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Do you write a lot of things down in the course of your day? You're sure to love this article because we're going to talk about the amazing post-it or sticky notes. An ideal product for those forgetful people who need to remember their entire agenda or for those who need to organise work. Curious shapes and bright colours, post-it notes are a product that changed life in the office and at home. Write down whatever comes to mind or label what you need. There are countless models of sticky notes and choosing the one you need is not so easy. That's why we'll help you choose the perfect one for you.  Everything you need to know you will find it here. You will find important information, news, advantages and disadvantages, variants, buying factors and most importantly, user reviews. We assure you that you will get the best product.


  • Post-it notes are small pieces of paper with a special glue on the back. This means you can stick them just about anywhere. Because of their bright colours, you can use them as a reminder. Great for sorting, planning, labelling and much more.
  • There are 4 variants of Post-it notes, the most traditional ones are those colourful rectangles where you can write down anything. However, there are also flags or labels for marking inside a diary, notebook or book. There are also Rolls, which are ideal for labels, and magnetic labels that stick to metal surfaces.
  • When buying Post-it notes, it is necessary to take into account certain factors that will allow us to purchase a good product. The use we are going to give to these sticky notes, the dimensions that each one has, the appearance and design of the sticky notes and the presentation of the product. By taking these criteria into account, we will acquire the best Post-it notes.

The best post-it: Our Picks

In the ranking section you can see the best products on the market today, in this case the best Post-it notes. The quality of the following products is superior to the rest, which means that if you buy any of them it will be a good purchase.

Buying guide: what you need to know about Post-it notes

The buying guide is that section where all the details about a product are laid bare. It's also the best way for you to know everything about sticky notes and to become a first-class shopper. Your next purchase will be unbeatable because you will have the help of knowledge.

Essential for strategising in the office. (Photo: ammentorp /

What are post-it notes and what are their advantages?

Post-it notes or sticky notes are usually small pieces of paper where you can write down different things and stick them on any kind of surface. They are generally used for organising, planning, writing information or making reminders. They were patented by the 3M company. Nowadays they are used everywhere where you need to organise something, in offices, homes and as part of school supplies thanks to their help with homework and more. There are hundreds of sizes, shapes and colours on the market that give them a remarkable appearance.

  • Organisation, the premise of Post-it notes
  • Great for reminders
  • They work perfectly as labels for objects, supplies or ingredients
  • Nice look
  • Different shapes, colours and sizes
  • Expensive
  • The glue can wear out in a matter of days
  • They are made of paper and therefore easy to tear

Classic Post-it notes, banners, roll and magnetic - what should you pay attention to?

Years ago, the Post-it market moved away from the conventional and started experimenting with sizes, shapes, colours and more. Yes, there are variations of sticky notes that allow us to use them in a better way. You need to know which one suits you best. Classics. An invention that revolutionised homework, diaries, brainstorming and order. The classic squares are still one of the best-selling stationery products and hardly ever leave our hearts. You can find them in a variety of colours, sizes and even waterproof. Banners. Arrows, flags, page markers or flaps, whatever their shape or whatever you call them, Post-it notes with flags are ideal for signposting, citing and making our content more visible. It is much smaller than a classic and faithful ally of students, as well as professionals. Roll. Do you like order and everything in its proper place? The Post-it roll was just what you needed to label everything you want. Its bright, visible colours can help you organise your kitchen, your files in the office or your school work. Cut it perfectly with its dispenser. Magnetic. Not your typical Post-it note, but it's worth noting that there are sticky notes that are glueless and their purpose is to stick to metal. Yes, they work like a magnet and of course, they are more expensive than sticky ones. Is it worth spending a bit more? We'll leave that up to you.

Classic Classic Banderitas Roll Magnetic
Area of use All Books, notebooks, diaries and small areas Objects All metal Metal
Size Large to medium Small Small Small but long Large to medium
Shape Rectangular and square Rectangular and arrows Rectangular Square and rectangular Rectangular
Price Medium Medium Medium High High

How much do Post-its cost?

For little pieces of paper with some "glue" on them, you may find the price of Post-its expensive, but for the lives they have helped to organise, the price is right. You can find little flags or page markers from 60 to 150 MXN. While a one-metre Post-it Roll costs approximately 150 MXN. The classic notes will depend on their size and the number of blocks or pads on them, as well as whether they are waterproof (extreme). In general the prices for the Post-it notes we all know are between 140 and 500 MXN. Please note that the price we give you here may vary by seller, quantity and even colour.

Purchasing criteria

Do you want to make the best Post-it purchase? By having good buying criteria you can achieve this. These criteria help us to differentiate a good product from a bad one, making us better selectors and therefore better buyers. The following are the factors that allow you to rate sticky notes.


The reason we buy study tools or office supplies is because of the use we can make of them. For this reason, a purchasing factor will always be what you can do with this product, whether in the office, in your academy or at home. Studying. If you are tired of underlining notebooks, books and so on, you can use Post-its. Stick them to the pages of your notebook to highlight important lectures, relevant facts or other important information. Use the flags to mark pages or highlight sentences that you consider important. Your performance in class will improve. Plan a project: Do you have a personal or work project to do? Post-it notes are perfect for organising ideas, writing down objectives or goals, perfect brainstorming or mind mapping. Put them on a whiteboard and you'll see how you can have the most important information instantly, improving your project 100%. Reminders. Not everyone remembers things easily; the birthday of the missus, love, friends, the dentist appointment, the job interview. Many dates can slip from memory, you can use Post-it notes to write them down, as they are so eye-catching it is impossible for them to escape our gaze. Write down anything. Impulsive doodlers love Post-its, they allow them to make shapes endlessly. Similarly, write down phone numbers, addresses, names and any other information. Make your to-do list, write your motivational phrase of the day, turn them into stickers and stick them wherever you want.


Sticky notes come in different sizes and models to offer more versatility to their users. Depending on the use you will give to your Post-it notes, there are always ideal dimensions for you, for this reason, another thing to be aware of when buying this product should be its size. Large. The largest model of Post-it has dimensions of 10 x 15 cm, enough to write down all kinds of information. This is ideal for the office or academic activities, even for creating crafts with them. In the large range, we can find 10 x 10 cm and 7.6 x 7.6 cm, the latter being the most common. Medium. If you like notes that are compact, neither too small nor ridiculously big like a notebook, you should try medium-sized ones. Put them on your blackboard, wall, on your computer, use them as labels for food and objects, and even as reminders. Their dimensions are 5 x 5, 5 x 7 and 3.5 x 5 cm. Small. Ideal for page markers, bookmarks and labels for various objects, as well as any small area. These are usually Post-it flags, rigid page markers and rolls. Their most common dimensions are 2.5 x 7 cm, 3 x 5 cm and 2.5 cm. The roll version of these stickers are usually up to 1 m x 2 cm.

"Did you know? Post-it notes were launched, starting in the United States, in 1980, revolutionising communication and organisation in offices and homes".

Design and appearance

Why have a white sticky note when you can have the most eye-catching colours possible? Yes, both the design and appearance of this product are part of the reasons to buy them. There are as many colours on the market as you can imagine and they are perfect for reminders, as they catch your eye. Of course, it's not just about colours. There are now thousands of shapes in sticky notes, ranging from hearts, to animal paws, flower designs, candy and thousands more. You have a wide variety of models to choose from. The best thing is that the only thing that matters in this factor is your taste, so bring your Post-it notes to life.


How many Post-it notes do you use per month? Do you prefer to buy in groups or individually? The presentation of the Post-it notes can be a determining factor between buying a new product or not. We also know that thanks to a good presentation you can save a few pesos, which you will surely be grateful for. In the world of post-it notes there are different presentations. The simple presentation consists of a pad, which can come in different colours. Compared to other presentations, which come with 2 or more pads, the simple presentation is usually much more expensive, although it is ideal for people who don't use them much. On the other hand, if you use Post-it notes a lot, you will save money by buying in packs. (Featured image photo: rawpixel / 123RF)