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Welcome to Monederosmart! Today, we will provide you with data that will help you generate your own judgement on the pool tables available on the market. What's more, this item will greatly increase your chances of having fun at home. So, if you want to be the king of the gatherings among friends, join us to know them.

In Monederosmart you will learn about the measurements, features and specifications of a pool table, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Then, we will advise you on prices and the most ideal establishments to improve your shopping experience.


  • A billiard table is the main element for playing this precision sport, whose aim is to use a cue to drive a certain number of balls. It is a cloth-lined table top with elastic bands around it and may or may not have holes or pockets.
  • In general, there is a wide variety of types of billiard tables; however, the most famous ones are related to the most common game modalities, these are: carom (French billiards), snooker (English billiards) and pool (American billiards).
  • Before buying a billiard table, it is imperative to be clear about some aspects, such as: manufacturing materials, available space to place it and its purpose. That is, are you going to use it at home or do you need to set a game room?

The Best Pool Tables: Our Picks

To understand the advantages that a product can offer you it is important to compare several models of the same product, to understand the contrasts between them. To help you get a clear picture, we have compiled this list of the 4 best pool tables.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about pool tables

When you're making a purchase you need to consider all aspects to make the perfect choice. So we've put together this buying guide to give you an insight into the most important aspects of pool tables. Among other things we tell you about the advantages and disadvantages, the budget you need and the shops where you can find them.

Shining tables can give you lots of good times with your friends. (Photo: Anna Bizon /

What is a pool table and what advantages does it offer?

A billiard table is a table on which a precision sport is played, the aim of which is to drive a certain number of balls with a billiard stick. Its main characteristics are: a completely smooth table top, covered with green cloth, with elastic or rubber bands around it; it may or may not have holes.

As a curious fact, the first billiard table obtained at the court of the French monarch Louis XI of France, consisted simply of a bit of grass on a conventional table. This first version evolved as billiards became popular with French citizens and then with the European aristocracy.

  • The billiard table will always be the main attraction
  • It is perfect for a game room, bar or casino setting
  • Billiards enhances strategy, planning and concentration
  • The wooden legs can wear out over time
  • When you stop using it, it will be a nuisance

French, American or English billiard table - what should you pay attention to?

Billiard tables can be classified according to the type of game they are intended for; in general, they are divided into French, American or English billiard tables. We tell you the details of each of these, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

French billiard table. These are the tables used for the variety of billiards called carom. They are characterised by not having pockets and by having reference marks to keep the players in order.

American pool table. These are used for the variety called pool, very popular in the United States. They almost always have one of two combinations: Wooden base with green mat, or metal base with blue mat.

English pool table. Snooker tables are used for the snooker variety. These are larger, and even their pockets are wider and almost always circular.

French billiard table American billiard table Snooker table English billiard table
Number of pockets No pockets No pockets Six pockets Six pockets
Size No pockets Larger than average Smaller than average Larger than average
Pocket entrance No pockets, but the frame has reference points Diagonal shape Circular shape Circular shape
Frame Has reference marks Wooden or metal Wider Wider

Buying criteria

In this section, we will discuss the features and specifications you should consider before investing in a billiard table. In this way, you will be able to make a comparison between the different models offered by retailers and buy the one that best suits your needs.

How you will use it

If you value your time at home or you own a games room, you will probably want to place a pool table. In any case, this element will be the focal point of the room, you must take into account the lighting of the area and the space available to place it and move around it comfortably.

For the home, billiard tables have a more traditional design, its structure is classic and it is an element that denotes luxury. In contrast, billiard tables for gambling houses are focused on making money, so they include coin-op and ball collection systems.

Billiard table technology

In addition to the traditional American, French or English billiard tables, there are models that combine the classic with technologies of: coin-op, automatic return, convertibility, multi-game, etc., seeking to improve your experience as a user. These are:

Automatic pool tables. Their main attraction is that they have pockets with automatic return, where the ball enters a collection system, due to the effect of gravity. This modality is perfect if you have a bar or game house.

Folding or portable billiard tables. Their legs can be easily folded, they are better when it comes to transporting or storing them, as they take up less space. Therefore, if you have little space at home, this alternative is perfect for you. Portable tables, on the other hand, can be folded up to the playing surface and placed on the dining table.

Coin-operated billiard tables: they are automatic and coin-operated. In this case, you have to put money in to activate the automatic return function via a lever, so that the balls can be removed from the collector. They are often used in leisure centres, bars or public places.

Multi-game pool tables: They are convertible, their main attraction is that they can be used to play ping pong, table football or air hockey, you just have to change the table top. Great if you have children or teenagers at home.


Before choosing your pool table, you should consider how many square metres (m2) you have at home, as the players will have to move around it comfortably, so you can invest in a larger or a more practical one. Normally, the standard sizes of a billiard table are:

  • 7 feet (2,13m long x 1,07m wide x 0,78m high)
  • 8ft (2.37m long x 1.17m wide x 0.81m high)
  • 9 feet (2.54m long x 1.27m wide x 0.85m high).

For example: for a 7-foot table, you need 20m2; if you prefer an 8-foot table, you should have a space of 24m2; but, if you have 28m2, it is best to choose a 9-foot table.

Materials of manufacture

Billiard tables can vary according to the quality of their materials. Generally, these are:

Upholstery. It covers the surface of the billiard table, and can be made of wool or combed wool. The former are used for recreational tables, heavier, thicker and with greater rubbing force; but the latter are for competition tables, faster, thinner and more expensive.

Perimeter frame. Usually made of 12.5 cm wide wood, this structure is quite long-lasting and goes well with parquet floors, but the legs can start to wobble. On the other hand, metal or steel is more resistant and is intended for minimalist spaces.

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