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Whether as an attractive piece of furniture or functional storage space, plastic cabinets are available for every purpose. In terms of size, features and colouring, they are in no way inferior to conventional cabinets made of wood or metal. Models specially protected against weather conditions are even suitable for permanent outdoor use.

Thanks to their comparatively low weight and high load-bearing capacity, plastic cabinets can be assembled at the desired location in no time. As a rule, assembly requires no tools and can be carried out by anyone without any problems. In our guide, we highlight relevant features, clarify the most important questions and help you with your purchase decision.


  • In terms of the material used, a plastic cupboard is usually made of a thermoplastic such as polypropylene. Various small parts or hinges can also be made of metal.
  • The features vary just as they do for cabinets made of other materials. These include, for example, the division of the interior and the type of doors.
  • Other relevant purchase criteria include size and colour as well as intended use and location.

The Best Plastic Cabinet: Our Choices

Below you will find a compilation of our favourite product suggestions. These should help you to find a plastic cupboard that suits you.

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Plastic Cabinets

The following section is intended to help you find the plastic wardrobe that best suits your needs. We will look at the following aspects:

We will now explain these criteria in more detail.


One of the most important features of a plastic wardrobe is its dimensions in terms of width, depth and height. Each manufacturer lists this information in the respective product description.

This information must be suitable for your preferred installation location. Since plastic wardrobes are now available in almost all sizes, the chances of finding a suitable piece of furniture are relatively high.


Although the colour of the plastic cabinet is irrelevant for its correct function, it should, if possible, harmonise with the ambience of the place of use.

Unobtrusive colour schemes in rather darker shades such as brown, grey, black, anthracite or beige are often found. For use in living rooms and bedrooms, models with an imitation wood look are ideal.


In terms of features, you have a wealth of different options similar to those of ordinary wooden wardrobes. The basic options include the number of drawers, shelves, storage compartments and doors. For the latter, you can choose between hinged and sliding doors.

Particularly compact are so-called roller shutter cupboard doors, which can be opened and closed easily and flexibly.

A simple zip system is a very inexpensive and practical option and also offers sufficient protection against dust deposits.

Depending on the intended use, it may be important to be able to move the plastic cabinet quickly and easily. Instead of conventional feet, castors with lockable brakes on the underside of the cabinet base can be used for this purpose.

Whether in the office for data protection or outdoors for theft protection, lockable cabinet doors are a sensible option for many scenarios and should be taken into account when making a purchase decision.

Intended use

The online range of plastic cabinets is now so broad that a specialised model can be found for almost any purpose. A distinction is made, for example, according to what is to be stored in the cabinet.

Plastic cabinets for tools have stable shelf supports.

Plastic cupboards for tools, for example, are equipped with particularly stable shelf supports. Models for waste separation in the form of so-called recycling cabinets are equipped with additional lids for convenient filling.

There are often separate types for laundry and clothing, as well as household cupboards for various cleaning utensils such as brooms, floor scrubbers, hoovers and cleaning products.

Place of use

The main distinguishing feature is whether you want to use the plastic cupboard indoors or outdoors. The requirements differ depending on this.

Use on a terrace, balcony or in a camping area requires long-term stability of the materials used against penetrating UV radiation. Furthermore, the cabinet must be waterproof to protect it from rain.

In workshops, cellars or garages, on the other hand, the focus is usually on functionality. When used in living rooms and bedrooms, on the other hand, criteria such as design and colour have a higher priority.

Guide: Frequently asked Questions about Plastic Cabinets answered in Detail

In this section, we clarify the most important questions on the topic of plastic cabinets. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive overview in the shortest possible time.

What is a plastic cabinet?

A plastic cupboard differs from an ordinary cupboard primarily in the material used. Analogous to the name, it is mostly a certain type of plastic. Components that are subject to heavy loads, such as hinges, are sometimes also made of metal.

Unlike wooden furniture, plastic cabinets can usually be assembled without tools thanks to a trivial plug-in system. Furthermore, the total weight is usually lower than that of comparable cabinets made of metal or wood, despite the high load-bearing capacity.

Plastic cupboards can be optimally adapted to your needs. This means that there is room for all kinds of objects in such a cupboard. (Image source: pixabay / PublicCo)

Because plastic is a very flexible and versatile material, the market also offers a broad portfolio of plastic cabinets. This ranges across all conceivable sizes, from very small and narrow to large XXL cabinets.

What does a plastic cabinet cost?

The size of the plastic cupboard also largely determines the price. Varying quality and features set the limits in the defined price classes. The following table provides you with a brief overview:

Price class Available products
Low-priced (20 - 50 euros) Plain and simple plastic cabinets in chest of drawers size
Medium-priced (50 - 150 euros) Ceiling-high plastic wardrobes with larger storage volume
High-priced (150 euros and more) Mostly product sets consisting of several elements such as chests of drawers and ceiling-high cupboards, sometimes also in combination with matching plastic shelving units Euro

Plastic wardrobes with lots of storage space can be found in numerous variants in the medium price range. For lower demands, simple chests of drawers are sufficient.

Alternatively, you can put together higher-priced complete sets yourself by buying several products from the low or medium-priced segment.

What types of plastic cupboards are there?

Plastic cupboards are very versatile and therefore not necessarily assigned to a specific product type. Nevertheless, a few rough subdivisions can be made. We have briefly summarised these in the following table together with their properties and intended use:

Product type primary properties and intended use
Recycling cabinet Usually has several individual compartments with separate lids for easy waste separation
Clothes cupboard Characterised by a clothes rail for hanging clothes using hangers
Garden cupboard Resistant to the effects of weather and therefore very suitable for outdoor use
Household cupboard Sturdy construction and load-bearing capacity enable a wide variety of uses in the home, cellar, garage or workshop

The most versatile is the household cupboard. However, you can usually use plastic cupboards from other categories for other purposes, as long as they are suitable for your own needs.

How do I clean a plastic cupboard?

Manufacturers usually give specific cleaning recommendations in their product data sheets. For light soiling and dust accumulation, a slightly damp, lint-free cloth is generally sufficient.

More stubborn incrustations can be treated with a mild soap solution. It is better not to use aggressive cleaning agents to protect the material.


Plastic cupboards shine through their versatility. Suitably equipped models are available on the market for every purpose. Thanks to their modern wooden look and attractive design, they are not only functional, but also enrich the ambience of the home.

Variants for outdoor use are particularly robust against the effects of weather, while models for workshop use impress with their high load-bearing capacity. Thanks to their comparatively low weight and uncomplicated assembly, they are very easy to assemble, even for laymen.

There is no need for frustration with long assembly instructions and countless small parts and tools. Plastic cabinets are easy to clean, they create order through additional storage space and are already available for little money.

Picture source: 123rf / 41322105

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