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Welcome to our big penis sleeve test 2022. Here we present all the penis cuffs that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best penis sleeve for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a penis cuff.



  • Penis sleeves make your best piece thicker or longer or both. With an enlarged penis, you can delay ejaculation, pleasure your girlfriend, wife or partner deeper, stronger and more intensely, and give her and yourself new sensations.
  • Penis cuffs are available as: Sleeves, extensions, loops, cockcages and as combination devices and sets. You can choose from penis cuffs for her, for him and for couples. They are available with additional gadgets in various materials, colours, lengths and sizes.
  • The various penis cuffs can be differentiated according to the type of stimulation. With a penis extension, your rod can reach not only the vagina, but also the clitoris and the G-spot. You can also rediscover and control your own feelings with the help of penis rings and penis loops. There are even penis cuffs as jewellery.

The Best Penis Sleeve: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a penis sleeve

What is a penis cuff?

A penis cuff is an erotic aid to increase and prolong the erection of the man as well as to intensify the feeling of pleasure for the woman or the receptive partner.

Penis cuffs are usually made of rubber, latex or leather. The surface can be smooth, nubbed, grooved or have some other texture. They can be fitted with metal inserts (rings, balls, etc.) to create an even stronger and more intense sensation of pleasure for both parts.

What are the benefits of a penis sleeve or penis enlargement?

A penis sleeve or penis sleeve gives the penis a new structure, lengthens it, makes it thicker or straightens the penis. This can give the woman or passive part and possibly also the active part new, different or more intense sensations during stimulation.

A penis cage, penis extender or penis loop can work in a similar way to a penis ring. That is, the device can prolong the erection, weaken the irritability of the member and prolong the duration of the act. Regular use can also increase your stamina.

From a purely visual point of view, your erection will appear larger and plumper and will be more noticeable.

This attracts attention and curiosity, so it can also excite the eye. And that can lead to a more fulfilling love life for both partners.

Especially the older generation or stressed men who are struggling with the first signs of impotence can benefit from a suitable penis sleeve, penis sheath or penis enlargement. In this case, the device acts as an effective sexual enhancer and erection booster. Wearing it regularly renews the marriage and contributes to marital hygiene.

A designer penis cuff basically attracts more attention, not necessarily from the opposite sex. It is perfect as jewellery for all guys who like to stand out a bit. A discreet penis chain or a leather penis cuff can become an eye-catcher at a sex or erotic party or in a fetish or swingers club.

How does a penis cuff or penis ring work?

A penis sleeve works relatively simply: it is pulled over your best piece, which results in a greater length or diameter. It makes your penis look plumper, bigger and altogether more impressive.

With many penis enlargements (a cuff, an adjustable penis ring or penis cage, or a penis strap), the blood accumulates in the swell body and flows back only slowly, which usually makes the erection appear larger. The circumference of the glans can also be increased in this way. This makes the stimulation more powerful and ejaculation can be delayed for up to 30-60 minutes.

Penis cuffs can increase the fun in bed for all involved. (Image source: / 50352669)

The cuffs with different stimulation structures provide new, different or more intense feelings for the receiving partner. More information on this can be found in the answer to the question "What effect does a penis sleeve achieve?"

Who is a penis sleeve suitable for?

A penis cuff or penis sheath is basically suitable for every potent man. Different possibilities to expand your best piece make it an interesting, fun and cheap sex toy.

Since these sleeves usually make your boyfriend thicker and longer, they are at best suitable for men who tend to have a small or medium-sized penis. With an appropriate extension, such guys can give their wife or girlfriend the feeling of fulfilment with a large or very large device.

On the other hand, penis sleeves with stimulation structures can offer new or more intense feelings during stimulation. This will also give men who are very well endowed more variety in their love life to their partners.

Not to be neglected are penis cuffs with vibration or love toys with clitoral or G-spot stimulation for curious women and couples. Due to the abundance of penis stretchers, potency rings and penis cages with additional gadgets, such sex toys are a constant trend.

Some penis cages present on the market today are ideal for cuckold couples or wives who like to keep their husbands chaste.

A designer penis cuff in red, blue or yellow attracts attention, not only from the opposite sex. It is therefore very suitable as a piece of jewellery for all men who like to attract a little attention. But a discreet penis chain can also become an eye-catcher, for example at an erotic or BDSM party or in a swingers club.

What effect does a penis cuff have?

A penis cuff gives the penis a new structure, lengthens it, makes it thicker or straightens it. This can give the passive and possibly also the active part new, different or stronger sensations during stimulation.

A penis sleeve, penis loop or penis extender can work in a similar way to a penis ring. That is, the device can prolong the erection, reduce the sensitivity of the member and thus prolong the duration of the act. Regular use can also increase stamina.

On the outside, it makes your best piece appear bigger and plumper and more noticeable. This not only attracts attention, but also curiosity, so it can also be visually arousing. And the visual arousal can lead to a fulfilling act for both partners.

Especially older or stressed men who are struggling with the first signs of impotence can benefit from a good penis sleeve, penis sleeve or other penis enlargement. In this case, the penis sleeve acts as an effective sexual enhancer. Wearing it regularly renews the love life in the marriage and thus contributes to marital hygiene.

In what size and length should I buy a penis sleeve?

Before you buy a penis sleeve, you should measure the size of your best piece. The best way to do this is with a flexible measuring tape, thread or string. For the diameter, you can subtract three to five millimetres from the result, then you already know the length and diameter of your boyfriend.

There are different types of penis cuffs:

  • Penis sleeves and penis extensions
  • Penis rings, penis loops and penis cages (cockcages)
  • Combination devices and sets

You should first decide on a type and then proceed according to size. When buying a penis sleeve or penis extension, both the length and the diameter are important. Since some products are not very stretchy, you need to pay close attention to the diameter.

The sleeve should not press too hard, but a dangling penis enlargement is also annoying. Please take into account a possible small loss of erection!

When it comes to penis rings, penis loops and cages, you have to pay close attention to the diameter.

By the way, the ideal feeling of pressure is very individual. If you don't know how much pressure you want, we recommend an adjustable penis ring, strap or cage.

If your penis enlargement is the right size, it will usually not cause any medical problems or negative side effects. In a set, there are often penis cuffs in different sizes. This gives you a wide field of experimentation in bed.

How much does a penis sleeve cost?

The price range for penis cuffs and penis sleeves is between 3 and 60 euros, with a few models and sets (especially qualitative penis stretchers) reaching a price of 220-350 euros.

Penis cuffs by well-known designers and handmade jewellery were excluded, some of which are equipped with gold or precious stones and can cost more than 1000 euros.

Model Price
Penis cuffs ca. 3-50 € (Amazon, 17.9.2018)
Penis rings approx. 2.50-80€ (Amazon, 17.9.2018)
Penis cuffs sets ca. 4-21€ (Amazon, 17.9.2018)

As everywhere, the material and the quality of workmanship play a central role in the pricing.

"We're too poor to buy cheap" - you can use this expression as a leitmotif when buying a penis cuff. And indeed: most penis enlargements or sleeves in the low-price segment have various defects:

Unfortunately, they are quickly torn, sometimes already during the first use, they slip or press in the wrong place. Some penis sleeves can even cause minor injuries and skin irritations.

Which penis enlargement is suitable for you?

The suitability of a specific penis enlargement or penis sleeve is very individual and depends on your taste, goals and preferences.

If you have never worn a penis sleeve, penis ring, cage or erection booster, you should first think about a specific purpose, how often you want to use it and how much you are willing to spend.

Do you want to make your erection longer or thicker? Do you want to give it a new structure? Do you want to be able to go longer in the first place and have a plump penis in return? Do you like an adjustable or vibrating penis sleeve? These are some questions you can ask yourself before making a purchase.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials?

Penis sleeves and rings are produced in many different materials such as silicone, rubber, acrylic, latex, metal (steel, stainless steel), glass or leather. The sleeves (penis sleeves) for your best piece are therefore available in several stretchable materials, whereas good penis rings, especially for "advanced" users, are often made of a firm material.

Apart from individual preferences and types of use, there are penis sleeves made of silicone, rubber, acrylic and latex. Penis sleeve manufacturers also use metal, glass or leather.

The stretchable materials have the advantage that the cuff can be flexibly adjusted by stretching. There is no risk of injury and you can also cut them to get free. However, such cuffs break more easily, are torn more often and some of them are problematic to clean.

The advantages of a product made of hard materials are the ideal size of the penis cuff (if you know your ideal size), the longer durability and the posture: the receiving partner does not necessarily feel the loss of erection immediately.

Such penis sleeves are also often easier to clean. On the other hand, they are much more expensive, have to fit perfectly and can lead to injuries if used incorrectly.

What are the different battery types for penis sleeves with vibration?

Penis cuffs and rings with vibration require energy supply (batteries), which are available in four different variants:

  • Disposable batteries
  • Batteries to replace
  • Power units for replacement
  • Penis cuffs and rings with rechargeable batteries

The first variant are very cheap cuffs made of latex or testicle cuffs. These include cheap vibrating penis rings as a penis cuff substitute. With these things, you can't change the battery and the energy often lasts for 30-60 minutes, so only for one to a maximum of four rounds. Also, these cuffs are rather difficult to clean.

The batteries to replace are usually the same batteries used in watches.

You sometimes need a little patience to replace such a battery. It must be exactly the right size and type.

The power units are practical because they can be replaced completely, but also because there are different power units for some vibrating penis cuffs, for example a stronger version. This makes different vibrations and types of stimulation possible.

The vibrating cuffs and vibrating rings with rechargeable batteries can be plugged into the wall socket or a power source. Such penis enlargements are often considerably more expensive. They are mainly good orgasm rings or sex toys made of valuable materials, e.g. genuine leather or stainless steel.

How do I use a penis sleeve with a penis ring for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder in which the penis fails to achieve a full erection. This disorder can be temporarily reversed with the help of a penis sleeve or penis enlargement, possibly with the use of a penis pump or a penis ring.

Erectile dysfunction is also called impotence, erectile dysfunction or potency disorder in the specialist literature.

This basically includes all problems in achieving a sufficient erection for the purpose of sexual intercourse or maintaining it in the long term.

Apart from various potency pills, expensive sexual enhancers and penis creams that increase potency, this disorder can be remedied with a penis extender or penis extender in combination with a docking ring or erection ring. Penis extenders made of solid materials are particularly suitable for this purpose.

To counteract erectile dysfunction, it is best to use a suitable penis ring or penis strap together with a non-stretchable penis sheath made of solid material, for example glass, acrylic or metal. After the blood has been pumped into the erectile tissue (possibly with the help of a penis pump), the penis ring prevents backflow.

As soon as a sufficient erection has been achieved, you can also tighten the penis sleeve to secure and extend its stability. Now your device is ready for use!

Thanks to the ring, your best piece stays in an aroused state much longer, and thanks to the penis sleeve, you can pleasure your partner even more deeply and intensively. This leads to a fulfilling sexual intercourse. Afterwards, you should carefully remove and clean both devices.

What are the alternatives to a penis sleeve?

There are many different alternatives to a cuff or penis sheath. The alternatives for women are various penis rings, cock rings and dildos in different shapes and sizes. A penis belt or a strapon dildo with a penis ring for women can also be an alternative.

For men, alternatives include various pocket pussies, glans rings, pleasure pussies, masturbators, penis pumps, adjustable penis rings and sex dolls. They are ideal for masturbation.

With a lot of hard work and inspiration, you can even make a penis sleeve yourself. However, you should avoid harmful materials and sharp edges so as not to injure yourself or the receiving part.

Decision: What types of penis cuffs are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between six different types of penis cuffs:

  • Penis sleeves with different stimulation structures
  • Penis extensions with and without testicle cuffs
  • several penis rings, with and without vibration as well as with and without clitoris / G-spot stimulator
  • Penis loops
  • Penis cages (cockcages)
  • Combination devices and sets

Each type of penis cuff is different in use and application. Therefore, each penis cuff has different advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

All penis cuffs have special features and whether you will enjoy them or not depends on your individual preferences, personal situations and preferences. Some penis cuffs are specifically suited for particular uses.

In the following we will try to help you find out which penis sleeve is perfect for you. We'll introduce you to different types or categories, explain how they work and outline some pros and cons.

What is a penis sleeve and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A penis sleeve is a stretchable, penis-like sleeve made of silicone, latex, acrylic or rubber that you can put your best cock into. The penis sleeve allows you to delay orgasm and pleasure the receiving part.

To intensify the sensation, many penis sheaths have nubs, grooves or other stimulating structures.

But they can also have a completely natural shape. A penis sheath fits comfortably around your boyfriend and wraps him quite tightly, so that your pleasure and the pleasure of the receiving part can be increased.

  • stretchable
  • diversity of stimulus structures
  • often cheap
  • can be cut if necessary
  • not always fitting
  • not always easy to put on
  • cheap goods can be torn quickly

With different stimulus structures you can also give your partner new perceptions and emotions. There are penis sleeves in different sizes, materials and qualities. Depending on which sleeve you choose, there are almost no limits to the choice.

How do you use a penis extension and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A penis extender, also called a penis stretcher or penis extension, is a mechanical device designed to permanently lengthen the penis.

  • expensive devices show effect
  • natural penis enlargement
  • lasting results
  • you have to overcome your inner obstacle
  • not all models are comfortable to wear
  • good devices are correspondingly expensive

Almost all penis extenders have the same functional principle in common. The penis is stretched by a sustained pulling action. It is not the stretching of the tissue that is responsible for the increase in length, but rather a physical principle of the body: the stimulation of cell growth by an external stimulus.

Some ancient primitive peoples have been using this principle of controlled stretching for centuries, e.g. swan-necked women from Burma or the plate lips of certain ethnic groups in Brazil or in Africa.

Penis stretchers thus try to stimulate the cell tissue in the penis to divide by exerting a constant stimulus.

Since real and new cell tissue is created here, these results are lasting and therefore permanent. The improved blood circulation that accompanies the application also leads in many cases to improved erection behaviour and thus to increased potency.

The penis enlargement devices with traction function available today are divided into two groups according to their different functional principle:

  • Rigid metal constructions with rubber loops
  • Flexible stretching belt systems without hard materials that deflect the necessary traction to the side.

In addition, there are of course quite ordinary penis extenders without a traction function, which you can only wear during sexual intercourse. These look similar to penis sheaths, but are longer at the tip. They have no effect on the actual length of your best piece and are correspondingly cheaper.

Caution: The use of mechanical methods with a traction function, especially with weights, is risky. Reliable evidence for achieving the desired effect without negative side effects is not available.

What is the function of (multiple) penis rings with and without vibration and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

You can build a penis sleeve from several penis rings. There are now certain sets on the market that are suitable for this.

The function of a cock ring is relatively simple: the blood accumulates in the erectile tissue and the penis appears larger and plumper.

When you wear a cock ring, you put pressure on a part of your erect member. This allows the blood to flow easily into the member, but the pressure from the outside partially prevents the blood from flowing back.

The blood flows back more slowly and accumulates in the erectile tissue. This makes the penis longer and increases the circumference of the glans. Stimulation is often more intense and ejaculation may be delayed. Some veins may even become visible on your best part. As long as the penis ring feels good, it is not a problem.

  • mostly simple construction
  • mostly inexpensive
  • mostly fitter-friendly
  • mostly easy to clean
  • multiple non-stretchy rings pose health risks
  • not all models are comfortable to wear
  • all rings must fit snugly and be tight

There are now several penis rings on the market with integrated vibrators for clitoral (external) or G-spot (internal) stimulation. How far the vibro-option has a positive effect on the quality of the act is still questionable. These cock rings are somewhat more difficult to clean.

Penis loops: Advantages and disadvantages

Penis loops are a variant of the penis ring, although they are usually tighter, smaller, lighter and more secure. A penis sling is completely flexible in terms of size and can be adjusted to suit the individual to the greatest possible extent.

The "pressure" exerted on the penis can also be adjusted. If desired, the testicles can also be tied in, which intensifies the sensation of pleasure even more. The penis loops are particularly suitable for beginners and, as the pressure can be reduced at any time due to the flexible adjustment, they do not usually pose any health risks.

  • fun and efficient
  • simple construction
  • flexible and safe
  • (very) cheap
  • suitable for beginners
  • extremely cheap products can irritate the skin
  • break quickly
  • can be addictive

On Amazon, penis loops do particularly well, with most being rated and recommended with 4-5 stars. So this is a simple, useful, safe and also quite inexpensive sex toy.

What is the point of penis cages for couples and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

A penis cage, more rarely a chastity cuff, is a sex toy for restraining or partially depriving men of their self-control over their genitals. It is mainly used in BDSM activities and prevents erection, masturbation and sometimes orgasm as part of erotic role play.

A penis cage consists of a tube section, usually made of plastic or stainless steel, which is pulled over the penis, fixed and secured with a small lock so that it cannot be removed without a key.

The wearer of the penis cage is thus deprived of access to his genitals and the possibility of an erection. All sexual acts should be controllable by the partner who has the key, the so-called keyholder.

One of the effects of playing with chastity is described as an increasing concentration of the chastised on the sexual needs of the keyholder, similar to the effects of sensory deprivation, and as very erotic stimulation for people who find control by their partner and erotic play within the framework of tease and denial pleasurable

  • something special
  • interesting for advanced
  • power or BDSM games
  • time-consuming to clean
  • unhygienic in the long term
  • inefficient in the long term

One problem with this game is hygiene. The cage should be removed from the penis during daily body cleansing and should also be cleaned itself. When wearing a chastity cage, the pubic area should be shaved, as hair entrapment cannot be avoided due to the design. Irrespective of this, prolonged wearing can lead to chafing and infections.

Another problem is that, contrary to the keyholder's expectations, long-term wearing does not increase the man's desire immeasurably, but rather it decreases over time; it can even lead to impotence. If the penis does not reach full erection and is not used for a long time, it loses its capabilities, at least temporarily.

How do you use combination devices and sets and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Penis sleeves in sets or sleevs sets are another interesting way to enclose the penis with different sheaths and offer your partner many more stimuli.

  • many different options
  • boredom killer, as many types of stimulation
  • vibro option
  • danger of over-saturation
  • sometimes less is more

These cuffs in the set can have very different stimulation structures, such as spiral structures, nubs or grooves. However, the glans is usually free, which does not allow for any lengthening, but does allow for the natural sensation to be created.

On the other hand, there are sheath sets in the classic version, which are slipped completely over the penis and can be fixed to the testicles via a loop.

If, on the other hand, you want to make sex even more interesting and try out even more types of stimulation, combination devices with built-in vibrators would make sense. These enhance clitoral or G-spot stimulation and can even be enhanced with an anal vibrator. Penis sheaths and penis extenders can also be equipped with a small bullet vibrator. As you can see, it's a very wide field of experimentation!

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate penis sleeves based on these factors

Do you want to buy a penis sleeve? We show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate penis cuffs. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain model is suitable for you or not.

In summary, we have found the following buying criteria:

  • Target group and types of stimulation
  • Additional gadgets
  • Material and quality of workmanship
  • Length and size
  • Safety and (mucous) skin compatibility
  • Ease of cleaning

In the following paragraphs you will find information on the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them. Then you can order a penis sleeve

Target group and types of stimulation

First of all, you can think about who you want to buy the penis cuff for and who you want to give more pleasure and variety in bed: your partner, both of you or yourself.

Because different models are better suited for the man, the woman, the active or the passive part due to their different types of stimulation.

Above we have divided the penis sleeves into types. The penis sleeves are mainly intended for women or for the passive partner, because the size of the member can play a role for the recipient.

Various stimulation structures have also been invented for the passive partner. The wearer only benefits if he uses the penis sleeve as a cock ring to delay his orgasm.

Penis extensions with a traction function serve to lengthen the man's penis in the long term. If the length plays any role at all, it is the passive partner who benefits in the end, although it makes some men simply proud, confident and self-assured - to have a long penis.

Various penis rings, which can also be used as cuffs, are suitable for both partners, as the act as such can be lengthened by them.

It's the same with a penis loop. If the cock rings are equipped with a vibrator for clitoral or G-spot stimulation, the woman gets even more out of it. The penis cage is also a toy for both partners, although there are (masochistically inclined) men who find it fun and pleasurable to lock their own penis.

The combination devices and sets are too varied to determine the target group. However, most of them are quite suitable for couples.

Additional gadgets

Penis cuffs can be extended with additional gadgets, such as attachments, anal plugs or vibrators for clitoral or G-spot stimulation. So it's another buying criterion, but what should you look for?

Apart from thinking about whether you want such a gadget at all, and if so, what kind, you should at least include the opinion of your receiving partner in the purchase decision.

Gadgets stimulate your partner, and not all of them do it softly and tenderly. Since the recipient is directly affected by this function, he or she should benefit from it.

For example, the nubs on the attachment may be too big or too hard and cause your girlfriend pain rather than pleasure. Or that the connection between the sheath and the anal plug is too short or too long and thus cannot be used both at the same time.

The surfaces of penis sleeves are varied and can evoke the most diverse stimuli. (Image source: / 37997538)

Many such additional gadgets are especially popular among gay couples and not infrequently arouse various fears or concerns among women. Some other products were produced especially for heterosexual couples and are not suitable for gays.

Also note that functionality should be guaranteed by the careful workmanship and quality of the material. After all, these are your best pieces!

When it comes to penis cuffs with vibration, there are a few more issues you should consider:

  • Can the vibration be switched on and off?
  • Is the vibration strong enough and can various vibration levels be set?
  • Is the penis cuff waterproof?
  • Can you change the batteries or does the device have a rechargeable battery?
  • Can the gadget be removed? Again, sometimes less is more!

Material and quality of workmanship

Penis cuffs come in a variety of materials. The most common are: Silicone rubber, latex, acrylic, glass, wood and leather. The material has an important influence on the device, namely on:

  • Features of the penis cuff
  • Wearing comfort
  • Aesthetics

Basically, penis sleeves made of silicone, rubber or latex are stretchable.

They adapt to the male member, but you should still know your size. In sexuality, the visual plays an important role, including the aesthetics of a penis cuff. The material has an influence on this.

The workmanship is also important. Ideally, there should be no visible defects on your penis sleeve. Penis sleeves that are too thin can tear quickly. Small and large air bubbles, tears in the structure as well as seams and edges lead to poor wearing comfort and shorten the life of your sex toy. Some defects can even lead to injuries in the worst case.

Length and size

The length and size of your penis cuff simply have to fit, and the more precise the better. You should pay particular attention to the diameter, especially if the penis sleeve is not stretchable or made of a firm material. But even stretchy penis sleeves only stretch to a limited extent or they break quickly.

How to determine the diameter and length of your best piece is described above in the section "What size and length should I buy a penis sleeve?

You should also take the length into account if you buy the cuff especially for the purpose of penis enlargement.

A woman's vagina is usually not as long as some men think, and not every woman wants to feel a very long penis inside her because it can hurt. The same applies to anal sex. Ask your partner what size/length she/he prefers before buying a penis sleeve.

Safety and (mucous) skin tolerance

is an important factor that is unfortunately too often neglected. In the medical literature as well as in fiction, many injuries are described that have been added to the recipient and the wearer themselves by poor quality sex toys, incorrect use, wrong size, etc.

You really do risk a lot: from a couple of scratches to a penis fracture (especially if you wear large penis extenders while driving. And if a customer is sitting next to you, it's really embarrassing!)

Your sex toy has to be safe, and the material as well as the quality of workmanship play an important role here.

It must also be (mucous)skin-friendly and not cause allergies. Make sure that there are no harmful substances in the material, especially in the case of cheap sex toys from Asia etc. ALWAYS read the instruction manual carefully before using your sex toy. And please always stick to it, then the risk of injury is the lowest.

Ease of cleaning

is also an important purchase criterion to pay attention to, even if it is the last one in our list.

You should always clean the penis sleeve after use to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

It's easy and practical if your device is made of a material that is as easy to clean as possible and doesn't have a lot of nubs or grooves. Please clean the sex toy no later than 30 minutes after use!

A penis sleeve or penis sheath that you have to clean for half an hour is not really fun for anyone. Especially if the act itself only lasted ten to fifteen minutes.

Facts worth knowing about penis sleeves

How do you put on a penis sleeve properly?

If you have a normal penis cuff and not a testicle cuff, then it should be applied up to the testicles. Some penis cuffs require a little lubricant before putting them on, some don't, this should be noted in the instruction manual.

Note: As with the penis ring, putting on the penis sleeve works best when the penis is semi-erect.

The normal way to attach the penis sleeve is to the lower shaft of the penis. You or your partner should therefore "warm up" your best piece first. When the penis is 60-80% erect, the sheath is simply pushed from the tip towards the base of the penis and positioned correctly.

For penis cuffs that are to be applied behind the testicles (testicle cuffs), the sex toy is pulled a little further behind the testicles.

There it sits quite firmly on the body and cannot slip quickly. You may also need some lubricant on the inside of the penis sleeve. Please follow the instructions for use!

What are the dangers and risks of using a penis sleeve?

Be careful with penis sleeves that are too small, as they can squeeze the penis if it is very erect.

Penis cuffs can cause abrasions on the receptive partner, especially if they have metal inserts. It is essential to read the instructions for use. The use of lubricating creams is also recommended for beginners.

How to remove a penis sleeve?

Removal works in the opposite order to putting it on, from the testicles to the glans. When removing the ring, be careful not to pull off the penis sleeve until the erection has subsided, especially if the penis sleeve is made of inflexible, firm material and has no opening mechanism.

As with tightening, you should be very careful when removing the sleeve to avoid an embarrassing situation or even injury.

To remove it, grab the sheath on the right and left side and slowly pull it up a little. If you are not shaved, be careful not to pull the pubic hair with you.

You can also use scissors to carefully cut open disposable sheaths. Wherever it is difficult to pull off, you may use a little lubricant instead of pulling too hard.

In problematic cases (which can only occur with testicle sleeves) you can use cold water or ice to cool the testicles down a bit, then they will contract and become much smaller.

If this does not help, or if you have pain, contact the emergency doctor immediately. However, this can only happen if you have chosen the wrong size or if you are allergic to certain materials or harmful substances.

Can you make a penis sleeve yourself?

There is almost nothing you can't do, but you must not lose your common sense: At this point, we advise you against all kinds of homemade penis cuffs. It is fundamentally more difficult than, for example, building a penis ring yourself, and even with rings, people on the internet advise against it.

Apart from the procurement of the material, which absolutely has to be free of harmful substances, you should clarify many questions in advance: Questions of fastening, stretching, handling, safety, etc.

These are not easy questions. We have not found a single construction on the web that is convincing from our point of view, including BDSM freaks who wanted to build a penis cuff with an integrated stimulation current device themselves.

By the way, most penis cuffs are not expensive at all: There are many cheap penis cuffs in the price range of 4-12 Euros, so that the effort does not seem to be worth it from our point of view!

Care and cleaning of penis cuffs

You should always clean the penis sleeve after use to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

It is easy and practical if your device is made of a material that is as easy to clean as possible and does not have many nubs or grooves. Please clean the sex toy no later than 30 minutes after use!

  • You can clean almost all penis cuffs well with a cleaner for sex toys. It is available in many sex shops, including women's sex shops. It's quick, but you have to buy the cleaner separately.
  • You can clean plastic penis sleeves and extensions with a weakly concentrated soap. Silicone penis sleeves can even be washed in the dishwasher (but only if you live alone or in an oral sex-positive flat-share).
  • Penis enlargements made of acrylic, glass or leather are the easiest to clean: You can wash them with warm water and soap without hesitation.
  • Some leather sheaths often require additional cleaning. You may even need a special cleaning agent for leather
  • Penis sleeves made of latex can hardly or not at all be cleaned due to this "capricious" material.

Image source: / 37997538