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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! If you are the kind of person who loves to gather with friends to eat and chat, you came to the right place, because today we are going to talk about the portable grill. This home appliance is the perfect solution for those weekend afternoons at home. Besides having all the functionality of a traditional grill, it's super easy to move around and takes up almost no space. Going for portable barbecues is an excellent idea if you love practicality, but don't want to give up fun. Below, we'll give you all the tips on the models of this product.


  • Portable barbecues are very practical, and can be easily installed in any open place, such as balconies, gardens and backyards.
  • There are four types of portable barbecues: electric, gas, barbecue and charcoal.
  • Some portable barbecues have the advantage of not producing smoke, so you can use it even inside the house, besides being excellent in cleaning matters.

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The best Portable Barbecue: Our Picks

Buying Guide

A portable barbecue grill allows you to have your barbecue in the garden of your home. And at the end, you can clean and store the equipment, leaving it protected from the weather conditions that can decrease the durability of the barbecue. If you want to learn how to choose the right model for your reality, continue with us!

Casal fazendo churrasco no jardim com família de fundo.

The portable grill is great for those who love to barbecue in the garden. (Source: gstockstudio / 123RF)

What is a portable barbecue grill and what are its benefits?

A well-made barbecue is always a great reason to gather your friends and have a good laugh at the weekend. However, those who live in a flat or very small house, depend on the invitation to go to other people's houses. The portable grill is the perfect solution to solve this problem. It is practical and fits very well in almost any environment that has good ventilation. Just install it in your backyard or on the balcony of your flat, and the barbecue with friends is guaranteed.

This type of barbecue grill is also a great option to take on trips, if you are the kind of person who likes to burn some meat after enjoying a day of sightseeing.

It offers the same results as traditional barbecues, and has the advantage of being easily transportable. There is more than one type of portable barbecue, and surely one of them will fit your personal tastes very well. In some models you may find the disadvantage of high prices, but this varies greatly from grill to grill. Another issue to consider when buying this kind of utensil, is that they are small in size, and therefore hold less meat than a common barbecue grill. However, if you are not cooking for very large groups, they will do very well.

  • Being portable, they are easy to access in most places
  • There are several different types
  • Practical and easy to transport
  • Meat preparation just like a traditional barbecue grill
  • Fits much less meat than a regular barbecue
  • Some can be quite expensive

What are the types of portable grill?

As we have already said, there are four types of portable barbecues and each one of them has its own particularities. All of them offer very interesting features, and the choice of the perfect barbecue is very personal.

Electric barbecue

The electric barbecue is perfect if you have very little space. Usually, it is the smallest and most convenient to carry, but on the other hand, it does not hold much meat and is ideal for small groups. This type of barbecue has the advantage of being virtually smoke free, which allows you to use it even indoors, as we talked about here. Another point is that it's a good option for those who are inattentive, because all you need to turn it on is to have it near an outlet. The use of alcohol and other lighters is not necessary.

Charcoal barbecue

The portable charcoal barbecue tends to be preferred by the most demanding barbecue chefs, precisely because of the smoky flavor that the charcoal leaves in the meat. This model is also very practical, but despite not taking up much space and being easy to allocate, it must be used in open areas, because it makes a lot of smoke. The cost of a charcoal grill is reasonably affordable, and worth it if you like a barbecue with the exact flavor that would have if a traditional grill was used. It caters for slightly larger groups and relies only on charcoal for its operation.

Gas barbecue

Gas barbecues are the most modern and sophisticated. They work similarly to a cooker, and can reach high temperatures. Among the advantages of these models is that they do not make smoke, the temperature is adjustable, the security system is usually very advanced, the burners are very powerful and usually come with several accessories. The disadvantage, besides the high price, is that for this type of grill is necessary to install a gas pipe, we talk more about this model here.

Barbecue to bafo

The barbecue to bafo is one of the models less known, but it is also a super cool option, especially if you are a beginner barbecue. It also works with charcoal, but in a much smaller quantity, which makes it produce little smoke. Still, it is indicated to be used in open areas. It works like an oven, since the meat is covered with a lid, making it roast equally on all sides, without the need to turn the steaks, we talk more about this model here. Compare the main features of each model through this table:

Electric barbecue Charcoal grill Gas grill Barbecue
Size Small Medium Medium Medium
Ideal for Indoors Open spaces Open spaces Smoking light
Smoke Not smoking Smoking Smoking Not smoking
Price Cheap Affordable Expensive Affordable

Buying Criteria: Factors to Compare Types of Portable Barbecues

Portable barbecues have some features that differ from each other. Here, we will point out all these features and give you the information you need to make the best choice when buying. They are:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Smoke
  • Accessories


Knowing what material your grill is made of is very important, because this is a utensil that works with high temperatures and not all materials can withstand these conditions. We recommend that you give preference to barbecues made of enameled steel and stainless steel, because they do not release chemical residues when in contact with fire, manage the temperature well and are super durable.


Some portable barbecues are very big and others very small, the size varies a lot from model to model, and it is a question that should be taken into account at the time of your purchase. If you have a small family, or intend to use your grill among a few friends, there may be no need for a large grill, especially if you do not have much free space at home. These can hold less meat at a time, but have the advantage of fitting just about anywhere. Larger portable barbecues are ideal for large groups. You can use it at events or even if you have a large family for the Sunday barbecue. They can hold more meat, but are more spacious, so you should make sure you have a place that will fit your portable barbecue before you buy. The question of size is very personal, and varies according to the demand of each person. The size of your barbecue machine does not influence the quality of the barbecue.


As we already know, some portable barbecues produce smoke, and others don't. Before buying your own, check if you have a suitable open place to use it, and if not, give preference to electronic and gas models, which dispense the use of coal and do not produce smoke. Another advantage of these models is that because they do not make smoke, they also make much less dirt, so cleaning afterwards is much easier. But if you're the kind that loves the taste that the charcoal leaves in the meat, buy the charcoal model or to bafo, but know that they are only suitable for use in open spaces, ok?

Imagem bem de perto de uma churrasqueira, com vários pedaços de carne vermelha e um pegador de carne.

The portable barbecue offers all the fun of a barbecue with the convenience of being easily transportable. (Source: Skitterphoto / Pexels)


Some portable barbecues come with very interesting accessories, which can make all the difference in the preparation of meat. It's nice to assemble your own barbecue kit, and some models already facilitate this issue. Meat grips, wooden boards and even removable shelves are among the most common accessories found with barbecue grills. If you don't already have one at home, and consider it important, it's worth evaluating the models that offer this bonus. (Featured image source: Free-Photos / Pixabay)