even rendering it unsuitable for use. Therefore, please watch out for possible bubbles!

What else can I do to further support my erection?

The hormone testosterone plays a very important role here, but it decreases with age. There are various medical options to raise this level again. One of them is the supplementation of zinc.

Nitric oxide (NO) is suitable for helping the blood vessels to dilate. It travels across cell membranes directly to muscle tissue and relaxes it, which dilates the blood vessels. This brings with it a stronger blood flow and thus better blood circulation in the penis.

The following foods and substances are easily absorbed and support the stability of your erection:

  • Red beets
  • Zinc
  • Ginger
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline

What are the alternatives to erection pumps?

This question is difficult to answer because penis enlargement pumps have many different applications.

Those who suffer from erectile dysfunction can reach for Viagra instead. Those who need a toy could also settle for a Fleshlight. A stretcher can also cause penis enlargement, but not thickening.

Straightening a crooked member can be achieved through surgery, but this is often risky and can even shorten the penis a little. For a more permanent erection, penis rings are an alternative solution.

However, an improvement in sensitivity - that is, the extent to which you become more sensitive and therefore feel more - is difficult to achieve through other means.

When was the penis pump invented?

The idea of using penis pumps and erection rings to treat erectile dysfunction was developed by D.Osbon in the 1960s. However, these non-invasive aids have only been used successfully to produce a stiff member since 1982.

Can I use erection pumps with a piercing? Should I shave before or after?

Generally, only if the wound has healed and the jewellery has been removed for the duration of use. We also recommend consulting a doctor before use.

If you want to shave, it is better to shave beforehand as all pumps fit better on smooth skin. This can only increase your sensitivity. To avoid skin irritation, allow a few hours between shaving and pump use.

Can I use potency pumps after prostate surgery?

Every patient has individual differences in this regard. We can only recommend that you consult your doctor before using a penis pump for the first time.

Do erection pumps help with impotence?

Yes, penis pumps help with impotence. However, we tend to recommend that you discuss this with a doctor beforehand and possibly also take medication to combat the problem.

Erectile dysfunction can have various causes - not all of them can be remedied with a potency pump.

Can penis pumps straighten a crooked penis?

It is possible, but it depends on the reason why it is not straight. Again, you should consult a doctor first.

Decision: What types of penis pumps are there and which one is right for you?

There are basically five different types of potency pumps, divided into electric pumps and manual pumps:

Manual erection pumps include:

  • Peleusball pump
  • Two-finger pump
  • Piston pump / scissor pump

Electric penis pumps are:

  • Vacuum pump
  • Hydro pump

All models are different and have different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you want from your future erection pump and what you value, different types are suitable for you.

In the following section, we would like to help you find your ideal erection pump. There are many reasons for using both manual and electric pumps:

  • Penis Enlargement
  • Penis enlargement
  • More permanent erection
  • Straightening of the own member
  • Erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) and impotence
  • More fun during sex
  • Greater sensitivity
  • Increasing your own stamina

How does a manual penis pump work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

This original form of penis pump is uncomplicated, easy to use and easy to store. Manual potency pumps have to be operated with (at least) one hand. They are popular as an erectile aid for erectile dysfunction because, unlike other therapies, no side effects are to be expected.

  • Can be controlled by others
  • Very precise operation
  • Can also be used in the shower
  • Can always be used
  • Only one hand free
  • Physical effort

Their ease of use and precise control make up for the disadvantages of having to operate them with one hand and the physical effort involved. These pumps are also popular for use in the shower; they are generally easy to transport and ready for use at any time.

Vacuum pumps can be bought with or without a pump hose, more about that later. If you want to build a penis pump yourself, this is usually the model to choose. Another advantage of manual erection pumps is that spare parts are easy to obtain.

Peleusball pump

Pumps with a peleus ball are often the cheapest. Peleus balls not only prove their worth in the field of penis pumps, but are also used in various chemistry laboratories. When used, the air is pressed out of the ball by squeezing it and the subsequent expansion of the ball creates the negative pressure.

These hand pumps are particularly popular because they do not need any other mechanical components.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • No other mechanical parts
  • Individual parts easily replaceable
  • If poorly cleaned: Cracks in the rubber

Not only are they inexpensive and easy to use, but they also have no small mechanical parts that could quickly break. Users also like to build these pumps themselves, which is why individual parts are easy to acquire and install, even in the case of purchased specimens.

However, the plastic of these pumps is also prone to cracking, which is why they should never be combined with lubricant containing oil. The Peleus ball either sits close to the suction tube and thus close to the body, or has a pump tube so that, if desired, the partner can also control the pressure from a distance.

Two-finger pump

The two-finger pump is particularly popular because it is easy to use and, like the pump with Peleus ball, it can be controlled via a tube, which gives the user a lot of freedom of movement.

The pressure is controlled only by the movement of two fingers, which gives it its name, so this variant is particularly easy to use.

  • Easy handling
  • Much room for movement
  • Easy pressure control
  • Short-lived

However, users often complain that this pump is more short-lived than others because it contains some small parts that are prone to failure and often break. It is therefore advisable to go for a more expensive pump with more metal parts.

Piston pump / scissor pump

These positive displacement pumps are often more popular with experienced users than Peleus pumps. The piston runs in a cylinder, which is connected to an inlet and outlet valve. The principle is the same as with old-fashioned bicycle pumps.

The pressure can be built up and maintained more accurately due to the air pressure gauge, which is perfect for a slow increase in training.

  • Stronger vacuum can be generated
  • More accurate pressure increase
  • Perfect pressure control
  • Difficult to control if hose too short

With some models, it is reported that the pump hose is too short for pleasant play with two or more people.

However, the scissor pump is rated particularly highly by expert users precisely because of its stronger vacuum and perfect pressure control.

How does an electric penis pump work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Electric potency pumps usually work at the push of a button and have the advantage that you have both hands free. These erection pumps suck themselves in automatically and therefore fit better. The vacuum is created at the push of a button and without physical effort.

But beware: it can build up more than with manual penis pumps. When you switch from the manual to the electric type, don't start out too cocky.

  • Automatic suction function
  • Pressure without physical effort
  • Stronger vacuum can be created
  • Both hands free
  • Battery or rechargeable battery required

As these pumps are electric, they must be charged by cable (e.g. via USB) or supplied with batteries. These are often not included in the delivery.

Vacuum pump

Unfortunately, the name is misleading here. All pumps in our list work with negative pressure, not with vacuum. Physicists will know that a vacuum cannot be achieved with these pumps. The suction function is completely automatic at the push of a button or via a continuous slide.

Vacuum pumps should not be used in humid environments such as in the shower because of their electrical components.

  • Automatic vacuum without physical effort
  • Pleasant, simple operation
  • Robust, safe, durable
  • Not suitable for use in damp areas (shower, bathroom)

These robust, durable pumps have earned their reputation because of their safe and easy operation. However, one must always bear in mind that they require a power supply and should therefore not be used in damp areas as a precaution.

Hydro pump

Hydro pumps - as the name suggests - work with water. Unlike the previous types of pumps, the pressure here is built up with about 200 millilitres of hot water. The combination of hot water and negative pressure is supposed to create a very pleasant feeling.

A disadvantage is the higher weight of the penis pump, which is why it is often supplied with a carrying strap. This pump should not be used in bed, as the water could leak out unintentionally.

  • Can be used in the shower
  • Pleasant feeling
  • Improves potency
  • Can leak in bed
  • Higher weight

The use of these pumps is also less suitable as sex toys because of their weight and the water used, but their use is said to be very practical in the morning shower - the bathmate brand is well-known here.

This type of pump is also very suitable for training and improving potency. Hydropumps can also be used as an enlargement measure or to combat impotence.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate penis pumps

The various criteria are particularly important for an informed and well-considered purchase. In the following, we would like to show you which factors you should consider before buying a penis pump.

In summary, these are:

  • Chamber length and diameter
  • Electric or manual
  • Pump tube
  • Maximum pressure
  • Transparent cylinder
  • Cuff / rubber coating
  • Cleaning
  • Features

In the following paragraphs you can read about the individual criteria and make an informed decision.

Chamber length and diameter

When it comes to the dimensions of the cylinder, you have to make sure that the pump is not too loose, otherwise your testicles could be sucked into the chamber, which is very painful. For the same reason, your penis should not touch the walls during use, although some users report that this pain can also increase pleasure.

In general, your penis should fit into the cylinder without bumping when erect. The diameter should be more generous than the length of the chamber, because with adequate use, a greater thickening can be expected as a penis extension. You can also use a penis stretcher to help lengthen the penis.

Electric or manual

Here too, it all depends on your taste. The big questions you should ask yourself here are:

  • Do I want to have both hands free?
  • Is manual inflation during lovemaking desirable?
  • How strong do I want the pressure to be?
  • How much money do I want to spend?
  • Do I want to build the pump myself?
  • Am I an inexperienced user?
  • Do I want to be able to use the pump in the shower (or similar areas)?

If you don't care how many hands are free or you enjoy manual inflation, it's a good idea to go for a manual pump. They are also easier to build yourself if you want to design your own.

If you want to have both hands free or need more pressure, it is advisable to buy an electric pump. These are generally more expensive than manual pumps. Also, as a beginner, you should consider increasing the pressure slowly over many uses and not using the highest setting straight away.

If you are a beginner, we would advise you to buy a manual pump first. If you do not like the application, you have not lost too much money. Also, always remember to increase the pressure slowly.

Electric vacuum pumps also run the risk of getting electrified or ruining the pump when used in the shower or other wet places.

If you want to exercise regularly in the morning or evening shower, we advise you to use a manual pump or a hydro pump, the latter being both electric and waterproof.

Pump hose

Whether you prefer hand pumps with a pump hose or without is entirely up to your personal preferences. With a partner, however, it is easier to use all potency pumps with a pump tube and you have both hands free.

A manual pump without a long pump tube is easier to use alone, as you don't have to watch out for a tube when walking around. Electric erection pumps work at the touch of a button and have an automatic priming function - these are also great for couples play as they leave your hands free.

Maximum pressure

The maximum pressure is often not specified on the various websites, which can make your purchase decision more difficult. Don't be afraid to ask the dealer! Often the pressure is known and was only inadvertently not stated.

It is important to know the maximum pressure in order to decide whether a pump is suitable for you. The longer you use a penis pump and the more pressure you are used to, the stronger the pressure of your next pump needs to be. In any case, it should not be below your usual strength.

If you notice that the pressure of your pump is no longer sufficient, this could be due to one of two reasons: Either it is defective, in which case the pressure will drop by itself, or you need to buy a stronger pump.

In the case of pumps with analogue pressure displays, you can also read from various pictures what the maximum pressure of a model is. These displays also make it easier to use, as you can remember where your pain threshold is and what pressure is best for you.

Transparent cylinder

Most pumps have a (semi-)transparent chamber so you can watch your member grow. The colour of this transparent cylinder varies from model to model. Even slight colouring should allow you to see enough.

But a darkened chamber without any transparency can also be enjoyable. The detachment from the pump can have a positive effect on the emotions and pleasantly surprise not only the wearer but also the partner.

Solid-coloured cylinders without any transparency are harder to find, but work just as well as those with a transparent chamber.

Cuff / rubber lining

Here, special care should be taken to ensure that the pump fits comfortably. Many pumps also have replaceable cuffs, as everyone prefers a different material and they also often break first. Cuffs with many grooves fit better, but are also more difficult to clean.

Often, the diameters of the cuffs are indicated to help you determine which one fits you best. If you want a particular pump but don't like the rubber coating, you can usually just change it. However, it is advisable to ask the dealer first if this is possible.


Cleaning is an important criterion for the purchase. Well-cleaned pumps last longer and smell better! Remember: the more grooves the sleeve has, the more precise you have to be when cleaning it.

In general, all accessories (for example, a vibro-egg) should be removable to allow for good cleaning. Nubs and other things inside the cylinder can also make cleaning more difficult; here you have to be especially careful to get the inside of the chamber clean.

However, there are also parts that do not need to be cleaned, or not as often, such as the peleus ball or the pump tube. Only if ejaculate gets into these parts should they be cleaned.


Some pumps are equipped with additional nubs or other internal features that are designed to provide additional stimulation during erotic use. However, if the cylinder is too large, your penis may not be able to reach these extras.

Some pumps are also easier to take apart than others, which is helpful not only when you're cleaning them, but also when you want to transport them.

Pumps with pressure gauges - whether electronic or manual - can also help with operation. You can use them to gauge where your pain threshold is.

Allergy sufferers should pay particular attention to the materials of the pump. Some are specifically latex- and phthalate-free or moulded from a special type of plastic to allow every man to own a suitable pump. That's why it's important to inform yourself beforehand so as not to cause any side effects.

Pumps with a vibro-egg are also popular, as they enable particularly erotic lovemaking. You should make sure that these accessories are removable so that they can be cleaned easily.

A display in centimetres or inches also helps to observe the growth of the member more closely in the long term and to document your successes. However, this option is only available on cylinders that are as transparent as possible.

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