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For those who are thinking about cutting their own hair, take a look at the Philips hair clippers. The products of the Dutch manufacturer Philips enjoy great popularity worldwide. In addition to consumer electronics and household appliances, Philips also offers personal care products such as hair clippers, trimmers and shavers. With a little practice, you can cut your own hair, especially short hair, and save money on the hairdresser.

In our Philips hair clipper test 2021, we took a close look at Philips hair clippers. In this article, we show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different models. We also explain what you should look for when buying a Philips hair clipper and which alternatives are best for you.


  • Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Philips offers a wide range of products for its customers with the different hair clipper series. The hair clippers from Philips can be used flexibly and enable the user to cut hair evenly and safely.
  • By using different attachments, the cutting length of the hair clipper can be adjusted. Some models even have a digital touch control with over 400 length settings. This also makes them great for precise work like beard trimming.
  • Philips is known for reliable product quality. Besides the innovative design of the Philips hair clippers, the "Trim-n-Flow" technology prevents the hair from clogging the cutting surface. This allows the hair to be cut continuously and without interruptions.

The Best Philips Hair Clippers: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria of Philips hair clippers

Philips hair clippers are available in different models. You can use the following criteria to choose a suitable model for cutting your hair:

In the following section, we explain what the individual criteria are:

Cutting system / cutting width

Although hair clippers function more or less the same in their basic function, there can be small differences depending on the manufacturer. Philips, for example, uses DualCut technology, where a two-sided cutting element cuts the hair twice as fast as a single-sided blade.

The narrower the cutting width, the more precisely you can work.

In addition, the Trim-n-Flow technology ensures that cut hairs do not get caught in the cutting tool and block the clipper. This means that the hair can be cut in one go and without settling.

The cutting width indicates how wide the cutting tool of the hair clipper is.

Maximum cutting lengths / cutting steps

Philips hair clippers are primarily suitable for classic short haircuts. The maximum cutting length indicates the highest setting of the clipper or the size of the longest comb attachment.

The cutting steps indicate the gradation in which the maximum cutting length can be set.

The precision of the cutting steps is usually in one to two millimetre increments.

For example, if the cutting length is set to 18 mm, the hair is cut to a maximum of 18 mm. The lowest cutting length is usually achieved by using the hair clipper without an attachment.

The cutting length is usually adjusted with the help of attachable comb attachments. Digital adjustment of the cutting length offers even greater precision down to 0.1 mm.

Charging time / operating time

If you decide to buy a battery-operated Philips hair clipper, you should check beforehand how long the charging time is and how long the device can be operated with a full battery charge.

Alternatively, there are also corded hair clippers. Pay attention to the length of the cable. The cable should be long enough so that you can still move around flexibly and get everywhere easily.

Scope of delivery / accessories

Especially with hair clippers, the accessories included in the scope of delivery can be a decisive purchase criterion. Normally, the cutting length can only be adjusted by attaching the various hair or beard comb attachments. An additional cleaning brush for the cutting mechanism or a storage bag are also helpful accessories.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Philips hair clipper

Cutting your own hair, or even that of others, can take a lot of effort. The prerequisite is, of course, a suitable hair clipper. We have summarised everything you need to know about Philips hair clippers:

What distinguishes a Philips hair clipper from other manufacturers?

Compared to other manufacturers, Philips is at the forefront with its personal care products. The trust of the customers, built up over many years, is confirmed both in the performance and the product quality of the Philips hair clippers. The different hair clipper series have been specially adapted to the desired customer requirements and thus deliver first-class cutting results.

Philips Haarschneider-1

With the right hair clipper, you can easily give yourself the professional look. When buying, pay particular attention to the maximum cutting length and different cutting levels.
(Image source: Antonio Reynoso / unsplash)

By integrating innovative technologies, such as the DualCut blades or the Trim-n-Flow comb attachment, Phillips hair clippers offer a great user experience. Especially with its top models from the Series 9000 hair clippers, Philips clearly stands out from the competition in terms of precision.

What types of hair clippers does Philips offer?

Whether you prefer an even, stepped or fancier style - the different hair clipper series from Philips offer the right device for everyone. Depending on the experience level, the different hair clipper models play out their advantages and strengths to the full.

We will now show you the differences between the Series 9000, 5000 and 3000 hair clippers and which hair clipper is the right one for you:

Series 9000

Series 9000

The Philips Series 9000 hair clippers are absolute professionals and are particularly suitable for precise haircuts. With state-of-the-art touch control and 400 (!) cutting steps á 0.1 mm, professional cutting results can be achieved with these models.

  • Professional precision
  • Touch control with memory function
  • Self-sharpening titanium blades
  • Powerful battery life
  • Comparatively high price
  • A lot of experience is needed to fully benefit from the functions
Series 5000

Series 5000

The Philips Series 5000 hair clippers are ideal for those who already have some hair cutting experience or just want to try something new.

  • Convenient adjustment of cutting length
  • Innovative Trim-n-Flow PRO technology
  • Waterproof housing for easy cleaning
  • Maximum cutting length of only 28 mm
  • less suitable for precise haircuts
  • average battery life
Series 3000

Series 3000

The Philips Series 3000 hair clippers are designed more for simple haircuts compared to the other two Series. Because they are so easy to use, they are particularly suitable for beginners who have little experience with haircutting or who are just starting out.

  • Even haircut
  • intuitive operation
  • innovative DualCut technology
  • also suitable for beard trimming
  • Comparatively coarse cutting levels
  • less suitable for elaborate haircuts
  • Low battery power or corded use

Attach the attachment, set the appropriate cutting length and you’re ready to go. If you are unsure, try to reach the desired cutting length slowly. You can always cut off more, but the reverse is difficult. If it doesn’t work out the way you want, you can always have your hair done by a hairdresser.

At what prices are Philips hair clippers sold?

Depending on the model, Philips hair clippers are offered in several price categories. The following overview gives you a first idea of the usual retail prices:

Price range prices
Lower price range from 30 - 50 euros
Middle price range from 50 - 80 euros
Higher price range from 80 euros

Are there spare parts and accessories for Philips hair clippers?

Yes, there are various accessories for Philips hair clippers, such as hair or beard comb attachments. In a broader sense, you can also include cleaning brushes, storage bags and hair scissors. The accessories can be ordered directly from the manufacturer Philips.

Philips Haarschneider-2

Cutting hair requires experience and skill. With the help of suitable accessories, such as attachments, combs or scissors, you can perfect your individual look.
(Image source: annmariephotography / pixabay)

However, the battery is permanently installed and cannot be replaced. If it becomes defective, the entire device must be replaced. Within the first two years after the initial purchase, you are even entitled to a guarantee.

What alternatives are there to Philips clippers?

An alternative to Philips clippers is certainly the traditional clipping with hair scissors. If you want to go further in the direction of beard or body shaving, Philips has other body care products in its range, such as electric shavers, roast trimmers/stylers, the OneBlade shaver, body groom or nose trimmers.

Apart from that, there are of course hair trimmers from other manufacturers such as Braun, Panasonic, Hatteker, Wahl, Wella or Sibel. In the following, we present two of these manufacturers for comparison:

The German electrical appliance manufacturer Braun

The German company Braun has a very similar product range to Philips. As part of the Procter & Gamble group, Braun offers various small household appliances as well as products for personal care. In recent years, the company has specialised specifically in products for men's shaving, hair care and hair removal.

Known for their innovative design and high quality products, Braun has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the market. The different hair clipper models are a great alternative to the Philips hair clipper models.

Philips Haarschneider-3

If you dare to cut your own hair, you can save a lot of money. Some hair clippers. Models from Philips and the other manufacturers are suitable even for beginners, as they are easy and intuitive to use.
(Image source: mostafa_meraji / pixabay)

With innovative features, Braun hair clippers are easy to use and the ultra-sharp stainless steel blades ensure clean and precise cutting results. With various accessories, you can customise your haircut.

Braun hair clippers are battery operated. They are waterproof and can be easily cleaned under running water. The cost of Braun hair clippers is in the medium price range.

The Japanese Panasonic Corporation for household and electrical appliances

Panasonic is a multi-billion dollar company that makes a wide range of products from photography to kitchen appliances. Somewhere in between are the body care products. The Panasonic grooming products for men are hair clippers, beard trimmers and shavers. The manufacturer also supplies various accessories and matching spare parts for the products.

Panasonic hair clippers and trimmers are perfectly adapted to the relevant user needs and thus deliver professional cutting results.

The various hair clipper models from Panasonic are very powerful, waterproof and have a good battery life.

The ergonomic design of the Panasonic hair clippers ensures a secure grip and absolute control when cutting hair. The high-quality cutting mechanism enables precise contours, both when cutting hair and trimming beards. In terms of price, Panasonic clippers are in the higher price range.

How do I set my Philips hair clipper correctly?

The "right" cutting length of your Philips clipper varies, of course, depending on the haircut and hairstyle you want to have. The first rough setting is usually made by attaching a suitable comb attachment. The final cutting length is then usually adjusted with a switch or wheel on the device. With the high-priced hair clipper models from Philips, the adjustment is even made via a digital touch control.

Can I also use Philips hair clippers for shaving?

You won't get a smooth shave with a Philips clipper, as you would with a classic wet razor. The minimum cut length of 0.5 mm is simply not short enough. For trimming your beard, the clippers are certainly suitable. Philips even provides special beard comb attachments for some hair clipper models.

Philips also has electric shavers, the OneBlade shaver and beard trimmers in its range especially for beard care!

Are Philips hair clippers waterproof?

It depends on which model you have. For example, the Philips Series 5000 hair clippers are waterproof, and you can remove the cutting element of the Series 3000 hair clippers and clean them with water. But always make sure you check the instructions for use of your appliance.

What guarantee does Philips give on my clipper?

The manufacturer's warranty on Philips hair clippers is 2 years after the initial purchase of the appliance. To claim the warranty, you should contact your dealer and have the original sales receipt and serial number of your appliance (if available) ready. Any remaining warranty can also be transferred to the second buyer.

If you have any specific questions about your product, you can always contact Philips Customer Service in writing or by phone.

The first purchase of a device is the direct purchase from Philips or a verified dealer. A second purchase is when you buy your hair clipper through a private auction on Ebay, for example.

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