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Today we'll be working our way through the nostalgia of one of pop culture's most enduring sagas: Power Rangers. More specifically, the Power Rangers toys.

The franchise has lasted for decades and was part of the childhood of millions of people and continues to influence children. Because of that, we're going to show you the best Power Rangers toys, whether you're giving them to a child of today or your inner child.


  • There are various types of Power Ranger toys on the market, including mini figures, dolls, playsets, glove, sword, morph, collectibles, plush, among others.
  • Some of the Power Rangers toys have a high price, being above GBP£ 52.
  • It is important to be aware of the recommended age for use of each toy to avoid accidents at home.

The Best Power Ranger Toys: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Power Rangers toys will surely bring joy to those who are gifted with them. But before that, you need to know more details for your purchase.

That's why the Wellness Guide is here and has prepared for you a complete Buying Guide to make your life easier in the endeavor.

Um garoto de camisa de manga comprida está sorrindo enquanto veste também uma luva com garras dos Power Rangers.

Power Rangers toys have several options, ranging from dolls to playsets. (Source: Disclosure / Amazon)

What are the Power Rangers toys?

Power Rangers toys are products, focused on the children's audience, inspired by the Power Rangers franchise, which consists of TV series, movies, games and comic books.

Created by Haim Saban, the franchise was born with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series

Created by Haim Saban, the franchise was born with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, which aired between 1993 and 1995. On TV, the series already has over 25 seasons and continues to gain others with new themes, which have ranged from Space and Animal Force to Samurai and Dino Thunder.

The toys, in turn, draw inspiration from these dozens of Power Rangers phases worked into various media.

The Power Rangers toys are quite varied, with mini figures, dolls, playsets, items used by the heroes (such as gloves and swords), collectibles, plush, among others.

Did you know that Power Rangers is derived from a Japanese franchise? Super Sentai, released in 1975, gave birth to the western version of the series. The first season of Power Rangers even reuses action scenes from the Japanese version

How much do Power Rangers toys cost?

As there are several types of Power Rangers toys, prices vary according to the models.

Mini figures are usually the cheapest of the Power Rangers toys. There are some on the market that cost less than GBP£ 1,29.

If you intend to spend a little more, another type of product that has a good cost are the plush toys. Their value is pretty stable, around GBP£ 70.

The collectible models already have values above that, with some exceeding the barrier of GBP£ 26.

Toys such as playsets and items such as sword, javelin thrower and glove already have a higher value, which escapes the reach of some people with more modest purchasing power. Some products are over GBP£ 6.

Um boneco do Power Ranger branco está posado em pé segurando uma espada em um cenário rochoso e com vegetação artificial.

The Power Rangers TV series has more than 25 seasons. (Source: Disclosure / Amazon)

Why are Power Rangers toys expensive?

Expensive toys usually come from big companies that usually are those who invest money in research and development.

Children, especially the younger ones, often put toys in their mouths. This is normal, but some materials are toxic, for example, and can harm the little ones.

Did you know that pirate toys are made of cheaper material and this often means lower quality and a much higher risk. Besides, they are not inspected by the competent bodies

Because of that, original toys - like Transformers, Toy Story and even Power Rangers toys - end up costing more because they are safer and the developers are more careful, also thinking about the educational factor.

Another factor that can not fail to be taken into account is that these toys carry the name of a franchise, which ends up inflating the value, because companies need to pay licensing these major brands to be able to use them.

Power Rangers, by the way, is on the list of 30 multimedia franchises with the highest revenue on the planet. And much of this amount is precisely because of the licensed products of the brand.

In the list below, we bring some data on these figures, which combine Power Rangers and Super Sentai (the Japanese version of the franchise).

Means of collection Amounts collected
Licensed merchandise GBP£ 13.191 billion
DVDs and Blu-rays GBP£ 15 million
Box office takings at the cinema GBP£ 218.4 million
All sales compiled GBP£ 16.2 billion

Uma garota está sentada no sofá enquanto segura um boneco megazord de Power Rangers.

Because they are licensed and official products, Power Rangers toys may have a high price. (Source: Disclosure / Amazon)

Purchase Criteria: What to consider when buying Power Rangers toys

Now that you know more about Power Rangers toys, we bring you in this list the buying criteria that need to be put in the balance before you buy the best toy.

  • Recommended age
  • Size and weight
  • Lines
  • Type of play

We will in the next few paragraphs give more details about the items mentioned.

Age Appropriateness

Power Rangers toys are not suitable for all ages. Each type of toy has a different restriction, whether over three years old, five years old, or just a few months old.

How to find out? Just check the product's technical information on the internet or directly on the physical packaging. The recommended age range will always be highlighted.

Size and weight

Some toys are suitable for certain ages, so there is also a logic based on the size and weight of the toy.

For example, there are Power Rangers mini figures that are less than 8 cm tall. A toy like that can be dangerous for small children because they can swallow it.

Likewise, there are Power Rangers toys that go in the opposite direction, being quite large, exceeding 70 cm in height and 270 g in weight. Children under two years of age will have great difficulty in handling and may even hurt themselves.

Because of this, it is good to pay attention to the size and weight of Power Rangers toys you choose to give to your son, grandson, godson, brother, cousin, whatever the child is.


As there are several phases of Power Rangers, including the seasons of the TV series and the movies, the toys follow them and launch lines from them.

Many of the toys sold today are from the current season of Power Rangers on TV, but you can also find some products like from the movie released in 2017 and others that bet on the nostalgia of the classic series of the 90s.

Um garoto está em pé, em posição de combate e sorrindo sem mostrar os dentes, segurando uma espada dos Power Rangers.

Before gifting a child with a Power Rangers toy, be aware of the indicative age. (Source: Disclosure / Amazon)

Type of play

There are several types of Power Rangers toys, so you should take into consideration how the child prefers to have fun.

To play indoors, either alone or with friends, there are the normal dolls, playsets and plush.

There are toys such as morphers or gloves with claws, which require more physical activity, using the imagination or playing with friends, indoors or outdoors.

There are also other collectible Power Rangers toys, which are more for display than play.

(Featured image source: Disclosure / Amazon)