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Welcome to the Wellness Guide. People are increasingly concerned with their appearance. And it's not just women who struggle with unwanted hair. So check out this full review of the Philips epilator. Practical, with one of these you don't need to go to the beauty salon every time you need to epilate. Understand more about these and other benefits in our article.


  • Opt for waterproof models. This not only allows you to shave in the shower, but also makes it easier to clean the device.
  • For intimate hair removal and more sensitive areas, such as the face, it is worth investing a little more and buy a specific device to avoid irritation and damage to the skin.
  • Accessories can make all the difference in an epilator, making it more versatile and offering better results.

The best Philips Epilators: Our Picks

Buying guide

Shaving with a razor can be a real torment and can even result in cuts and skin irritations. But, this can be avoided with modern epilator technology. Philips has years of experience in this field and is always investing in new technology to make your day-to-day life easier. Take a look at our buying guide to understand a little more about their epilators.

Imagem de mulher depilando a perna com um depilador Philips

Many models work with wet skin, allowing a smoother and more pleasant gliding. (Source: Disclosure /

Why do Philips epilators stand out in the market?

Founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Philips started its business in lighting, but soon diversified its products to become one of the leading sellers of consumer electronics, body care and hygiene products.

Philips is known for the very high quality of its products.

In 1951, they became famous for their rotary head shaver and since then, they have put more and more effort into innovations in the field of male and female epilators. With several factories around the world, including Brazil, Philips stands out for the very high quality of its products, always offering what is most modern in the market. Its models are practical, reliable and easy to use, and you still have a website and customer service fully in Portuguese, with several service stations throughout the country. These are some of the points that make the brand so reliable and loved by consumers. In the next topics we will show you more information that confirms why Philips deserves your investment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Philips epilator?

Philips stands out because its devices use rechargeable batteries, dispensing with wires and facilitating mobility during epilation, as well as ergonomic handles that offer more firmness and less risk of accidents. The results last for weeks and many models have various accessories for different areas of the body. Another advantage is that many of them are 100% waterproof. However, you need to recharge the battery regularly, as the usage time is usually around 50 minutes. Especially on more sensitive skin, there is a risk of ingrown hairs and you should clean the blades after use so that the epilator works to its full potential.

  • Their models use batteries, dispensing with wires
  • Ergonomic handles that facilitate epilation
  • The results last for weeks
  • Various accessories for different body regions
  • Many models are waterproof
  • You need to recharge the battery regularly
  • There is the risk of ingrown hairs
  • You should clean the blades after use

What are the different types of Philips epilators?

Philips currently works with five main categories of epilators. The simplest are the bodygroomers, which are ideal for trimming hair close to the skin and have a low level of discomfort. The somewhat more painful epilators perform the epilation process, where the hair is removed completely from the root. They can be used on both body and intimate areas.

The intimate trimmers are more comfortable than the hot wax, offering very similar results with a medium level of discomfort. Pulsed light trimmers are more suitable for the body, with results that last longer. The discomfort varies a lot according to the intensity of the light used. Finally, the male trimmers are the most versatile, as in addition to the body, they can also be used for the beard and, in some models, even for the hair. All this with a very low level of discomfort.

trimmer Remover Intimate trimmer Pulsed light Men's trimmer
Indication for use For the body For the body and intimate regions Intimate regions For the body For the whole body
Benefits Trims hairs close to the skin Removes hair completely More comfortable than hot wax Longer lasting results Can also be used as beard and hair trimmers
Discomfort level Low Intense Medium Depends on light intensity Low

How to get better results with a Philips epilator?

The big advantage here is that Philips offers a wide range of accessories that come with its epilators, such as massagers and blade adjusters. This allows you to use the same appliance for legs, the intimate area and even the face, where the lines are more delicate. Another good tip is to take a warm or hot bath before you epilate, as this helps dilate the pores, facilitating the removal of hair and making the gliding smoother on your skin. Finally, it's always worth remembering that the better your skin is treated and moisturized, the lower the risk of irritations and allergies. See below some products that can make this whole process much more pleasant and with even more beautiful and lasting results.

Buying criteria: What to watch out for before buying a Philips epilator

Epilation has long become part of men's and women's routine, but to avoid skin damage and achieve long-lasting results, you need to pay attention to a few factors. From the right model for each region of the body, to the ideal speed and attachments, everything makes a difference. So, be sure to check out the topics below to understand a little more about these technical specifications and how to choose the ideal epilator for your skin.


One of the main factors when considering buying an electric epilator is size, and Philips offers a wide range of models, from the most compact to the largest and most complete.

Smaller models are great for travelling.

Smaller models are great for travelling, for example, as they fit neatly into a handbag or purse. Larger models offer more options for accessories and the battery lasts much longer. The size also affects the head of the product, where the blades are located. The bigger the head, the larger the working area, allowing epilation to be carried out more quickly.


To get better results during epilation, Philips offers various accessories in its appliances. Check out some of the available options below:

  • Body massager: Helps to relax the skin before and after epilation, reducing the risk of irritation.
  • Exfoliating brush: With 48,200 fine and hypoallergenic bristles, the brush helps remove dead skin cells and helps revitalise the skin.
  • Shaving head and trimming comb: With this accessory you can achieve a closer shave and help define the bikini area.
  • Caps for sensitive areas: These caps with different shapes help to shave more sensitive regions, such as intimate and facial areas.

It's worth remembering that accessories vary according to model, so it's worth doing a little research before making the purchase.

Did you know that hair has a three-week growth cycle and epilating in the middle of this process can cause folliculitis?


Speed can also vary greatly from one model to another. Here, the consideration you should make is that the higher the speed, the less time it will take you to epilate. However, very high speeds can cause greater discomfort and even skin irritation. Another consideration is battery consumption, which increases with speed.

Imagem de mulher depilando a axila com um depilador

For more sensitive areas, such as the armpit, it is recommended to use lower speeds. (Source: belchonock/


Although the more compact models still work with a cord plugged in, most Philips epilators already use a rechargeable battery, making them much more convenient. At normal speeds they will usually last for around 50 minutes before needing to be recharged. A full charge usually takes around 3 hours. It is also important to be aware of whether the model is waterproof or has a removable head for cleaning. If this is not the case, be careful when cleaning to avoid damaging the battery and the device's motor.

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