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Hello! Welcome to the most complete buyers' guide website on the internet, ReviewBox Brasil! The theme we are going to talk about today is: PlayStation 4, is it worth it? Known by all and loved by many, the video game was launched in February 2013 and until today is a beloved product among the gamer public.

With a catalogue of thousands of games, including adventure, racing, fighting, strategy and more, you can also use the PS4 to watch DVDs with Blu-ray quality, as well as accessing apps on TV, such as Youtube, Netflix, among others.

To help you decide if it pays to invest in the console, we will show in this Buying Guide the main features of the video game, as well as advantages and disadvantages. We also list some very interesting accessories that will enhance - and greatly improve - your gaming experience.


  • Sony's PlayStation 4 was launched in 2013 and has been a fever among video game enthusiasts and lovers ever since. Being the best version of the product to date, it has a huge catalogue of well-developed games.
  • There are three models of the generation 4: the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro. Each delivers different capabilities and configurations.
  • The price of the console per model doesn't vary much, but the values of the accessories do. In this Buying Guide we list, between the videogame and its peripherals, products from, at least, R£ 45, reaching R£ 2.880.

The best PlayStation 4: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Choosing the ideal video game console can be a bit of a daunting task, as the different options available on the market offer a variety of features and games.

However, one of our favourite products is Sony's PlayStation 4. To help you decide whether it's worth having one - and its various accessories - in this Buying Guide you will find details about the video game and some peripherals, as well as the main advantages and disadvantages, price range and where to buy it.

Imagem mostra um homem sentando em frente a uma grande tela de TV jogando videogame.

The PlayStation 4 was launched in 2013 and is one of the world's favourite video games. (Source: StockSnap / Pixabay)

PlayStation 4: What is it?

The PlayStation 4 is nothing more than a video game console manufactured by the Sony brand. Successor to the PlayStation 3, it is the first of the brand to be officially and legally published in China since the PS2.

This version has an AMD x86-64 accelerated processing unit, which is a widely used platform in most modern computers, as well as a faster Blu-Ray player.

The console also allows various types of interactivity, either through the PlayStation App, Remote Play or PlayStation Now, as well as the Share button, which shares and streams games in real time.

With a huge catalogue of games available, it is a great option for fun, entertainment and even, why not, for work for those who want to turn their hobby into a profession.

Imagem de console de playstation 4.

The Playstation 4 has a large catalogue of games. A great entertainment option. (Source: InspiredImages / Pixabay)

PlayStation: What are its advantages?

One of the main advantages of having a PlayStation is, obviously, playing and having fun! There are thousands of games available, from races and championships, to strategies and journeys. You can play alone, with friends or even with other people online.

Another positive point is the quality of the product and the graphics, all in 4K, that it runs. With a powerful graphic chip, it has a high processing capacity and performs the rendering of graphics in a very efficient manner.

Furthermore, PlayStation Store makes the life of gamers much easier. The user may buy games over the mobile phone (or any other device) and let them download remotely to the console, buy a game in pre-sale and play it before many people, among other functions.

The accessories also bring advantages. The VR kit, for example, is a complete immersion in virtual reality, taking players into the game world, with 3D images and spectacular audio.

And, in addition to Blu-ray physical media, being able to acquire and download games in the digital medium is very interesting. The console has a 500 GB HD, for physical formats, but the games purchased online are usually cheaper than in CD format.

Although the PSN (PlayStation Network) is a great way to acquire the games, a drawback is the fact that it is quite unstable. Both in the mobile application and in the console itself, sometimes downloading a game can be a time consuming process, needing to be restarted from time to time.

As a negative point is also the issue of the user account that cannot be accessed in different regions. To work in other countries, you must have a register for each of them in PSN, which, obviously, is practically unfeasible.

And, of course, the price can be considered a disadvantage, depending on your willingness to spend on a console. In Brazil, the values are usually much more expensive than abroad.

To facilitate the comparison of advantages and disadvantages of PlayStation 4, check the table below.

  • Thousands of games available
  • 4K graphics
  • PS Store enables mobile purchase
  • Amazing accessories, offering immersion
  • Games in digital format do not take up space in storage
  • PlayStation Network (PSN) can be quite unstable
  • User account cannot be accessed in different regions
  • High price, especially for the console sold in Brazil

Playstation 4 normal, Slim or Pro?

It is very common to find people who have been playing videogames since they were little. As the years go by and consoles evolve, the player follows the trend and changes the device.

The most recent one - at least from Sony - is the PlayStation 4, which was launched in the United States in November 2013. With a powerful graphic, it runs a huge catalogue of games and is one of the favourite consoles of the whole world.

For this generation, Sony has also created, besides the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro. Each one has its own particularities and details, but all three offer incredible quality and spectacular gaming experience.

To play and have fun, to compete among friends or even professionally is always a good idea and a PlayStation 4 - and all the accessory options - can be a great ally in this task!

Watch the video below, from TecMundo, a channel with over 3 million subscribers, an analysis of the PlayStation 4.

Buying criteria: How to compare PlayStation 4 models and their accessories

If you've decided to buy a PlayStation 4, you need to pay attention to some details that will help you choose the best option, both the console and the available peripherals.

To help you, check out the list below with the main purchasing criteria so that you can make the perfect choice, both within your personal taste and budget

  • Model
  • Storage capacity
  • Size
  • Processing power
  • Purpose
  • Price

Below we will explain in detail each criterion and what should be observed in each of the factors to be considered when purchasing your PlayStation 4 and/or accessory.


Firstly, the main factor to be considered is, of course, the model of the PlayStation 4 console you are wanting to purchase.

In the generation 4 videogame, Sony has created the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro. Each offers different configurations and layouts and fit different needs.

The PS 4 is the default model, with factory defaults. The PS 4 Slim is thinner, more compact and smaller in size and the PS 4 Pro is bigger, more powerful and with more processing power.

Storage capacity

To be able to store a lot of games, the storage capacity is an important choice criterion.

However, the bigger the memory, the higher the price will be. On the market you can find 500GB and 1TB versions of the PlayStation 4.

But don't worry! If the original memory is not enough for your needs, you can add an external HD to increase the capacity even more.

This teaser from PlayStation's own channel, published in February 2013, briefly shows some of the PS4's features, see below:


As said before, each of the three versions of the PlayStation 4 has different configurations and one of the features is the size.

If you are looking for a more compact and lighter console, the Slim will suit you well. If you do not mind a more robust video game, the Pro is interesting, especially for delivering a more powerful system.

And the PS 4 default is a middle ground between the two: for those who do not need so much a smaller console or an enhanced power.

Processing power

The processing power is directly related to the PlayStation 4 model. All three models have vastly superior quality, but deliver different capabilities. PS 4 Pro is, despite bigger and heavier, the most powerful, with a fast and powerful processing.

The Slim is smaller and cheaper, so, consequently, it offers a reduced power - but it is important to emphasize that this does not mean it has inferior quality.

Regardless of the console size, you can have the system power as a purchase criterion and Sony delivers products to meet different users' needs. Canaltech made a very nice analysis showing the main features of PlayStation 4 Pro.


This purchase criterion is linked to PlayStation accessories. Controls, headsets, chargers, headsets, cables... there are many existing products to enhance the gaming experience.

To know which one to choose, you should have in mind what you will use it for. A PlayStation VR is for those who want to immerse themselves in virtual reality and experience 3D immersion, for example.

A joystick-like controller is interesting for those who play arcade games a lot. A powerful headset is for the user who competes and communicates a lot between players and so on.

What is certain is that options - for various uses - are available and you just have to choose the peripheral that best suits your desires.

(Source of the image highlighted: InspiredImages / Pixabay)