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Welcome to our big piano bench test 2022. Here we present all the piano benches we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web. With this, we would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the most suitable piano bench for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a piano bench.


  • The piano bench is the perfect seat for your piano or keyboard.
  • Basically, piano benches are distinguished between fixed and variable height adjustment. The piano bench with a folding mechanism is easy to use and easy to transport. With the bench with spindle mechanism, you adjust the height steplessly by means of a rotary knob. The piano bench with gas pressure spring is the most comfortable solution with a pressable bracket.
  • Piano benches are available in a wide variety of materials and colours. There is sure to be something to suit your taste.

The Best Piano Bench: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a piano bench

Who is a piano bench suitable for?

In principle, a piano bench is suitable for anyone who plays the piano. It doesn't matter whether you play a grand piano or an electronic keyboard.

With a height-adjustable piano bench (the picture shows one with a spindle mechanism), you can quickly adjust the individual seat height. (Image source: / Gloria Agostina)

Since you don't usually stand when you play the piano but sit, you need something to rest your butt on. A piano bench is an excellent way to ensure the perfect seat. A piano bench is suitable for use for your private purposes or as a purchase for a music school or music university.

Most piano benches have a rectangular seat and stand on 4 legs. Therefore, they are very stable and do not wobble when you play.

Do I need a height-adjustable piano bench?

Yes and no. Of course, there are also piano benches with a fixed height. If you are the only one using the piano bench, you may not need a height adjustment if the piano bench is the perfect height for YOU. However, we recommend a model with variable height adjustment for the following reasons:

  • The bench can be used by several people of different heights
  • Depending on how you feel on the day, you can adjust the bench a few centimetres higher or lower

How much does a piano bench cost?

Fortunately, you don't have to take out a loan or win the lottery to buy a piano bench. You can get a reasonably priced, usable piano bench for as little as €30. If you want to dig a little deeper into your pockets because design, functionality and durability are important to you, you can still get a piano bench at a relatively low price of 80-300 €.
Type of height adjustment Price
Folding mechanism 20-60€
Spindle mechanism 50-120€
Gas pressure spring 150-300€

What alternatives are there to a piano bench?

An alternative to the piano bench is the piano stool. In contrast to the rectangular bench, the seat of this stool is usually circular. The stool also differs from the piano bench in the number of legs. A stool usually has three legs and a piano bench four. Unfortunately, this makes a piano bench less stable than a bench.

A piano stool with 3 legs saves space and is easy to transport due to its light weight. (Image source: / Sbringser)

A significant advantage of the stool, however, is that its smaller size and lighter weight make it space-saving and easier to transport.

Type of piano seat Legs Seat Weight
Piano bench 2 or 4 Rectangular 8-14 kg
Piano stool 3 Circular 3-7 kg

Decision: What types of piano benches are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy a piano bench, there are 3 types to choose from:

  • Piano bench with folding mechanism
  • Piano bench with spindle mechanism
  • Piano bench with gas spring

These models differ in terms of the type of height adjustment. Each version has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on which type you prefer and for which people you want to use the piano bench, one version is more or less suitable for you. In the following section, we want to make your decision easier.

What distinguishes a piano bench with a folding mechanism and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

As the name suggests, you can fold or unfold the feet of this piano bench. This option makes it very easy to transport. If you want to take your own piano bench to concerts, a folding piano bench is perfect for you. Unfortunately, the height of this variant cannot be adjusted continuously. The different height settings are determined by steps. A pin snaps into the desired hole.

  • Easy to transport
  • Cheap
  • No stepped adjustment
  • Unstable at highest setting

If you need the folding piano bench at the highest setting, sitting can be a wobbly affair. The higher you set the bench, the closer the legs are together. This means that the weight on the floor is not distributed wide enough and you can easily tip over to all sides. All in all, however, the piano bench with folding mechanism is an affordable option that is suitable for everyone.

What distinguishes a piano bench with spindle mechanism and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

With a piano bench with spindle mechanism/scissor mechanism, the height is adjusted by means of a crank or a turning wheel. This rotary wheel is attached to the side and runs under the entire seat with a screw. A mechanism is attached to it that can lift the seat evenly left and right, up or down. Unfortunately, adjusting the height takes a little longer than, for example, the piano bench with gas spring, which we will explain in the next section, because you have to turn it. The screw that adjusts the height should be oiled regularly so that nothing squeaks or hacks.

  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Increased maintenance
  • Height adjustment is more complex

Because the spindle mechanism is not a complicated system to manufacture, this variant of the piano bench is relatively inexpensive in comparison. In contrast to the folding mechanism, the infinitely variable adjustment is a considerable advantage.

What distinguishes a piano bench with gas pressure spring and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The height of a piano bench with gas pressure spring is adjusted with a practical bracket that can be pushed upwards without much effort. As the name suggests, this mechanism contains gas that regulates the pressure. If you want to adjust the height upwards, you have to shift your weight from the bench to your feet. If you want to adjust it downwards, you can simply remain seated on the bench. To give you a better idea of this function, we have selected a suitable video for you: Most piano benches with gas springs require a body weight of approx. 30-40 kg. Children may therefore need a little help when adjusting the height.

  • Extremely fast height adjustment
  • Easy to use
  • Stepless
  • Relatively expensive
  • A certain body weight is required for height adjustment

If the height adjustment no longer works properly, we advise you to bring the piano bench in for repair. The gas in the spring is under high pressure and should be checked by a professional. A considerable advantage is that you can very quickly adjust the seat to the right height. Since the gas spring is a sophisticated system, this type of piano bench tends to be in the higher price range.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate piano benches

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible piano benches.

  • Storage space
  • Seat material
  • Width of seat
  • Material of frame and legs
  • Colour

Storage space

There are piano benches that have a storage space under the seat. This is very practical for storing sheet music or a cleaning cloth for the piano keyboard. The piano bench with storage compartment is ideal for you if you value a tidy and neat place.

Seat material

The material cover and the thickness of the upholstery are decisive here. For the material cover, you can choose between (artificial) leather or fabric. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fabric cover?

  • Breathable
  • Very easy to re-cover
  • Stains are easier to see
  • Fabric attracts dust

What are the pros and cons of leather upholstery?

  • High-quality appearance
  • Very robust
  • More difficult to maintain
  • Expensive

The thickness of the padding should be strong enough so that you don't sink in. Ergonomics are also very important when playing. There are some pads that are raised on one side so that the hips are slightly tilted. This relieves the lower back muscles considerably and is therefore ideal for you if you sit at the piano for a long time.

Seat width

The width of the seat is a very important factor when buying a piano bench. Commercially available benches usually have a sufficient width of 50-60 cm. This is enough space for one person. However, there are also pieces of music on the piano that are played by two people.

Well-known composers of piano pieces for four hands include Claude Debussy, Johannes Brahms and Frédéric Chopin.

Ideally, you need a wider seat, a so-called double-seater. There are even models where both seats can be adjusted separately.

When playing the piano four-handed, you have to pay a lot of attention to how you play together. (Picture source: / yousef alfuhigi)

Material of the frame and legs

Just as with the choice of colour, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the material of the piano bench. You can choose from different types of wood such as walnut, oak, rosewood, mahogany or teak. The frame and legs can also be made of stainless steel. Steel is very stable and can usually withstand more body weight than wooden piano benches.


The colour doesn't really tell you much about the functionality or seating comfort of the bench. However, you may want the colour of the piano to match the piano bench. Since the choice is enormous, there is bound to be something to suit your taste. The most common colour is piano black. This lacquer finish shines beautifully and looks very classy and high quality. Of course, you can also choose from different colours such as white, red, brown, matt, clear lacquer, etc. If you like an antique, rustic look, we recommend a piano bench with a vintage look.

Facts worth knowing about piano benches

Is a piano bench also suitable for playing drums?

Yes, because you play the drums with both feet and arms, the piano bench should be very stable. When playing drums, it is important to keep your balance and nothing should wobble. Of course, there are drum stools for playing drums. But there are also many people who swear by using a piano bench.

How do I set up my piano bench correctly?

If your piano bench is not delivered fully assembled, you will usually find a practical assembly guide in the delivery. A piano bench consists of the seat and the legs. There are usually only a few screws that you need to connect these parts together. If you have assembled Ikea furniture before, assembling a piano bench will be relatively easy.

How do I set the right height for me?

Every piano player prefers a different height. However, we can give you a few basic tips to make playing easier. First, adjust the height so that your palms are at a right angle to your elbows on the piano keyboard. From this seat height, you can experiment a few centimetres up or down. Next, when sitting, make sure that your back is straight and that you can comfortably reach the pedals with both feet. You want to be able to play as long as possible without discomfort.

Practice right away. Unfortunately, it's harder to break bad habits!

That's about it for the most part. Try to play as relaxed as possible so that you don't develop bad habits.

How do I repair and maintain my piano bench?

If the mechanism of a piano bench with a spindle mechanism squeaks, you can simply apply a few drops of bicycle oil to the screws. If the legs are loose, it is possible that the fastening screws have loosened over time. In this case, simply use a suitable spanner and tighten them again.

If you need advice, contact a professional!

If you don't have the confidence to do the repair yourself, take your piano bench to a professional. Most carpenters can get your bench back in shape in no time.

Picture: / skdesign