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Since the 19th century, the potato has been one of the most important staple foods in Germany. Both its ingredients and its great variety in preparation make it one of the most popular foods among the general population. On average, every German consumes about 57 kilograms of potatoes per year.

With the right storage, potatoes can still be fresh even after several weeks and months. Back then, potatoes were often kept in the cellar because they could be stored in a dark and dry place.

Since not every household has a cellar nowadays, a potato pot is an excellent storage option. It makes it easy to store a large quantity of potatoes and keep them fresh for a long time. We have therefore compared different models and worked out the most important aspects for you.


  • A potato pot is one of the best ways to store potatoes. Potatoes stay fresh longer in it and can be stored for several weeks and months.
  • Besides potatoes, other foods such as onions and garlic can also be stored in the potato pot. The potato pot is not only suitable for storing potatoes, but also for cooking.
  • Potato pots come in many different materials. Most are made of ceramic, clay, stainless steel, metal, porcelain, earthenware or terracotta.

The Best Potato Casserole: Our Picks

In this section we have compiled our top picks for you. This can help you to make a purchase decision. There is a potato pot for every taste and every need. The potato pot can then be ordered online without further ado.

Buying and evaluation criteria for potato pots

So that you are not overwhelmed when buying a potato pot, we have worked out the most important buying criteria for you. These are as follows:

Now we will explain what to look for in these criteria so that you can make a well-informed decision.


Potato pots come in a wide range of sizes. Most potato pots have a diameter of 21 and 27 cm and a capacity of 1.5 to 5 kilograms. Everything is possible here, so to speak. Here you should consider whether you want a potato pot that can hold a lot or a little volume and how many potatoes you ultimately want to store.

If you like to eat a lot of potatoes, a large potato pot is suitable so that you always have plenty of fresh potatoes on hand. If you want to use the potato pot not only for storage but also for cooking, you should make sure that the pot fits easily into your oven or microwave.


Potato pots come in a variety of materials. Natural materials such as clay, ceramic, earthenware or terracotta are particularly recommended for potato pots. Meanwhile, potato pots are also made of plastic. These are also suitable, but care should be taken to ensure adequate ventilation.

It is particularly advantageous if the inside of the potato pot is glazed. This way, less moisture can develop in the walls. Which material you ultimately choose, however, is a matter of taste.


The weight of a potato pot depends on its size and the material. Potato pots made of sheet metal are particularly light and can weigh less than 1 kilogram. Potato pots made of ceramic, terracotta or clay, on the other hand, are somewhat heavier and can have a product weight of 3 to 5 kilograms.

You should not forget that this weight does not include the potatoes. The more capacity your pot has and the more potatoes you put in it, the heavier your pot will be.


A potato pot is not only suitable for storing potatoes and keeping the kitchen tidy, it can also be used for cooking. However, you should make sure in advance which material is suitable for the cooker, the oven or the microwave.

There are also potato pots for the garden or balcony. Potatoes can be planted and grown in these pots.


If you want a potato pot that is particularly easy to clean, you should take a good look at the materials, as some are easier to clean than others. Basically, however, a potato pot is quite easy to clean. It is advantageous if the potato pot is glazed on the inside, because this can be cleaned by hand without any problems.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on cleaning, potato pots made of sheet metal, metal or glazed ceramic are particularly recommended. These can be easily wiped out with a damp sponge. Most potato pots are also suitable for the dishwasher.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about potato pots answered in detail

Since there is a large selection of potato pots, it is not so easy to find the perfect pot. That's why we want to answer the most frequently asked questions about potato pots in this section, so that you are sufficiently informed when you want to buy a potato pot.

What is a potato pot?

A potato pot is a pot made of clay, ceramic, earthenware, metal, stainless steel or porcelain that can be used for storing potatoes or for cooking.


You can easily conjure up many delicious dishes with the potato pot. (Image source: ManuWE/ Istockphoto)

Potatoes can be stored in it for several weeks or months without sprouting. The pot is also available in other materials and in many different sizes and designs.

Who is a potato pot suitable for?

The potato pot has become an everyday kitchen item that should not be missing in your kitchen. It not only keeps your kitchen tidy and looks stylish, but also keeps your potatoes fresh for longer.

If you like to eat potatoes frequently, you can not only store your potatoes in the potato pot, but also use it for cooking.

How does a potato pot work?

Storage: Potatoes need to be stored at a certain temperature, otherwise they will start to mould. Small holes in the potato pot allow sufficient oxygen to be added to the potatoes.

This keeps them dry and prevents potatoes from sprouting for a longer period of time. In addition, potatoes are best stored in the dark. The lid of the potato pot therefore also protects the potatoes from light irradiation.

For cooking: To get particularly tasty potatoes, you must first put the potato pot in water. After it has soaked, you can place the potatoes in it and put the potato pot with the lid in the oven, which is not preheated.

Cook the potatoes at 200 degrees for about 40 minutes. You can easily prepare many different delicious dishes in the potato pot. Other foods such as vegetables, meat and fish also taste great in it.

What types of potato pots are there?

As already mentioned, there are many different types of potato pots. There are round, square, wide and high potato pots. You can buy them in many different materials, sizes and colours. Potato sacks or potato baskets are also suitable for storing potatoes. However, a potato pot is easier to store in your kitchen.

How do I clean a potato pot?

Potato pots are very easy to clean with water and washing-up liquid. Most pots are glazed on the inside, so they can be quickly wiped out with a sponge. In the case of heavy soiling, it is recommended to avoid strong, chemical washing-up liquids, as these can damage the material of the pot. Instead, the pot should simply be soaked in warm water.

After you have cleaned the pot, you can simply place it in the air to dry. There is no need to dry it with a towel. Most potato pots can also be put in the dishwasher, but be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to enjoy your potato pot for as long as possible.


Potato pots are an excellent option to have a practical and stylish storage option for your potatoes. With many different design options and materials, they integrate well into your kitchen décor and can be a real eye-catcher in your kitchen.

In addition, potato pots are also very practical to achieve a longer shelf life for potatoes and to be able to store them in stock. They are also ideal for cooking for potato lovers.

Many different dishes with vegetables, fish or meat can be easily cooked in them. However, personal preferences and the price play a major role in the purchase decision.

(Cover photo: congerdesign / pixabay)