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Hello, welcome! Today we will talk about Pokemon toys, products that make the joy of children who love the Japanese cartoon series called Pokemon.

Created in the 90's, this cartoon became a success in Brazil and still draws the attention of children. Bringing mystical characters and lots of action and adventure, besides having fun with the animes on the small screen, there are several toys that bring children even closer to the saga.

There are dolls, cards, games and many other products, but which are the best? How to make a good choice? We will answer these and other questions in this text and at the end of reading you will be ready to make your choice, come on?


  • Pokemon card games, pokeballs and dolls are the most famous toys from the animation.
  • The positive points of these products are to stimulate reasoning and also to get together with other children, which allows the reproduction of several battles with the little monsters.
  • There are simple and electronic Pokemon toys, and the cards are the cheapest options.

The Best Pokemon Toys: Our Picks

Buying guide

Regardless of the child's age, toys are a key element for entertainment, and when we talk about products of designs they like the most, there is a high probability of being pleased.

In the case of those who love Japanese cartoons, Pokemons are among the favourites and there are several toys from the saga. But amid so many options it is essential to have some criteria to make a good choice and it is to help you with that that we bring in this buying guide what is most important about Pokemon toys, check it out!

Na foto dois meninos de idades diferentes e o da esquerda está segurando uma pokebola.

Pokemon is a franchise that has accompanied boys of different ages for many years. (Source: Raw2daBon3/ Pixabay)

What are Pokemon toys and what is the history of this anime?

The Pokemon saga emerged in the 1990s in Japan and was created by Satoshi Tajiri. The idea for the design came from Satoshi's love of observing and studying insects.

With this, he was inspired by the concept of metamorphosis and produced a world in which players battle each other using various monsters that over time evolve and become more powerful.

However this story began a little differently to what we know today. At the time Pokemon came about as a project called "Capsule Monsters", in which players would collect monsters and carry them around inside a game boy.

These games boy would be connected through a link and with that it was possible to exchange creatures and participate in battles. Tajiri's idea was rejected several times by Nintendo and it was only after a few years that the game was released.

The success of Pokemons is great and until March 2017 this franchise generated a total of more than $55 billion in sales and just talking about videogames more than 290 million copies have been sold.

Even after so many years have passed this story of monsters and battles still makes success and it is not difficult to find several toys and games that have Pokemon as theme.

There are the famous playing cards, riding figures, video games and many other products that make up the list of Pokemon toys.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pokemon toys?

Pokemon toys, are good products to make children use their imagination and also logical thinking, especially if we talk about card games.

When it comes to assembly toys, there is also the benefit of stimulating several areas, since the child will need to put its head to work while fitting the pieces together.

Another positive point is that these toys encourage coexistence among children, since the fun is to create battles between the characters.

The big problem, however, is that many games end up getting children addicted to them, and Pokemon is no different. Who remembers the Pokemon Go fever knows that many did not leave their phones and even accidents happened.

Therefore, the attention of parents should be redoubled when we talk about video games and mobile games franchise.

  • Stimulate imagination
  • Develop skills such as reasoning
  • Encourage contact between children
  • Cell phone games and video games can get children addicted

What kinds of Pokemon toys are there?

There are several categories of Pokemon toys and we show you all of them right below:

  • Card games: Card games are the most common to be found and also the most interactive among children, the most played being TCG. Battles are created with them and there are kits of various sizes and with creatures of the most varied elements that are part of the story.
  • Pokeballs: The pokeballs are also an icon in this saga and it is possible to find several options containing dolls of the characters. There are also belts to store the pokeballs and other kits that contain this toy.
  • Dolls: Usually presented in miniature size, there are dolls of all the Pokemon monsters and many come inside pokeballs.
  • Assembly toys: Composed of scenery and characters, this option is almost a two-in-one toy since the child has fun assembling the monster and then using it to play. The big difference is that the dolls of this type are articulated and many come with accessories.
  • Plush dolls: Pokemons' plush toys are also easily found and there are options that even emit the characters' sounds.
  • Games: There are also electronic Pokemon games that can be found in portable, console and mobile video games.

Na foto um menino segurando uma pokebola.

Pokebolas are Pokemon icons and there are several toys that feature this element. (Source: Vincent M.A. Janssen/ Pexels)

What are the most famous Pokemons?

Every cartoon, movie or series has characters that are a big hit and that usually appeal to more people. With the Pokemons this is no different and to find out which are the most loved the company that created the anime held a poll in Japan.

  • 1st Place: As incredible as it may seem, the main character of the Pikachu saga did not win first place, but Greninja, present in the 6th generation. Being extremely fast and using quick movements to confuse his enemies he won the public thanks to his skills and appearance.
  • 2nd Place: Arceus from the 4th generation came in second place. This little monster is the God of the Pokemon universe and creator of everything around him and seven beings of the saga. He is one of the most competitively powerful characters.
  • 3rd Place: Third place was won by Mew, who belongs to the 1st generation. The first mythical Pokemon of the entire franchise is very rare, difficult to capture and has the power to become invisible, to create force fields and psychic energy and to transform into any type of Pokemon.
  • 4th Place: Finally we come to Pikachu, which occupies the 4th place in the ranking and belongs to the 1st generation. Famous for its yellow colour and pointed ears, it is rarely aggressive, but when threatened it attacks the enemy with electricity. The main characteristic of this little monster is its red cheeks, which work like electrodes of electric energy.
  • 5th Place: In this position is Sylveon, from the 6th generation. Being an evolution of Evee, this Pokemon is very mysterious and little is known about it.

Na foto um boneco do Pikachu em cima de algumas flores rosas.

Pikachu is the great icon of Pokemon and is always among the ranking of the public's favourites. (Source: Neko412/ Pixabay)

How many generations of Pokemons are there?

The Pokemon saga currently has 7 generations and we will explain a little about each one below:

  • 1st Generation: This one is composed by the game boy games released between 1996 and 1999. It contains four games called Pokemon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. This generation has 151 characters and the initial ones are Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Pikachu.
  • 2nd Generation: The second generation was released between 1999 and 2002 with the Pokemon Gold and Silver games, besides Crystal, which has two human protagonists that continue until today. In this version there are 251 little monsters.
  • 3rd Generation: This generation lasted from 2002 to 2004 and with it Pokemon Ruby and Saphiera, which had 386 characters, were released.
  • 4th Generation: From 2006 to 2010 is the 4th generation which brings the Pokemon Diamond, Perl and Platinum games containing 493 little monsters.
  • 5th Generation: This generation goes from 2010 to 2013 and has the games Pokemon Black and Pokemon White adding 749 characters.
  • 6th Generation: Launched in 2013, this version continues until 2016 with a total of 721 characters, mega evolutions and a new fairy type. It has the Pokemon X and Y games.
  • 7th Generation: The newest generation was released in 2016 and brings the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, having as a novelty the 4 x 4 battle and the Z move. In all, this version has 802 little monsters.

How much does a Pokemon toy cost?

As they exist in different ways, Pokemon toys have different values, being the cards the cheapest and the electronics the most expensive.

It is possible to buy these products for between GBP$0,013, in the case of single cards, and around GBP$103 if we talk about electronics.

Did you know that the Pokemon Go game, which brings an augmented reality concept to mobile phones, was considered the biggest mobile game in the history of the United States?

Purchase criteria: How to compare Pokemon toys options

Now that you have learned a lot about Pokemon toys it is time to choose one to buy and to help you with this we have separated below some points that you should take into consideration to make a great choice, they are:

Age of the child

The first step when choosing is to think about the child's age and take into consideration the toys that are most appropriate for them.

This is important in terms of safety and also so that it is possible to make full use of the product, since at each age the interests change and so do the skills.

Most Pokemon toys are recommended for children over three years of age and for the younger ones plush toys are great options. For older ones, cards and dolls are also recommended.

Na foto uma pelúcia do Pikachu em frente a um mapa mundi.

Plush toys are good Pokemon toys for younger children. (Source: klimkin/ Pixabay)

Type of toy

The type of toy chosen will depend on what the child likes the most. So, analyze if she already has some cards, and then it is possible to increase the collection, and the same goes for dolls and pokebolas.

There are also ways to complement what she already uses like giving belts for balls or battle arenas and so on.

Favourite Pokemons

Another way to make a good choice is to gift the little one with a toy of their favourite Pokemon. In this it is possible to give plush toys, ride-on dolls and other items that feature the character.

Na foto um boneco do Squirtle do Pokemon.

There are dolls of all the famous Pokemon characters, so it can be easy to find one of the one your child likes best. (Source: vinsky2002/ Pixabay)

Electronic or simple

As we explained to you further above there are the toys that are simpler and the electronic ones.

Both are good options, but the electronics end up drawing more attention from children because they have sounds, lights and perform other functions, being a great choice.

(Source of the highlighted image: RamadhanNotonegoro / Pixabay)