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Have you ever wondered what motivates you to buy a poster? Perhaps the answer to this question is associated with the admiration of icons that set the tone at a particular moment in time. Today, we will expand on this information, through authentic content about posters.

Some people start collecting posters by accident, others do it consciously. Whatever the case, these advertisements are linked to an event in history, a publicly recognised masterpiece. And acquiring them is endearing and inspires great emotion in the person who gets them.

Moreover, we are influenced by their constant presence since childhood. Books, films, theatre performances and sports games all have their respective promotional posters.


  • It is a way of communicating through a poster, whose image, photograph and phrase are focused on attracting the attention of the subjects who observe it. It is usually hung on a wall as a decorative element. However, it is also highly valued by fanatical collectors.
  • There are different types of posters; there are film, social and music posters, and having some of them at home will probably remind you of an important time in your life. Identify the style of the artwork you have chosen to decorate the walls of your home or business premises.
  • Printing material, form, content and colour, give life to the four fundamental criteria that you should consider before deciding on one or several copies. Find out more in the last section of this article.

The Best Posters: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about posters

What are the secrets to choosing the best poster? We'll tell you. That's why we've put together this buying guide with indispensable material for making the right decision. Which will not only satisfy you at the moment, but also make you feel proud of yourself, just when you appreciate the poster you bought.

Which posters will you decorate your home with? (Photo: StockSnap/

What is a poster and what are its advantages?

Let's say that a poster is a large sheet of paper, cardboard or wood containing visual messages: written and graphic. It is also known as a poster and its main function is to disseminate information about an event. It is usually placed in indoor and outdoor areas where the public can see it.

Originally, it publicises and supports commercial campaigns. However, such has been their relevance over the years that some of them mark milestones in contemporary history, gaining the admiration of fans in different cities around the world. Do you want a collector's poster? Now is the time to buy one.

Having a means of artistic expression in the dimensions of a poster makes a considerable impact on the surrounding environment. But it also fills the individual who buys it with emotion. Do you already know which one to choose? Stay and read and enjoy all the information related to posters.

  • Sends a concrete message
  • Stimulates people's interaction
  • Mass publication
  • Inspires collectors
  • Large dimensions
  • Requires professional design
  • Needs to show precise content
  • Fixing with an expiration time

Film, social or music poster - what to look out for?

Yes, there are different types of posters. So many that it is sometimes confusing to decide on a definite trend. Today, however, you will learn about the three variables most in demand by buyers in the online market. Evaluate well which of them is irresistible in your eyes.

Cinema. This is the typical large poster used to advertise a film that is about to be released. Especially cinephiles, movie lovers by hobby or pastime, have a wide knowledge about them, as they include significant scenes or pictures of the cast.

They also show the name of the director, logos, number of awards won, date, time and place of the screening. Today it is still one of the most important poster models, as it has been used since the beginning of cinema.

Social. It offers at a glance a graphic material that shows a message. For example, it communicates public events to the community, such as recreational activities, charity work, medical, veterinary and vaccination days.

But there are films of this style that have taken over transcendental moments. Among them are those aimed at protests for human rights, the gathering of people in favour of a common cause, and even the promotion of charity events.

Musical. Undoubtedly arouses the deepest feelings of die-hard fans. It has the function of promoting and collecting those honourable moments in the life of artists. Moreover, a musical poster influences fans from an early age.

Are you a fan of a band? You probably have an advertisement featuring your favourite singers. Like other media, the music poster has evolved over time. It is now printed and shared digitally via social media.

Cinema Film Social Musical
Focus Promotional Participatory Informative
Content Graphic and written Graphic and written Graphic and written Graphic and written
Size Variable Variable Variable Variable
Distribution Sectorised Public External and digital
Communication Film premieres Social events Presentations

This is what the posters look like before you enter your favourite cinema. (Photo: MichaelGaida/

Buying criteria

From now on, we will show you four relevant aspects that will be of great help when buying a sign for your home or business. Be well informed about each one, in order to make a quality choice that will make you feel proud of yourself.

Printing material

When we have in mind the idea of looking for a poster, we cannot lose sight of the elements it is made of. This factor determines the lifespan of your product, regardless of whether it is placed indoors or outdoors. At the end of the day, it is in your best interest to have a quality item on hand.

Glossy paper. You can recognise it because it is glossy and very smooth. We dare say it is the favourite of printers when producing a poster. Experience a unique shopping experience by integrating posters from this element into the organisation of your social events, corporate events and high-profile collections with a great finish.

Wood. We suggest you place it in areas away from rain and sunlight, for gallery displays or themed celebrations. When you get it, check if the printed paper is glued to the wood, or laser engraved. You will be surprised at the visual impact it makes in contrast to the surrounding environment.

Cardboard. It is a material of intermediate strength. It shows the graphic printed in colour on one or both sides. Choose whether you want a matte or glossy finish, printed on 5 or 6 mm thick cardboard, ideal for publishing social and cultural causes. Just don't fold it on itself, as it could break.

Tea and coffee advertisements, the best drinks for relaxation. (Photo: Jamesoladujoye/


Fortunately, technology has innovated in this advertising speciality. Do you want to continue with the classic parameters or move away from them? To answer this question, read the following. You will see that you have several alternatives at your fingertips.

Vertical. Linked to the traditional cinema poster, musical, theatrical or artistic presentation. Do you remember it? If you are one of those who follow trends, the best thing for you is to opt for this type of poster. They come in all sizes, materials and models, adaptable to the wall chosen to display them.

Horizontal. Provides a wider view of the plan. For example, buy one that shows a view of a city, landscape or deep environment. It really is an excellent accessory for the home, and forms part of the collection of marvellous frames.

Circular: Do you like to break with the parameters? How about the idea of looking for round posters? Fill every corner of your most intimate space with movement and creativity. You'll feel like you're stepping into an art gallery when you have them in front of you.


You are probably wondering what information a poster should contain. Here we will help you to answer this question. This is very important, especially if you are the producer yourself or if you need some copy linked to a specific theme.

Graphics. Photographs, images, illustrations and drawings are the protagonists of visual content par excellence. Do you want to communicate impressive material? Make the right choice and take home graphically attractive ads, ideal to reinforce the message you want to convey.

Text. We are referring to the words written under a specific typography. They transmit indispensable indicators: date, place, slogan, participants and any other you wish to add in the case of personalised posters. Choose a strong phrase that catches the attention of your visitors.


Besides showing different shades and provoking emotions, when it comes to this item, tone also influences the cost. Distinguish between the two variables that we will show you in this parameter dedicated to the most striking colours for online sales.

Black and white. Perfect for lovers of shades and lights. Experience the absence of colour in the defined lines that give way to the illumination of white. It is also the ideal excuse to generate charming contrasts on a lonely wall, the back of a bar or next to a window.

In colour. It combines all colours without distinction. In fact, they are among the traditional choices. If you don't like to go out of the ordinary, and you are a person of classic tastes, opt for models that have a profound impact on you.

Fluorescent. They don't glow, but they instantly grab your attention and are more expensive. Maybe they're trendy, or just represent the cutting edge of design. No matter which of these two is the reason for their prominence in the midst of contemporary times, you should choose them if you want to break the monotony.

(Featured image source: AnnRos/ pixabay)

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