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Do you need a tool to help you twist materials? We will tell you about one: the pliers. With such a device you will be able to perform tasks related to goldsmithing without any problems. Keep reading this article and you will find out many more details about this wonderful device.

The plier is a metal device in the shape of a pliers, which consists of two arms. These arms are used to grip the device and perform various manual tasks, such as tightening nuts, loosening screws, bending materials, holding some objects, among others. This device has more than one model.

We want your shopping to go perfectly. With that goal in mind we have written the following lines, where you will find a ranking for you to compare features, a set of criteria you should consider before buying pliers and the advantages of buying them. We think you will find it all very helpful.


  • Pliers are one of the most commonly used devices by people, as their function is to help in manual tasks. Such a device, having a plier and two arms, allows to carry out various jobs, such as DIY, goldsmithing, among others. There are several models of this device.
  • There are two types of pliers: multifunctional and parrot beak pliers. The first type of pliers is perfect if you want to have one with additional functions, some of them are sanding, uncovering covers, stripping cables, among others. The latter, on the other hand, are ideal for reaching distant objects.
  • When you go to buy this product, try to take into account the following factors: design, materials, practicality and accessories. Through these points you will be able to determine whether a pair of pliers is of quality or not. Remember to choose only the device that best suits your needs and requirements.

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Buying guide

As we want to be your ideal shopping guide, we have created this section, where you will learn about the various factors you should know when buying the product you want and the advantages of having opted for it.

With a pair of pliers you will be able to carry out various tasks without any problem. (Photo: Elnur Amikishiyev/

What are pliers and what are their advantages?

A pliers is a tool dedicated to the execution of manual jobs. Some of such jobs are the following: holding parts, shaping materials and tightening nuts. These actions are made possible by the shape of the pliers: a pair of pliers with two arms.

Not all pliers are ergonomically designed, i.e. most of them do not have a sturdy handle, so the handle moves every time you use them. This causes some discomfort during use. Therefore, if you must use this tool frequently, make sure that the handle of the tool is immovable.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Comes in sets of more than 3 pieces
  • Most do not have sheaths to protect your hands
  • Some contain burrs on the pliers

Multi-purpose or parrot beak pliers - what should you look out for?

Deciding between multifunctional or parrot beak pliers depends on the following circumstance: Do you only require this tool for a specific use? According to your interests, you can choose one of these two.

Multifunctional pliers. This device is ideal if you need a tool that covers several functions, such as: cutting, stripping wires and even opening cans. With this device you can do all that and much more. In addition, thanks to its diverse capabilities, this tool could be used to deal with DIY.

Parrot beak pliers. If you just want a tool that is perfect for performing specific functions, this model is the one for you. Such a device is ideal for reaching hard-to-reach areas. For example, if you need to loosen a nut under a piece of furniture, this tool will help you reach it.

Multifunctional pliers Parrot nose pliers
Versatility of use Features Does not feature
Strength of pressure Not as powerful More powerful
Weight Heavy Lightweight
Strength of handle Has Does not feature

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of pliers

Selecting pliers can be easy, the hard part is knowing how to choose a quality one. For this reason, we want you to pay attention to this section, because here we will talk about the factors you should consider when buying pliers. Remember that there are many models, so you should buy the one that best suits you.

  • Design
  • Practicality
  • Materials
  • Accessories


When choosing pliers, design is one of the most important features to consider. From the design you can determine whether or not a pliers model will be comfortable to handle. Remember to choose one that you can move easily.

Ergonomically designed pliers: Such models are perfect for those who need to use this tool constantly. For this reason, they tend to be medium in size, very light and allow you to adjust their structure. This makes it easier to carry out your manual tasks.

Pliers without ergonomic design: These devices are functional for people who do not use them frequently. Thus, as it is only an occasional tool, it will not matter if it does not have a strong handle, is heavy or does not make it easy to control the pressure of the tool. Opening keys with this model will be comfortable for you.


When it comes to hand tools, practicality is crucial. If you buy a tool that you can use in a variety of scenarios, you will not only save time, but also money.

Practical pliers: Such devices not only offer the usual functions of pliers: cutting or bending, but also opening cans, sanding objects, stripping wires, among other things. Therefore, if you only want to have one tool, these pliers are perfect for you.

Unpractical pliers: These models are the most common, as they only perform the known functions: bending, cutting and holding. These devices are ideal for people who only need these tools for manual household jobs, such as unscrewing or loosening nuts.


Check the material of which your pliers are made

Materials not only help determine the quality of a product, but also its durability. Therefore, be sure to check the material your pliers are made of. If it seems to be made of a durable material, don't hesitate to buy it.

Pliers made of sturdy materials: Such products have stainless steel pliers and the handle is usually made of corrosion-resistant steel. Therefore, they are devices that promise to be durable. Try to check the thickness of the handle, if it is thicker it will be much more resistant to knocks and falls.

Pliers made of non-resistant materials: Such devices are usually made of aluminium and do not have a sturdy handle. This device, in addition to not guaranteeing durability, does not provide safety. However, you can still use them for simple things, such as holding materials.


Don't forget to check the label on the device carefully

One of the most accurate ways to determine the quality of a product comes down to the answer to the following question: does it come with accessories? If your answer is yes, you may be looking at a quality product. Don't forget to check the label in detail.

Pliers with accessories: This type of product usually comes in sets. For this reason, it is usual for them to include pouches for storage. There are also those that, in addition to the case, contain other models of pliers.

Pliers without accessories: These models, even if they are sets, do not include pouches for storing the tools. This is not very feasible, as without a holder for storing such tools, they could easily be damaged.

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