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Pizza scissors are a useful aid when cutting pizzas. Unlike pizza rollers, scissors do not scratch the surface you are cutting on. Especially pizzas with a very crispy base are easier to cut with pizza shears, without cracking your pizza or scraping off the toppings.

With this pizza shears guide, we'll try to help you decide on the best pizza shears for you. In our comparison, we have compared both pizza peelers with a serving surface and pizza peelers without a pizza lifter. We have then listed the respective advantages and disadvantages to make your choice easier.


  • Pizza scissors allow you to cut your pizza into pieces more easily and conveniently without getting your fingers greasy.
  • There is a basic distinction between scissors with and without a serving surface, and both are available in different sizes and price ranges. The price range is between 5 and 30 euros for a pair of pizza scissors.
  • Pizza scissors with a serving surface are more suitable if you don't want to get your fingers dirty when cutting and serving. Those without a pizza lifter stand out because they are easier to clean.

The best Pizza Scissors: Our Picks

Pizza scissors: Buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we show you the factors you should consider when buying pizza shears. Criteria on which you can compare pizza shears with each other:

The following paragraphs show you what to look for in each factor.


The material of the scissors for cutting pizza is decisive for the choice, as it is related to the strength and the cutting experience.

Stainless steel is better protected against rust than other metals.

If you want the product to be dishwasher safe, it is inevitable that you choose stainless steel scissors. Some manufacturers also guarantee that stainless steel scissors are rust-proof and can therefore be used for longer.

The metal pizza scissors have a sharper and harder blade, which makes it easier to cut the pizza, but you can only wash them by hand and there is no rust protection. Plastic pizza shears have the great advantage that you do not damage the coating on your pans and trays when cutting.

Since fingers can quickly become greasy when cooking and eating, another criterion is whether the scissors have a non-slip plastic handle so that they do not slip out of your hand when cutting.


The size of the scissors you need depends on who is going to use them for cutting and what size of pizzas you intend to cut. For children who only eat pizzas with a small diameter, small scissors starting at 25 cm in length are already sufficient.

If you have large hands, look for scissors with large holes.

For larger pizzas for adults, the scissors should be somewhat larger. A length of at least 27 cm is usually suitable here. In addition, the pizza scissors have different sizes of holes for the fingers, which vary depending on the size of the fingers.

Serving surface

Some cutters are equipped with a serving surface so that you don't burn your fingers and get greasy when serving your pizza.

Some manufacturers guarantee that the serving surface is non-slip. Look for this information when buying.

There are also differences in the size and non-slip properties of the coatings. Before buying, you should read the description of the coating.

Some scissors have a non-stick coating so that you don't drop your pizza slice on the floor while carrying it. Some pizza shears also have a removable serving surface so you can use them for cutting other foods or for your office.

Pizza scissors: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the next section, we would like to present you with a guide to the most frequently asked questions about pizza shears. After this guide, you will know everything you need to know about pizza cutting scissors.

Who is a pizza scissors suitable for?

Pizza scissors are basically suitable for everyone. They are definitely a must-have in the kitchen with their many advantages. For left-handers, the scissors could partly be a problem if they are designed for right-handers. For these people, it could be partly more difficult to handle such scissors.


This is also how your pizza looks after you have cut it with pizza scissors.
(Image source: Ivan Torres / unsplash)

On the other hand, for people who love to cook and eat pizza, pizza scissors are a very practical tool, as they make cutting much easier and make it easier for you to cut pizza into the desired size. In addition, it is also very pleasant that you no longer get your fingers completely greasy when tearing or cutting the pizza.

The scissors help to avoid contact with the greasy cheese on the pizza. Another important aspect is that the scissors are easy to clean, as some are separable and also dishwasher safe.

What types of pizza scissors are there?

If you want to choose a pair of pizza scissors, there are two types to choose from. On the one hand, there are the scissors with a serving surface and on the other, those without a pizza lifter.

Pizza scissors with serving surface

  • no greasy fingers
  • good portion size given
  • possibility of slipping off the serving surface
  • pieces too small

The advantage of pizza shears with a serving surface is that you can serve your pizza pieces more easily without getting your fingers dirty. In addition, the surface helps you to identify a good size slice that makes sense for a pizza.

Pizza scissors without a serving surface

  • Less washing up
  • Can also be used as household scissors
  • Not so easy to portion
  • not possible to serve the pizza pieces

A big plus of scissors without a serving surface is that they can also be used for other household tasks. In addition, this type of scissors is much easier to clean and you don't have as much work washing up.

What are the alternatives to pizza scissors?

You can cut your pizza in many different ways. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages.


Alternatively, you can cut pizza with a knife. However, cutting with a pizza cutter is usually better.
(Image source: Aliyah Jamous / unsplash)

In this section, we show you a small overview of some alternatives to pizza scissors.

Alternative Advantage Disadvantage
Pizza roller A pizza roller is easier to use and usually has very sharp blades Cleaning a pizza roller is much more difficult because pizza residues get stuck in the wheel. In addition, the roller scratches the base.
Sharp knife Knives are often sharper and do not have to be bought separately Knives scratch the base on which the pizza is placed. In addition, pizzas usually cannot be cut without scratching off toppings or tearing the pizza.
Pizza knives Pizza knives are often sharper and you can cut the entire pizza at once Pizza knives scratch the surface on which the pizza is placed. In addition, pizza knives are no longer suitable for larger pizzas, as they cannot cut the entire pizza.

Some of these products have their advantages in cutting pizza. However, the pizza cutter still seems superior to the products in how it works. The upward trend of pizza shears has been around for years for a reason.

How do I clean pizza scissors?

Pizza shears are usually very easy to clean.

You can simply put most pizza peelers in the dishwasher and wash them with your other kitchen utensils without worry.

If this is not the case, you can rinse the scissors by hand with a little detergent and hot water and dry them directly with a towel to prevent your pizza cutter from rusting and releasing harmful substances.


With your pizza scissors you can quickly and easily cut your pizza into pieces and your hands won't get greasy. Unlike other pizza-cutting utensils, you can be sure that your pizza won't tear or scratch your table under the box. When buying, you can choose between pizza scissors with or without a serving surface.

Scissors with a pizza lifter are better if you don't want to get your hands dirty when serving your food. Those without a serving surface are better if you also want to use the scissors as everyday scissors and if easy handling when washing your pizza scissors is important to you.

Image source: Tran/ 123rf