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Immortalising the precious memory of our experiences has a very important sentimental value. And using photo frames is essential to give them the protection they deserve. That's why today you'll find out from ReviewBox, about these home items with which you can display images and works of art.

Already decided to buy your frames? The good news is that they are available in different models, colours and sizes. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide variety of objects designed to hold your photographs, to which you will attach a personal meaning. Imagine the ideal design for you and you're sure to find it.

What's more, in this issue of ReviewBox we offer you all-new material about them. But that's not all, as you read our text you will find useful and indispensable tools in choosing photo frames. Dare to get to know the magical world of the structures that take care of your art.


  • When we talk about picture frames, we are referring to the household item that supports and protects low-relief works of art. The term is associated with framing, known as the ability to frame those portraits you wish to preserve over time.
  • Already know what kind of frame you want? Take advantage of the valuable opportunity to choose between the variables of traditional, digital or tree portrait frames. These are three attractive proposals whose applications you will appreciate because of their guaranteed advantages.
  • Ask yourself these questions: what is the shape of the portrait, what type of framing, materials and accessories would you like? Defining them is essential before making your online purchase. This is the only way to make an assertive selection.

The best Photo frames: Our Picks

Buying guide

In addition to the content we have presented, we have created a buying guide that you can consult before making your final decision. Get ready to know the most relevant details about picture frames. Those indispensable items to preserve your memories for a long time.

Frame your most precious photographs with picture frames. (Photo: Free-Photos/

What is a photo frame and what are its advantages?

It is a piece usually made of wood, acrylic or metal, used to preserve photographs and works of art, protecting them by means of a thin sheet of glass from damage caused by the passage of time. Thanks to its multiple designs and sizes, it adds a unique personal and decorative touch to the space where it is placed.

In addition to their practical applications, we must add the sentimental value they represent. Why? Well, when you buy picture frames, you do it with the intention of securing that precious memory that will pass from one generation to the next, or it will be a great gift.

In short, the uses are many, which is why we invite you to delve deeper into the subject.

As the creation of frames has evolved due to their popular sale, you need to take a close look at the alternatives on the market. So go ahead and acquire an object with added value, designed to harmonise your places by simply displaying those memories you are proud of.

  • They display one or several photos
  • They come in resistant materials
  • Personalised designs
  • They protect photographs and works of art
  • They are decorative elements
  • Delicate glass sheet
  • Some do not have hooks to hang them
  • They suffer deterioration with the passage of time
  • There are low quality examples
  • High cost depending on the model

Traditional, digital or family tree photo frame - what should you pay attention to?

Choosing picture frames is fun. Fortunately, this product sold widely on the internet has different variables to suit the needs of buyers. Who knows, you might be tempted to get one or all three types of frames.

Traditional. We're talking about the typical rectangular or square picture frame made of wood. You will probably find one in your home or in the home of a relative. They have been leading the history of dimensional framing since the Renaissance in the 19th century.

For this reason, industrialised mass production facilitated their arrival in millions of homes around the world. They are perfect if you want to decorate your home with a classic look, or keep your artwork in good condition, following the highest standards of quality and good taste.

Digital. There is no doubt that technology has left its mark on picture frames. The production of these items has adapted to the user, because entrepreneurs came up with an innovative way of displaying hundreds of photographs with an electronic device.

All you need is a memory card or USB connection to upload the images to the device. Also, all portraits will be displayed as a slideshow at a time interval that you adjust, according to your personal or professional wishes.

Family tree. Let's say it adds a change to the traditional line: it unifies the same portrait frames horizontally or vertically around the figure of a tree. Moreover, for this reason it is the favourite of families who value the memories of their members with affection.

Visually it is quite eye-catching regardless of the colour you choose, as it occupies a large exclusive size on the wall where you place it. Do you want to make a good impression on your loved ones? Then give them a tree photo frame as a gift.

Traditional Digital Tree
Style Classic Modern Contemporary
Cost Low High Moderate
Technology No Yes No
Location Table, wall Table Wall
Number of photos 1 Several 6 to 12

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate the different models of photo frames

We will share with you the four essential factors that will help you in the process of making your final choice. Discover with each of them the right way to take home the most exclusive and original photo frames on offer online.

  • Form
  • Framed
  • Materials
  • Accessories


Get an eye-catching design to show off your images. In the market there are proposals where geometric figures steal all the attention. With them it will be a simple task to decorate your home and protect from dust those special memories that you store on paper.

Square. It leads a marked trend in interior decoration. A square picture frame will give your walls a nice minimalist look. This figure goes perfectly with the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. The best thing about it? It fits in almost every room.

Rectangular. The classic shape par excellence, made and reproduced for centuries. Do you enjoy traditional household items? If your answer is yes, don't hesitate to buy a few rectangular photo frames. They enhance and enhance the beauty of your artwork.

Circular and oval. They are common in pocket-sized prints, but nowadays they come in a variety of sizes. Consider them in case you want to give your portraits a different look and break away from the monotony of the usual square and rectangular frames.

Heart. Add a romantic touch to your gifts or simply look at the person you love in a heart frame. You will find unequal proposals depending on your objectives, so before you buy it, think very well about the purpose of the frame, so that you can use it correctly.

A nice frame is a traditional and effective way to decorate. (Photo: StockSnap/


Shape and framing go hand in hand. It happens because the type of frame gives meaning to the figure and between them they visually harmonise the surroundings. Want to know more? Don't miss the following, you'll be surprised by the details that picture frames hold.

Diptych. These are frames made up of two horizontal or vertical sections. In them you can insert the photos you want. Make sure that this type of frame closes in a similar way to the covers of a book, so that you can move them from one place to another without any problems.

Triptych. Unlike the previous case, these come with three spaces together or separately. They are recommended for family compositions. For example, placing your photo, your husband's photo and your children's photo is an excellent option to make the most of the product's space.

Collage. This framing is based on the union of different frames into one. It gives you the opportunity to place between six and twelve images in a relatively small space. If you prefer it, you will break the traditional schemes, so dare to change.

Unique. As the name suggests, you only have room to frame one picture. This would be a disadvantage for you if, on the contrary, your intention is to show several pictures. Therefore, we invite you to define what will be the use of your frame and what context you would like to display it in.


We do not recommend you to choose a frame without first checking the quality of the elements it is made of. On this depends its capacity to protect the images and, consequently, withstand the external conditions to which it will be subjected. These include dust and water.

Wood. There are many reasons to choose a wooden frame. However, wearing one will add contrast to the space where you put it. What's more, you will be able to recreate visual impressions that play with the colour and texture of the images.

Metal. Frames offer a distinguished and elegant finish. Place them on neutral coloured walls or minimalist furniture, with the aim of framing a neutral work. You will notice that it is versatile when it comes to hosting artistic pieces.

Gold. Yes, gold picture frames have been produced since ancient times. However, to acquire one of them you need an artist willing to make it personally for you. Or, on the contrary, look for them in antique shops where they are still freely sold.

Silver. Unlike gold, nowadays it is easier and cheaper to find silver picture frames. Once you have it in your hands, don't forget to ask for advice on how to maintain it properly. This will prevent the item from becoming dark and dull.

Acrylic - want an attractive and durable piece? Go for an item made of acrylic. You may have to replace it as the years go by, as this material is weakened by knocks, falls, high temperatures, direct contact with the sun and cleaning products.

Recycled material. We recommend you to make a solidary contribution to the environment. Opt for frames made from recycled elements such as paper, cardboard and plastic. The best thing is that you can make them yourself from the comfort of your home.


As the world of frames evolves, creators are incorporating versatile and useful elements. We suggest you know what they are before making a final decision, because depending on that the functionalities vary when you resort to them as decorative accessories.

Hook. It comes on the back fixed to a thin cardboard or wooden base. Its purpose? Helps you hang it on the wall. Buy picture frames with hooks for vertical or horizontal placement, so you can guarantee an effective establishment in the rooms where they are to be displayed.

Easel. Essential accessory to hold it on a table or shelf. How to identify it? Check in the product description that it has an inverted V-shaped horizontal support. Without this accessory you will not be able to place it on flat surfaces such as tables.

Glass sheet. There is no doubt that this is the most important accessory. It has the function of seamlessly integrating the photo frame and portraits. Make sure yours comes with a glass protector instead of plastic, as this is more resistant to scratches and marks.

Labels: Want to embellish your walls with additional signage? Take home complete frames for the family tree. They are often accompanied by colourful leaves, branches and flowers that stick to the walls with ease. Just choose from the wide variety available on the market.

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