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Very welcome. Today we are going to talk about the dolls with U-shaped hands, hair with fringes, straight cut legs and that have been a hit since the 80s: who hasn't played with a Playmobil?

The cool thing about this toy is the possibility of building up a collection with various scenarios and themes. You can give your child a different kit for every birthday, Children's Day and Christmas, and over the years they will have a whole city to play with.

In this article, we will talk about the various Playmobil themes, with tips on how to choose the ideal one for your child according to age and tastes, and give you some suggestions on what are the best models available on the market.

The most important facts

  • All Playmobil dolls and scenery are made with non-toxic material and paint and approved by Inmetro. This toy is suitable for children from four years old, but there is a line for minors (from 18 months).
  • There are almost 30 Playmobil themes, the most popular are: City Life, Sports and Action, Family Fun and History. Other themes are inspired by movies like Dragons and Ghostbusters.
  • The toys can be bought in boxes with sceneries, vehicles and characters or in individual mini figures. On the brand's official website, children can also play online games and read comic books with the characters.

The Best Playmobile: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Playmobil toys have been around for 45 years and every year a new collection is launched, keeping up with the evolution of children and coming up with more and more modern accessories, characters and scenery.

The coolest thing is that this toy is not exclusive for boys or girls, because children of both sexes and ages can play with Playmobil sets.

Imagem de um menino brincando com um bonequinho de Playmobil.

Playmobil toys help develop motor coordination, logical thinking and imagination in children. (Source: Click and boo / Unsplash)

What is Playmobil and where to use it?

Play is part of child development, whether at the sensory level (motor coordination), cognitive, visual or even logical reasoning. Toys to fit together are an excellent option to entertain children while they learn.

Playmobil sets and minifigures fit into this style of toy that stimulates the child's mental abilities. Although it's not a toy with interlocking parts, children can assemble scenarios and create their own adventures.

Because it is themed, the toy can also serve to teach history to your child. The History Playmobil, for example, can be used to tell your child about wars in the Middle Ages, battles in the Roman Empire, pharaohs and mummies of ancient Egypt and much more.

The coolest thing about Playmobil is that children can play various roles and also try to recreate their own world in miniature, with kits about their favourite places or the profession of their parents and family members.

Children from one and a half years of age can play with Playmobil's 1.2.3 range, which has simpler and larger pieces with different themes. Children from four years old onwards can enjoy all the other lines.

  • It is a versatile toy
  • The bigger the collection, the cooler the play
  • Every year, new themes, scenarios and minifigures are released
  • Incredible durability
  • It is a relatively expensive toy
  • An adult should supervise the play, because some pieces are very small and the child may swallow

What are the most common Playmobil themes?

There are around 30 different themes for Playmobil sets, minifigures and vehicles. We will tell you a bit about most of them so you can choose the one that will please your child the most.


This is the simplest theme, with toys designed for children over 18 months. The pieces are bigger and not very detailed. The minifigures and the sceneries are a general overview of most of the themes.


The toys in this line are made for playing in the sand at the beach or at the playground. There is a sand bucket, truck, excavator, water truck, among others.

Dinos (dinosaurs)

This theme explores the most popular dinosaurs like T-Rex, Velociraptor, Plesiosauria, Stegosaurus, Triceratop, among others. The minifigures of this theme always have vehicles to capture or run away from the dinosaurs.

City Action

With City Action, children can play at being a fireman for a day, drive an armoured vehicle, work on building a building or be a policeman.

Imagem de um playmobil da linha City Action.

With the City Action theme, children can play at being a policeman for a day, either driving a car, driving a helicopter or working at the police station. (Source: Alexas_photos / Pixabay)

City Life

City Life kits explore common establishments in big cities such as a shopping mall, children's hospital, zoo, wedding dress shop, school, modern homes and more.


With this theme, your child can play with an Eskimo family, climb mountains like a mountain climber, ride a high-speed car or motocross bike, be a cyclist or mountain rescue.

Family Fun

this is one of the most fun lines as it has a ski resort, aquarium, jet ski, paddle boat, family picnic, water park, beach and lots of other family fun activities.


With this theme, kids can launch their minifigure into space, pilot a spaceship, a reconnaissance vehicle, have a research station on mars, fight a meteor shower, have their own robot and lots more.


With the History kits, children can take a trip to the Middle Ages with legendary knights, discover Egypt and its legends, be a gladiator or a Roman soldier.

Imagem de mini figuras Playmobil do tema History.

With Playmobil History, the child can play as a Roman soldier, gladiator, legendary hero of the Middle Ages or as an explorer of ancient Egypt. (Source: Sipa / Pixabay)


With Playmobil Knights your child will live playful adventures like building the dwarves' fortress, escaping from the attack of a ferocious dragon, facing ghosts (equipped with LED lights), being a knight, king or queen, or even fighting trolls.

Wild Life

With the Wild Life theme, kids can go on safari in Africa and meet wild animals, live in a tree house, float down a wild river and even save one animal of each species to board Noah's Ark.


Playmobil Country lets you play with farm animals like cattle, chickens, ponies, calves and goats, drive a logging truck, plow the land and more.


With this version, the child will play at being a pirate, fight soldiers, sail in unknown waters, attack ships to plunder treasures, launch cannons, plan their routes with the map of the seven seas, among other adventures.

Imagem de uma mini figura de pirata.

In addition to the mini figures that come with the kits, you can purchase individual characters. (Source: ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay)

Princess / Fairies

These themes are quite similar, with them the child can live the magical world of princesses and fairies, have a castle, a unicorn and more.


With the pieces of the Dollhouse line, children can build a house for their dolls, with the main rooms such as bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and more.

Besides the themes we have detailed, you can find Playmobil with specific themes: from the movies Spirit (Runaway Rider), Ghostbuster (Ghostbusters) and Dragons (How to train your dragon).

Playmobil or Lego?

It is impossible to talk about Playmobil without remembering a very similar toy: lego, building blocks used to create characters, scenarios and develop imagination through different games.

Although they have the proposal and some very similar characteristics, Playmobil is very different from Lego and you will know why in the table below:

Playmobil Lego
The toy It is a toy to assemble and disassemble scenarios to build stories It consists of little blocks of fitting together to assemble characters, scenarios and vehicles
Differences The toy is fitted every time in the same way The toy can be assembled in different ways
For what age is the toy recommended Children from one year and a half Children from one year and a half
Themes Playmobil has 24 options of different themes Lego also has 24 options of different themes
Prices From GBP$ 8 to GBP$ 194 From GBP$ 4 to GBP$ 388

How much does it cost?

You can buy single mini figures and simple cases starting at $ 60. There is a wide range of simpler kits between $80 and $100. Medium kits cost between $120 and $170, vehicles cost from $170 and large cases from $300. The most expensive you will pay for a Playmobil is $ 1500.

Buying criteria: Factors to compare the different Playmobil models

If you want to choose a Playmobil toy for your child, but are a little unsure which one to buy (after all, there are dozens of options), check out the tips we've prepared in this last section of the Buying Guide. Please observe the following criteria:

  • Themes
  • Age Recommendation
  • Mini-figure or suitcase?
  • Extra resources


One of the most important features to note when buying a Playmobil is which theme you will choose. There are 24 main themes, but within each there are several options. The most popular are City Life, City Action, Family Fun, History and Country.

Although the Playmobil is a toy for children of both genders, there are some options that are more popular with girls such as the Princess, Fairies and Dollhouse themes.

Imagem de um brinquedo com temática de Velho Oeste.

The Western theme is one of the Playmobil options. (Source: PeterHauschild / Pixabay)

Age recommendation

As with any toy, Playmobil's suitcases and minifigures come with a minimum and maximum allowed age recommendation. Most models are intended for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

There is also a specific line for children from one and a half years of age, called 1.2.3. This line has larger toys with less detail, so that there is no risk of the child swallowing any piece.

Mini figure or suitcase?

Playmobil kits usually come with a scenario, several small pieces that the child can assemble according to his/her preferences and the mini figures.

If you want you can buy separate mini figures, they are a little cheaper than the kits and you can find them according to the theme. There are mini figures of all themes.

Minifigura Playmobil de um bombeiro.

Playmobil mini figures come with the kits, but they can also be bought separately. (Source: Jackmac34 / Pixabay)

Extra Features

Playmobil dolls are very modern, besides the mobility of the hands, today you can choose a model with a boat that floats, cars that emit sounds and lights, dolls that throw water and much more.

The Playmobil Central Polar expedition, for example, has LED lamps in the research station and cannons that launch bombs. The underwater vision boat is floatable and has a transparent floor with a magnifying lens so that the child can see the little fish (also floatable) in the water.

The Playmobil aquarium has a tank that you can fill with real water to put the little fish and other sea animals to float.

(Featured image source: Jackmac34 / Pixabay)